On This Day Five Years Ago

On this very day five years ago I published my first post on This, That, and the Other. It was basically an introduction to who I am, and it was aptly named “Practical Pragmatist.”

In case you are at all interested in reading my first post on this blog, here it is. It’s a rather long post for me — almost 500 words; my average post length so far this year is around 240. But if you have a minute or two, you might enjoy it.

Practical Pragmatist


I am a pragmatist. And I think of myself as a practical person. Thus, I am a practical pragmatist.

So what is a pragmatist? A pragmatist is a person who is oriented toward the success or failure of a particular line of action, thought, etc.

A pragmatist is an advocate or adherent of pragmatism, which is the philosophy or conduct that emphasizes practicality.

Philosophical Pragmatism

The pragmatic philosophy is based on the belief that the best way to evaluate the practicality of ideas, policies, and proposals is through their workability and usefulness. Pragmatism stresses action over doctrine. The philosophy embraces the notion that ideas base their meanings from their consequences; that they are essentially instruments and plans of action.

So how do I know that I’m a pragmatist? When I was a young adult working a full-time job and attending graduate school at night to get a Master’s degree, the girl I was dating at the time lambasted me for putting more emphasis on “dollars and degrees” than on my relationship with her. I wasn’t, she bemoaned, giving her as much time and attention as I was giving my job and my school work. She didn’t like being the third priority in my life, yet she was.

I knew I needed to work hard at my job in order to pay for rent, food, school, and, well, life. I knew that getting a graduate degree would enable me to be more successful and secure in the future. I knew these things because I’m a pragmatist.

So what about “practical”? I describe myself as a logical, rational, and reasonable person. I am not ruled by emotions but by facts, observations, and evidence. That’s likely why, in addition to being a pragmatist, I’m an atheist. There is nothing logical, rational, or reasonable about religious doctrine or dogma. Rather than being based upon facts, observations, and evidence, religion is based upon faith and beliefs where there is no empirical evidence.

This is not to say that I can’t be open to beliefs or faith, either. Every time I board an airplane I have faith that the aircraft is mechanically sound and that the pilot and copilot are sober and competent. I just don’t buy into this whole God thing because there is no empirical evidence that such an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, supernatural being exists other than in the minds of those who have embraced ancient mythologies over logic, rationality, and reason.

Nor does my pragmatism mean that I am devoid of emotions. I am empathetic and have been known to shed a tear or two when I encounter the pain or suffering of others. I may not feel as intensely as some others feel, but I feel nonetheless.

So bear in mind as you read my posts, should you decide to read beyond this first one, that, as a self-identified practical pragmatist, my perspectives are borne out of practicality and pragmatism.

And that works for me.

37 thoughts on “On This Day Five Years Ago

  1. Paula Light May 14, 2022 / 7:45 am

    Congrats! I am more or less a PP as well, though a bit more open to my feelings leading my way, as I have noted over time that what seems “logical” on paper does not always work for me as far as achieving happiness…

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  2. Sadje May 14, 2022 / 8:28 am

    Congratulations on 5th bloggo-versery

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  3. RuthScribbles May 14, 2022 / 8:59 am

    Congratulations on 5 years!! And inquiring minds want to know if you quit dating the third priority in your life back then!? 😉

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  4. msjadeli May 14, 2022 / 11:59 am

    Congratulations, Fandango. Five years is longevity in the blogging biz. May you enjoy 5 + 5 + 5 + … more!

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      • msjadeli May 14, 2022 / 6:28 pm

        You’re very welcome, Fandango. Your blog was one of the first ones I came across and I’m glad I did.

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  5. Nope, Not Pam May 15, 2022 / 1:48 am

    That was kind of scary … you sound just like my hubby

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  6. Irene May 15, 2022 / 11:38 am

    Congratulations, and many more!!!

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  7. leigha66 May 15, 2022 / 9:46 pm

    Time flies when you’re having fun… happy blogiversary!

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