Rory’s Got Questions — 22 to be Precise

Rory, the King of Questions, asks many, many questions. Here are seven from Rory’s Season 4 – Game 5 Fun Questions.

1. What really makes you angry?

These days, Republicans.

2. What is your preferred mode of transport from the following: walking, driving car, train ride, riding a bike, or something else entirely?

If I can walk or ride a bike, that would be my preference. When I lived in the city, I would take the bus if wherever I was going was too far to walk, but now that I live in the ‘burbs, it’s driving a car.

3. Which would you rather do: wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house?

I’d rather do none of the above, but of those listed, I suppose washing the dishes.

4. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?


5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Three: my everyday sneakers, a pair of “dress shoes” that I rarely wear, and a pair of slippers for inside the house. I also have a pair of hiking boots.

6. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning for the rest of your day?

Maybe ten minutes to go to the bathroom, take a quick shower, and brush my teeth. Then another 45 minutes or so for coffee, reading the morning paper, and my daily bowl of cold cereal. Only then am I ready to face the rest of my day.

7. What three items only would you take with you on a deserted island to survive for a week?

My iPhone and a charger. What else would I need?

And here are 15 more questions from Rory’s “Ima Hear Becuz Ima All Ear!

1. What or who got you into listening to music first?

My transistor radio.

2. Who were some of your favorited bands/artists as a youngster?

The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys, Smokey Robinson and the Miracle, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Supremes, The Drifters, Sonny & Cher.

3. Which decades of music influenced you the most as a youngster growing up?

The ’60s and ’70s.

4. Did your parents listen to a lot of music when you were living with them in your younger years and did any of their listening influence your own musical tastes?

No and no.

5. Can you list your Top 5 musical genres that you listen to frequently today?

  1. Classic rock
  2. Classic rock
  3. Classic rock
  4. Classic rock
  5. Classic rock

6. Aside from listening to music, have you ever learned to play a musical instrument or sing or take part in the musical entertainment industry?


7. What is it you most like about music and how does it make you feel when listening?

The music itself and the lyrics. Because I listen mostly to classic rock, the music elicits memories and feelings from my youth and from when I was a young adult.

8. Which decade of music throughout your years to date has influenced you the most with regards to your listening today?

The mid ’60s through the late ’70s.

9. Do you listen to music daily? If so, is that all day or only at certain times? If not, when do you listen to music?

Yes. I play the Music Choice classic rock channel available from my cable provider virtually all day long as background music.

10. Do you ever sing, whistle, hum, or dance to any of the music that is playing?

Sometimes. But more often, I’ll just stop what I’m doing and listen when I hear a song I love or which triggers a vivid memory.

11. Do you have music playing when you are writing or creating? If so, does it further inspire you and help to juice up your imagination, or do you find music can knock your concentration levels off?

As I said, I have music playing in the background most of the time. I can’t say that it inspires me when I’m writing, but it also doesn’t adversely affect my ability to concentrate.

12. What was the very first concert you ever attended and also the last one and how many concerts have you seen from the first to the last in total?

I honestly can’t remember my first ever concert. It might have been when my older sister took me to see the Kingston Trio playing at the Carter Barron Amphitheatre outdoor music venue in Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. The last concert I saw was Don Henley (of The Eagles) at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. As to how many total concerts, it has to be a hundred or more.

13. Do you prefer to listen to music and appreciate it that way or are you more likely to be more physically involved as in dancing?

These days it’s mostly just listening.

14. What sort of system do you have to listen to music at home and do you “collect music” or purely listen?

At home I listen to music mostly on the Music Choice channel through my cable TV and my surround sound system. I will also listen to my iTunes music on my iPhone while wearing my AirPods. In the car it’s the classic rock channel is SiriusXM.

15. How important is music to you?

I enjoy listening to music, so because being able to enjoy things is important to me, I suppose, therefore, music is important to me.

More of Rory’s Random Questions — Double Shot

So Rory, over at A Guy Called Bloke, periodically posts a series of silly and/or intriguing random questions and I’m going to respond to two such series of questions in this post. Because why not?

The first set of questions were posed on February 11th and came from what he called “Season 4 — Game 2.”

1. Favorite pizza topping?

Mushrooms and Pepperoni.

2. What do you do too much and too little of today?

Today? I guess responding to Rory’s Fun Questions posts and not spending enough time writing my own posts.

3. Do you live by the 2 second rule when it comes to dropped food on the floor? [As in if food drops to the floor do you eat it or bin it?]

I actually answered this in my response to Melanie’s Share Your World post today, only she referred to it as the 5 second rule. So if you really want to know my answer, go read it here.

4. Have you ever fooled around with electric wires and tripped you as in received a shock if yes, what were you doing?

Yes, I used to rewire antique light fixtures as a bit of a hobby when we owned a 120-year-old Victorian house back east. I’d buy the old light fixtures on eBay, but many required rewiring, so even though I’m not an electrician, I would do that. And on several occasions, when I connected the light fixtures to the receptacle in the ceiling and had my wife flick the switch, I got a bit of a shock because I had screwed up the wiring.

5. Are you a plate licker?

Not since I was about five years old.

6. What time do you normally retire to bed for the night, or try to anyway?

I generally get in bed at around 10 or 10:30, but then I spend an hour or so catching up on posts that showed up in my WordPress Reader that I hadn’t gotten a chance to read during the day.

7. How many blue elephants would it take to change a red lightbulb in the green toilet?

I’d be tickled pink to give you an answer, but I’ve never seen a blue elephant nor a green toilet. But I did see a lot of red light bulbs when my wife and I went to Amsterdam on our honeymoon. But I was on my honeymoon, for crissake, so all I could do was look.

I responded to Rory’s February 17th Season 4 — Game 3 questions here. So let me move on to his most recent set of questions in Season 4 — Game 4.

1. Are you happy with all your body parts?

Well, given my advanced age, I suppose, for the most part, I am. I do wish I could hear again out of my left ear, and that I could taste food again, and that my eyesight was better, and that I could do some of the things I could do as a younger man. But hey, I’m alive and, overall, I’m in good health and decent shape, so far be it from me to complain.

2. What is the worst song ever?

This one:

3. What’s the strangest culinary thing you have ever done with a bowl of fruit?

Um, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything strange with a bowl of fruit. But it’s something to consider. I might have to put that on my bucket list.

4. What’s the sauciest/naughtiest thing you have ever done with whipped cream?

Please refer to my answer to number 6 and use your imagination.

5. Okay, you have been tasked with inviting 7 famous yet dead people to your dinner party – who is on your list and more importantly why those 7?

Famous “yet dead” people. I guess my answers must exclude famous people who were once dead but are no longer dead. Okay, in no particular order

  • J.R.R. Tolkien — I’d just like to have him tell me about how he conjured up the Middle Earth and all who inhabited it.
  • Isaac Asimov — One of my favorite science fiction writers.
  • My father — He wasn’t famous (except, perhaps to me), but I’d love to ask him questions about his life that I was too self-obsessed to ask him when he was still alive.
  • John Lennon — What a talented singer and song writer.
  • Sean Connery — One of my favorite actors. I’d just want to talk to him to hear his voice.
  • Jesus Christ — I know this is surprising coming from an atheist like me, but I’d love to get him to tell me, once and for all, if he was a mere mortal or was actually the son of God, who I don’t believe exists. That would be one hell of a conversation, right?
  • Charles Darwin — I’d like to ask him his take on those who poo-poo his theory of evolution with stupid statements like, “How can we have evolved from monkeys when monkeys still exist?

6. What goes up but never down until it stops?

Please refer to my answer to number 4 and use your imagination.

7. If I have a head, a foot and four legs what am I?

The only thing I can thing of is a bed.

12 Bloggerz — February 2021

Rory, over at A Guy Called Bloke, has this monthly “thing” he does where he poses 12, oh I don’t know, irreverent questions. Here is what he is asking us this month.

1. How high are your current energy and wellbeing levels as in are you relaxed, chilled, tense or stressed or do you think that despite everything you are doing pretty well and your mental health is balanced?

I am definitely an even keel type of guy. And I’ve been especially mellow since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as President and Vice President on January 20th. Ask me this question again next week when the impeachment trial of Donald Trump starts in the U.S. Senate, and my answer might be different.

2. Do you perform any ‘refreshing cleanses or routines’ to help you prepare for the day or the week ahead?

I have a steaming hot cup of coffee first thing each morning. Without that, I’d never make it through the day.

3. When was the last time you had a major ‘declutter’ of the house and do you have one planned again?

Last year at this time, right before we moved from San Francisco to the East Bay, we purged a whole bunch of stuff so we didn’t have to lug it from our old place to our new one.

4. Do you have a ‘happy place’ you can go to relax and chill out – if so what or where is it?

On the couch in our family room.

5. What are three of your favorite songs that you listen to when you wish to wind down and let the day pass you by for a while?

I’m probably going to suffer some ridicule for my answer, but it’s New Age music from artists like Yanni, David Lanz, or Enya. Although, my favorite genre of music is 60s and 70s classic rock.

6. Which is more important in your eyes … to be kind or to be nice?

Why can’t you be both kind and nice? It’s nice to be kind and it’s kind to be nice. Unless you happen to encounter a far-right, MAGA-caping wearing, white supremacist, QAnon following, rabid Trump supporter, in which case neither being nice nor kind is called for.

7. When was the last time you experienced a strange and bizarre dream and what was it about and also, what do you think it means/meant?

Almost all of my dreams are strange and bizarre, but by the time I wake up, I can’t remember most of them. Except for my periodic recurring dreams, which you can read about here should you care to.

8. When was the last time you accidentally made yourself jump or you scared yourself?

I don’t typically scare myself or make myself jump, but the other day I was watching TV with my noise-canceling headphones on and my wife snuck up behind me and screamed “Boo!” Yes, that made me jump.

9. If you had the opportunity of looking 10 years into your own future and living there for a day – would you take the journey?

At my age I might not have 10 years into my own future, so no, I wouldn’t want to take that journey.

10. How organic are you and your lifestyle [as in chemical free]?

My wife is a big proponent of organic foods and she makes an effort to buy and cook with organic ingredients. And I’m all for that. Then again, I drink Diet Coke and use Splenda to sweeten my organic coffee.

11. How well do you sleep and how many hours are you able to sleep daily and more importantly, how rested do you feel each and every day upon waking?

I can usually fall asleep pretty quickly. My problem is that I can’t stay asleep. And the problem can be boiled down to one unfortunate malady, “Old Man Syndrome,” or OMS.

OMS is an affliction that usually starts to manifest itself when men enter their sixties and begin to suffer the aches, pains, and indignities that come with age. My OMS occurs virtually every night somewhere between 2 and 5 a.m. That’s when I wake up and have no option but to get out of bed to go pee. It doesn’t matter whether I stop drinking fluids right at dinnertime or continue to imbibe until just before bedtime.

The good news is that most nights, after taking care of business, I can fall asleep almost instantly upon returning to bed. On average, I get about six to seven hours of sleep each night and I generally do feel rested when I wake up.

12. When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and felt immediately better for it?

1978, when I got married. You know: for better or for worse.

Who Doesn’t Fancy a Weekend Quickie?

Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, and the king of the quickies, wants to know:

When was the last time you wore a woolly hat and is it colored, patterned or plain?

For my birthday about 15 years ago, my wife knitted me a blue wool hat with the logo of my favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. I still wear it on the occasional chilly days or nights we have around here in Northern California.

When was the last time you experienced a wardrobe malfunction – what was it and where were you?

The only wardrobe malfunction I can think of wais when I snagged a thread on a sweater I was wearing while walking and didn’t realize it. By the time I did notice it, the bottom third of my sweater had essentially unraveled. Other than the fact that it was one of my favorite sweaters, it was not a particularly embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Why do things become popular with people?

Well, maybe I’m oversimplifying the question, but it seems to me that things that people want, need, or like are the things that become popular with people. Am I missing some deep, hidden meaning to the question?

On a scale of 01 – 10 how angry are you right now for no other reason apart from you just are?

I’m pretty fucking angry at the GOP members of Congress who are, at best, ignoring or remaining silent on what Donald Trump has wrought and the MAGA-maniacs he has inspired to acts of violence and insurrection and who, at worst, are aiding and abetting them by giving them their support. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Please list three really funny films that have made you laugh out loud over the years?

Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein,” Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall,” and a tie between two Marx Brothers movies, “Duck Soup” and “Night at the Opera.”

What are five of the biggest mistakes that people make with their lives in your opinion?

In no particular order:

  • Trying (or pretending) to be someone they are not
  • Valuing money over love
  • Being insincere and untrustworthy
  • Being petty
  • Trying to impose their will on others

Another Weekend Quickie

Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, and the King of Quickies, wants to know:

Are you more of a sarcastic or pleasant personality or alternatively a mixture of the two pending your mood of the day?

It depends upon who I’m with, what I’m doing, and what kind mood I’m in. I can definitely be either sarcastic or pleasant. Or both.

We live in a world of data, knowledge, and information – but do we always have the right sort available at the right time?

Yes, we live in a world where the volume of data and information is almost overwhelming. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always translate into knowledge. In fact, there’s so much bogus data and misinformation being promulgated these days, that real knowledge, at least among the masses, is suffering.

What are three of your favorite ‘go to’ websites [not blogs] for information or relaxation?

For information, my iPhone’s newsfeed (both Apple News and Google News) and Google. For relaxation, MobilityWare Solitaire.

How lucky are you?

On average, probably no luckier or unluckier than anyone else.

What’s the best advice you have ever received from a friend?

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

You have five minutes to pack a bag with the absolute essentials to be away for a long weekend in an unknown location … what do you pack and why?

Assuming I’ll be wearing a shirt, jeans, and shoes, a baseball cap, my Apple Watch, wedding band, and I’ll be carrying my iPhone with me, I’d pack my iPhone charger, toiletries, underwear, socks, one pair of jeans, two casual shirts, a hoody, and sweatpants to sleep in. Yep, that should do it.