Share Your World — Age, Mystery, Power, and the Great Outdoors

Share Your WorldIt’s already the last Monday of the first month of the new decade. Sheesh, where does the time go? But that aside, it’s Monday, and that means it’s time once again for Melanie’s Share Your World prompt.

What age would you like to live to?

At my age I’m grateful for every year I’m still around, but I’d like to live another 10 years, at least, so that maybe my grandson, who is due to be born in late May, will be old enough when I die to remember who I am.

What mystery do you wish you knew the answer to?

Who killed Cock Robin? Was it really the sparrow or was he covering up for one of the other creatures? And what was the motive? Everyone loved Cock Robin.

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?


What outdoor activity haven’t you tried, but would like to?

Oh, I’ve pretty much done all of the outdoor activities I ever wanted to try. There are some outdoor activities, like bungee jumping or skydiving, that I haven’t tried, but that’s because I don’t have a desire to severely injure myself or to die a horrible, painful death.

Blogging Insights — Art or Science

Blogging insightsThe latest edition of Dr. Tanya’s Blogging Insights prompt asks us three questions about the nature of blogging

1. Is blogging an art or science?

Having a blog requires bloggers to possess the technical skills to use a personal computer, a tablet, or a smartphone and to access the internet and to use the website or app of the blog hosting platform to create and publish posts. That said, blogging, to me, is not a science. You can know how to do all of what I just described, but that doesn’t mean you can put two coherent sentences together or craft a post that anyone would be interested in reading. So my answer is that blogging is not a science, it’s art.

2. Can people without a “natural talent” for writing become bloggers?

I suppose it depends on the nature of the blog. If the blogger is using his or her blog as a personal journal or a diary of their lives, or if it has a very specific, narrow niche, then I’m not sure a “natural talent for writing” is a prerequisite. But I do believe that in order to be a successful blogger, you do have to have the talent to be a storyteller and you have to have a talent for telling your stories in a compelling way that grabs the reader.

3. Have you ever taken or taught a blogging course?

My one word answer is “nope.” Okay, that was actually a six word answer. No wait, now we’re up to 22 words. No, 24 words. Damn. 26 words. Fine, I need a blogging course on how to give a one-word answer. But there’s a pattern here. My response to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday prompts are never just one-line. Anyway, my answer is still “nope.” It just took me 71 words.

The Decade Tag

21976128-71A3-43F4-A745-F9AD19E25B79Sadje, from Keep It Alive, and JP from The Wide-EyedvWander, each tagged me for this thing called “The Decade Tag.” The idea is that, once tagged, we are supposed to share some of our highlights from the past decade and, if we want, a few low points. And to also answer four questions Sadje asked.

So, in 2010 we bought a condo in San Francisco and moved all the way across country from New England to San Francisco. In 2015 we sold our condo and bought a single family home. And in late December of 2019, we bought a home in the suburbs on the East Bay, which we’ll be moving into the first week of February.

What else? I retired at the end of 2016. After taking nearly a two year break from blogging, I started this blog in May 2017. This past year my son got married and his bride quickly got pregnant. My daughter got divorced in 2012, but is very happy with her current boyfriend and housemate, who she met in 2017.

My wife and I have hosted many visitors from back East and elsewhere since we moved to San Francisco, and that’s been fun.

I’d say that, overall, this past decade has been a pretty good one. Well, except for the election of Donald Trump as POTUS in 2016. Come to think of it, that one event has turned the second half of this past decade into a pretty shitty one.

Now for Sadje’s questions.

How are you planning to spend the next decade in improving your health?

Okay, before this next decade is over, I will have become an octogenarian. So my ultimate goal is to still be alive through most of this new decade. I am not sure if I’ll still be around when 2030 arrives, but given the current trajectory of climate change, no one may still be around by 2030.

Have you noticed your tastes in music, literature and clothing change drastically over the last 10 years?

In the early part of this past decade I inexplicably started listening to contemporary pop music. But by the middle of the decade I wised up and went back to my classic rock roots. I don’t read as many books these days as I did a decade ago because there are too many distractions (like blogging). But, otherwise, I haven’t changed much, taste-wise, over the past ten years.

How would you rate your last decade in terms of achieving life goals?

One of my life goals was to retire with a comfortable financial cushion, which I achieved. The other life goal was to stay alive through the decade, and I managed to do that as well. So I suppose I’d give myself a four star rating.

Do you think our planet will be doing well in the next decade?

Not if Trump gets re-elected and the climate change denying Republicans keep the majority in the Senate. If they do, the planet might not survive to see the next decade. Or at least the human race might not survive.

Now I think I’m supposed to tag other bloggers, but I’m not a fan of singling out others, so I’m tagging everyone. Tell us about your decade and answer Sadje’s questions.

Share Your World — Murphy Says Hello

Share Your WorldMonday is Share Your World day. Today is the first Monday of a new year and a new decade. So let’s see what Melanie, at Sparks From a Combustible Mind, wants us to share.


Is “hello” enough for you these days?

You had me at “hello.”

Do you believe in Murphy? For those who aren’t familiar with Murphy, here’s a wee explanation: Murphy’s Law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

These days I believe that the proverbial Murphy has inhabited the bodies of Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and most Republicans in Congress. It’s time for an exorcism!

Does evil come from within? If so, why?

I don’t believe that humans are born evil or that evil is an inherited trait. Evil is learned. I also think the definition of evil is fluid. For example, some people believe abortion is evil. Others believe that denying a woman domain over her own reproductive rights is evil. Some think homosexuality is evil, but others don’t. Seems to me that evil, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Are intelligent people more or less happy than others? What defines intelligence?

There is no correlation between intelligence and happiness. One can be intelligent and happy, intelligent and unhappy, dumb and happy or dumb and unhappy. That said, I did come across at least one article reporting the results of a study, which concluded that, “Those with lower IQ are less happy than those with higher IQ.”

Please feel free to share a quote, photo or thought about gratitude.

I had my first follow-up appointment with my ear surgeon today, and he said that, of all the possible outcomes from the surgery, mine was the second best. And for that, I’m grateful. He was able to remove the entire mass without having to drill into my skull. But the growth had destroyed one of the small middle ear bones, which means my hearing won’t be restored in that ear. But he also said that, after a second surgery to implant a prosthetic bone six months from now, there is a strong possibility that my hearing will be at least partially restored. And I’d be extremely grateful if that’s the case.

Blogging Insights — Blogging in 2020

Blogging insightsDr. Tanya, at Salted Caramel, published another one of her Blogging Insights posts in which she poses one or more questions about blogging. In this case, she asked three questions about the future, specifically 2020.

Where and how do you see your blog in 2020?

Where do I see my blog in 2020? On my iPhone, the same place I see it now. How do I see my blog in 2020? With my eyes, duh!

Okay, I was being facetious. Sorry, that’s who I am. I anticipate no changes to my blog in 2020. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Are you going to make any significant changes?

Nope. I like my blog pretty much as it is. I hope you do, as well.

In your opinion how relevant or popular are text based blogs (as opposed to vlogs) going to be in 2020?

I think text-based blogs will continue to be relevant in 2020 and beyond. As an anonymous blogger, I can’t start a vlog or start posting my blog on YouTube unless I put a bag over my head to maintain my anonymity. And I’m not going to do that! So I will continue using this blog platform as long as I enjoy the experience.