SoCS — Containers

My wife said, “We need to organize our kitchen cabinets. We need to get some food storage containers.”

“Okay,” I said, “let’s go to the Container Store.”

“Are you serious?” she said. “There’s a pandemic going on. We should order containers online.”

“Okay,” I said, and picked up my iPhone and logged on to Amazon. “How many containers do you want me to order?”

She said, “One container for sugar, one container for flour, one container for rice, one container for your dry cereal, one container for my oatmeal, one container for raisins, one container for pasta, one container for coffee, one container for mixed nuts, one container for cookies, one container for M&Ms, one container for gummies, one container for….”

“Okay,” I interrupted. “You need to contain yourself.”

My wife groaned, shook her head, and rolled her eyes.

“Here. I’m going to order this set of 16 containers of various sizes,” I said, handing her my iPhone for her to look at.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” she said. “That should be enough containers to get us started.”

“Ordered,” I said. “They’ll be delivered on Monday.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. Our assignment is to use the word “container” any way we’d like. Or think about a container of some kind and write about it.

SoCS — Yes, You Have My Attention

Linda G. Hill certainly got my attention when she defied convention and, for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, she gave us the instruction to find a word that ends with “tion.”

Well, here’s the situation. I’m not sure about my interpretation of her prompt, in that she said to find a word that ends in “tion,” but there are a ton of words — 13,113 in the English language — that end in “tion.” So, if I follow her direction, I worry that my action of finding and using more than one word ending in “tion” will put me in direct contradiction with her intention.

I’ve always had an affection for Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday and Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts, but now I feel that I must proceed with caution. But what option do I have?

Then again, I probably shouldn’t make such a commotion about it. I’ll just go with the notion that I shouldn’t be that literal in thinking that she truly meant us to find only one word ending in “tion.” I’m going to more than fulfill the obligation to find one word that ends in “tion,” but I won’t go so far as to post a list 13,113 such words. That would certainly be considered an abberation.

So, instead, I’m going to have a celebration for having come up with about a dozen and a half words ending in “tion, which admittedly is just a small fraction of those words that actually do end in “tion.” But I will bask in my satisfaction that I have been able to bring this post to completion.

Have a nice day.

SoCS — Role Play

“Hi honey, how was work today?” Mary asked Joe when he walked through the door.

“Same old, same old,” Joe said. “You know how it is when you’re working on the assembly line as a blue collar worker. It’s dreary.”

“Well, sweetie,” Mary said, “you know what’s not dreary? Let’s do one of our role play things this evening, like the one where you’re the detective and you collar me for being a hooker. But before you take me to the station to book me, I persuade you, using all of my feminine charms, to join me in bed and I convince you to drop the charges in exchange for a little nookie.”

“Oh you are such a naughty girl,” Joe said, “with such irresistible feminine charms.” Joe grabbed Mary, lifted her up, and carried her to the bedroom, where they proceeded to play their game.

A few hours later, Joe walked through the front door and heard his wife say, “”Hi honey, how was work today?”

“Oh you know, babe,” Joe said, “same old, same old.”Lipstick collarShe walked over to Joe to give him a hug, when she suddenly stopped short. “Joe,” she said icily, “whose lipstick is that on your collar?

Written for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda G. Hill. Linda has given us the word “collar” and told us to use it as a verb, a noun, or metaphorically.

SoSC — Sharp Objects

SharpLinda G. Hill is giving us the word “sharp” for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. She’s telling us to “use it in any or all of its definitions.”

The first thing I thought about was sharp objects, like knives or saws or scissors or arrows. And then I thought about the damage sharp objects could do. I remember my mother scolding me for running with scissors, telling me how sharp they are and how I could poke an eye out. Gross.

And speaking about sharp objects, my 7th grade shop teacher warned us about how sharp the blades on the circular saw and band saw were and he even had a poster like the one at the top of this post mounted on the wall next to the band saw.

One thing I’ve never been considered to be is a sharp dresser. I’ve always preferred comfort over style and never really embraced trendy fashions.

I never learned to read music, but I know there’s a symbol to designate a sharp note that looks like a hashtag in italics, but I have no idea what it means.I’ve always prided myself on having a sharp mind. But now that I’m a septuagenarian, I realize that my mind’s not as sharp as it used to be. I worry that it’s going to become even less sharp as I grow older and that I may someday, like Donald Trump does now, have to deal with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

And on that happy note, folks, it’s getting to be my bedtime, so I’m going to finish up this post and schedule it to publish at 6 am sharp my time.

Have a great Saturday.

SoCS — By the Hundreds

This week, for her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Linda G. Hill wants us to “write your post inspired by something you have more than a hundred of in your home right now.”

Okay, here’s what I have more than a hundred of in my home right now.Yes, that’s right, ants. Tiny black ants. By the hundreds.

We first encountered these dirty little critters invading our happy home in our family room shortly after we moved here in February. I broke out my trusty can of Raid ant spray and soaked them good. Take that you damn ants.

A few days later, still basking in our early success, my wife informed me that there were several hundred ants desecrating our master bedroom. More Raid. Another battle won. Until another full on attack a few days later in our kitchen.

Time to bring out the big guns, the professional, the exterminator. We had our whole house treated, inside and out. And voila, ants begone.

Until yesterday, when a large army of tiny black ants showed up in our master bathroom. I finished off my can of Raid, called the exterminator, and they’re coming out again on Monday for another inside/outside treatment.

Ants: you can’t live with them and, in my house anyway, it seems I can’t live without them.