Daily Four #10

9C675E88-A7F2-4BBA-AE0A-B682D1E0BFE5Yet another round of intriguing questions posed by the indomitable Rory (aka A Guy Called Bloke). So let’s see how intriguing my answers can be. Or if not intriguing, at least funny, right?

What would make us more non disposable humans?

“Non disposable humans”? Is that a convoluted way asking, “What would make humans less disposable?” I don’t think humans are disposable per se. But I do think that we are very vulnerable to near extinction because of a failure to accept that climate change has the potential to make our planet uninhabitable for human life. So perhaps the question should be, “What would make humans less vulnerable to extinction as a species?” And my answer to that question is that politicians and leaders around the world need to heed the almost irrefutable science that climate change is real and we have a limited time to take the necessary steps to reverse the course of climate change. If we don’t, then cockroaches, rodents, and robots will take over the world.

How much is a human being worth?

I remember reading sometime a while back that scientists had estimated that the chemicals in a human body are worth about $160. But I don’t think this question is about the value of s human’s chemical components. As to the intrinsic value of a human life, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency set the value of a life at $9.1 million in 2010. The Food and Drug Administration came up with a value of $7.9 million, and the Transportation Department said it was around $6 million. So given that, I’ve decided to auction my life to the highest bidder. Bidding opens at $160.

Do you enjoy being human or would your prefer to be more digital or robotic?

Never having existed as anything other than a human being, I have no basis for determining if I’d prefer being a digital or robotic being. Can I get a 30-day free trial and then let you know if I prefer being a sentient, human life form, a digital life form, or a robotic life form? My feeling is that, despite the fact that humans break, leak, malfunction frequently, need to eat, drink, sleep, be social, and eventually die, I would still prefer to be human.

When was the last time a book made you 1] laugh, 2] cry, 3] get through a difficult time in your life, 4] really think about you and your life, and finally, is there a book that you enjoy that you recommend to others frequently for them to read?

Some of you might think my answer to this question is a cop-out, but I’ve been told that I have rather unique and somewhat eclectic tastes in the books I choose to read. Thus, those that made me laugh, cry, helped me get through rough patches, or caused me to think about my life would likely not resonate with too many other readers.

And as to recommending a book for others to read, I rarely do that because I wouldn’t want people to think that a book I recommended to them really sucked. That said, and for what it’s worth, I am currently reading fellow blogger Iain Kelly’s book, “A Justified State,” which I started a few days ago, and which I really like so far.07324C45-7F58-4E7B-AB8D-3FD1B6F5FD06

Yet Four More Daily Four From Rory

9C675E88-A7F2-4BBA-AE0A-B682D1E0BFE5Another round of Rory’s Daily Four questions for our consideration.

Here we go.

How often do you read magazines as in daily, weekly and what magazines do you enjoy and why do you read them as opposed to simply reading articles online?

I read my daily hometown newspaper and I read one weekly magazine, “The Week.”657012FF-B881-4142-B659-C01C5BA0C02CWhy do I read “The Week”? Well, it’s typically only around 40 pages long and it has short, interesting articles about world and national news. Many of the featured articles state the facts (“What Happened”) and then highlight opinions on a bipartisan basis in “What the Editorials Said” and “What the Columnists Said.” In addition to highlighting what’s going on geopolitically, it’s got business news, entertainment news, witty snippets, selected editorial cartoons, and even a crossword puzzle. Here’s last week’s Table of Contents:709865FF-EE5F-4138-94CC-F81A477C7FC8It’s a great, quick update that lives up to its tagline, “All you need to know about everything that matters.”

What will you never answer about yourself if asked?

I don’t know. Ask me anything and I’ll let you if you ask me something that I will never answer.

If you had to pin point with a certain amount of commitment your top five environmental concerns what would they be?

  1. The air that we breath.
  2. The water that we drink.
  3. Rising temperatures. It reached 95°F in San Francisco yesterday. That’s about 25° above “normal” for this time of year. And my house isn’t fucking air conditioned because it just doesn’t get this hot in San Francisco. Well, it never used to.
  4. Melting glaciers.
  5. More severe weather (hurricanes, floods, etc.).

What are your views on ‘robots’ at work and the impact they could have on the human workforce in our future?

Interestingly, if you noticed on the cover of “The Week” magazine above, one of the highlighted articles is “Will Robots Take Over Most Jobs.” The subheading reads, “Over the next decade, automation and artificial intelligence could throw 54 million Americans out of work.” Scary, huh?

Generally speaking, those jobs involving repetitive physical tasks in predictable environments are at a high risk to be replaced by robot-like devices. But jobs that involve managing people, demand creative thinking, and require social interaction are less prone to being replaced by automation.

What I think is likely to happen is that many low-tech, blue collar jobs will disappear forever, due to robots and artificial intelligence. But they will be more than replaced by different kinds of jobs that require humans. Just look what has happened in the coal and fossil fuel industries. The nearly 3.3 million Americans working in clean energy jobs now outnumber fossil fuel workers by 3-to-1. Nearly 335,000 people work in the solar industry and more than 111,000 work in the wind industry, compared to 211,000 working in coal mining or other fossil fuel extraction.

Of course, this optimistic outlook is dependent upon humanity getting its act together to save our environment and the planet. Because if we don’t, the whole matter of the human workforce in the future will be a moot issue.

Share Your World — Facepalms and Censorship

Share Your WorldIt’s another Monday and you know what that means, right? It’s time for Melanie’s intriguing Share Your World questions and for Fandango’s answers.

When was the last time you face palmed?

The last time (and virtually every time) I hear Donald Trump open his mouth. The guy is an imbecile.

When is censorship warranted? Ever?

B3F6E806-5CD6-459B-8A38-3512DAED3705This is a tough one. I think some censorship of “inappropriate” language or images for children is not a bad thing, but I suppose it depends upon your definition of “inappropriate.” It seems that in today’s society, it’s okay for kids to see violence on TV and in the movies. There’s little to no “censorship” when it comes to violence on the screen, but nudity is something children are generally not permitted to view. Maybe that’s why gun violence is rampant in our country and why nudity is considered to be taboo. Personally, I think it should be the other way around. What is wrong with kids being able to see the naked human body? It’s beautiful, and our current approach to censorship makes it seem like we should be ashamed of our bodies. Of course, graphic sex is a different story — until you’re my age, that is. But that’s a whole nuther story. 😉

As to censorship in media, I’m torn. I’m all for free speech, and I am troubled by the notion of the censorship of ideas. But with all of the hate speech, misinformation, lies, abusive language, etc., perhaps some form of censorship is warranted. As I said, I am a proponent of free speech, and I am concerned that those in power might attempt to censor things they don’t like. For example, our American president seems to like free speech, too, as long as it’s favorable to him. If it’s not, he calls it “fake news” and wants to censor it. Go figure.

If there were commandments for the modern day world, what should (could, would) some of them be? Get creative!

I have just one: Live and let live.

What did you Google last?

The names of prospective contractors who can potentially replace my rotting wood deck with a composite deck.

Four More Four From Rory


This is yet another installment of Rory’s Daily Four.

How often do you write thought provoking content and how topically current are you?

Well, I have my weekly Fandango’s Provocative Question post, so at least once a week. I also post frequently about politics and current events — because of my, you know, unbridled love for Donald Trump, right? So I guess I would say that I write provocative and topically current content at least two or three times a week.

Do you ever play the role in your blog as ‘Devil’s Advocate’ with your readership?

Not intentionally, but I suppose, depending how one interprets my weekly provocative question posts, some might say I’m playing the role of the devil’s advocate with those questions I pose. And I suppose, if you’re a Donald Trump fan, you are the devil’s advocate.

What is your favorite style/genre of writing?

I enjoy writing flash fiction, often built around word or photo prompts, and I try to infuse my tales with humor and, when I can, with an unexpected twist at the end.

How often do you write in a risque fashion and what would that be?

On my blog, rarely. Some of my posts may have some “suggestive” content, but not what anyone would classify as “risqué.” However, I have, indeed, dabbled in writing both soft- and hard-core porn, but those tales have never seen the light of day. They’re stored in a private folder on my hard dick…I mean disk…drive. 😱

Four More Daily Fours

9C675E88-A7F2-4BBA-AE0A-B682D1E0BFE5Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, is going all out with his Daily Four questions. Here are his latest questions.

Do you prefer variety or routine?

Although they say that variety is the spice of life, I’m at the age where too much spice gives me indigestion, so I’m going with routine.

What is the stupidest way you have ever hurt yourself?

Way back in the day when I was a hippie in the late 60s, I was attending a party at a friend’s house. I admit that I was quite stoned when this particular incident occurred. Also, in addition to smoking joints, I used to smoke cigarettes at the time. I was talking to one of the other party guests when I wanted to light up a cigarette. I didn’t have a match or a lighter, and nor did the person I was talking with. I looked around the room and saw a scented oil lamp sitting on a table, similar to the one pictured below.1BC71BDB-1B3D-44A3-8920-66475CFC4C37I focused on the flame in the lamp, and, intent on using it to light my cigarette, without thinking through my actions, I grabbed the oil lamp’s glass chimney and lifted if off the base of the lamp. Bottom line, I burned the shit out of the skin on my thumb and forefinger when I lifted up the hot glass chimney from the lamp. I screamed at the pain, and, of course, dropped the glass chimney, which shattered all over the floor.

Would you rather gargle with vinegar or snort a line of rock salt?

Neither, yuck. But of the two options, if I had to choose, I’d gargle with vinegar.

What’s the one food you could never bring yourself to eat?

Sweetbreads. 🤮7E2838C3-9474-4D9D-88FB-F3884DC8B4D1