SoCS — Deep Doo Doo

Well, my post for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda G. Hill is not exactly a stream of consciousness post. But when I saw that Linda wanted us to use the word “deep,” all I could think of is how, thanks to Donald Trump and all of his Republican enablers, our American democracy is in deep doo doo.

Then I had a little déjà vu experience and realized that I’d written a post back on August 1, 2018 titled “Deep Doo Doo.” So, I decided that I would just go ahead and repost that and hope that by doing so I’m not going to put myself on Linda’s shit list (i.e., in deep doo doo) for reposting a non-stream of consciousness post for today’s SoCS response.

So here’s that post from August 2018.

c3fefdc0-072d-43ae-8d39-57a6bf55df58.jpeg“Oh my God,” Jeff exclaimed. “Are you really that gullible?”

“What are you talking about?” Josh asked. I’m not at all gullible.”

“The man is spewing out a monsoon of lies, for crissake,” Jeff said. “He’s told more lies than any president in the history of the United States and you’re buying it all hook, line, and sinker.”

“Look at the facts, dude,” Josh countered. “Since his election our country is going through a renewal. The economy is booming, North Korea is disarming, we’re normalizing relations with Russia, jobs are coming back to America, our borders are being protected, our taxes have gone down. He truly is making America great again.”

“Facts?” Jeff said. “He’s made more than four thousand false or misleading statements since he became president. That’s an average of eight lies a day, Josh.”

Josh shook his head. “You’re being duped by the fake news, dude,” he said. “Don’t you know by now that the reporters for the mainstream media are the enemy of the American people?”

Now it was time for Jeff to shake his head. “We are in deep doo doo.”

On the Street Where You Live

In these days of mandatory stay-at-home and shelter-in-place, the only sights I see anymore are the inside of my home and the street where I live when we go out multiple times a day to walk our dog.

As I was thinking about this, I recalled a post I wrote in August 2018 titled On the Street Where I Live. In that post, I included a photo of the street where I lived at the time and I invited other bloggers “to take a picture (or pictures) on the street where you live and post it/them on your blog.”

A number of bloggers did just that and so, since many of us are stuck at home and on our own block, I thought it might be time to bring back the “On the Street Where You Live” challenge.

So go ahead and step outside and take a picture of your street and add it to your own post on your blog. Then link back to this post.

I’ll start. This first image is standing in front of my house facing East.7C35169F-CED4-40A3-B731-63BB1447F23BThis next image is facing west.691F1EA1-3FEA-4DD3-814E-DD21293A0118Okay, now it’s your turn. Let’s see the street where you live.

Also includes today’s WordPress Discover Prompt word, “street.”

SoCS — Beside Me

For today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Linda G. Hill has asked us to “write about whatever is beside you when you read this prompt. Not when you sit down to write, but whatever is beside you right now.”

Well, it’s around 11 pm. I just got around to reading Linda’s prompt and I’m in bed. Beside me on my left is my wife. She just turned off the TV and she’s begging me to turn off my phone and go to sleep. But I told her that I need to finish this post first and schedule it to publish at 3 am.

Beside me on my right is my bedside night table, upon which is my bedside light, my bedside clock, my glasses, and my SNOOZ. What is a SNOOZ, you ask? It’s a white noise machine. Here’s a picture of it.D4C4ABCA-982D-411F-A1E9-B90345783A3AThe white noise it generates helps to counteract the constant ringing in my ears — even in my left ear, which I can’t hear out of since I had surgery to remove a growth from the middle ear at the end of December — from tinnitus. If it weren’t for the SNOOZ, my tinnitus would keep me up most of the night.

Okay, my wife is starting to get pissed, so I’d best wrap this up. But now you know what’s beside me.

SoCS — I Need Some Welcome News

3E76617D-7297-4862-9514-B49BDDD0E47CI don’t know about you, but I’d welcome some welcome news. All I read, all I hear, and all I see is bad news. And just when I think it can’t get any worse, it does.

Last month my wife and I moved from San Francisco to a suburb about 35 miles east of the city so that we could be geographically closer to our son and his wife who are welcoming a baby boy into the world in late May. But we’ve only seen them once since we moved here. With this whole COVID-19 situation, we are having to resort to video chats to see them.

We have a lovely welcome mat, much like the one pictured at the top of this post, outside of our front door. But I’ll be damned if anyone is welcome to step into my house these days. I won’t even open my door for someone who knocks or rings the doorbell. It’s just too risky. So I talk to them through the door or use my video doorbell to tell them to go away.

I used to welcome going to the mailbox and retrieving the mail, but I just read an article with some very unwelcome news. The article stated that experts are saying coronavirus could be transferred through mail delivery by sick employees. Postal workers, the article continued, are complaining that the USPS isn’t doing much to keep them or their customers safe.

A number of mail carriers said they have been pressured to stay on their routes despite showing symptoms of COVID-19. Others said that they’ve been given little or no hand sanitizer even though they have limited opportunities to wash their hands on their routes.

Medical providers are running short of personal protective equipment (PPE), hospitals are running short of respirators, and many experts are predicting that the demand for acute care hospital beds will far exceed the supply. The death toll due to this virus is increasing exponentially in many cities and states and the response from Donald Trump and the federal government has been woefully inadequate.

And I still haven’t found any goddam toilet paper in any of the local grocery stores or pharmacies. I did see this little quip that I thought was kind of funny, but in an unwelcome way.491983F3-D44A-477A-95A7-92518AF39400I need some welcome news. Do any of you have any welcome news you can share with me? Please!

Written for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda G. Hill. Linda has asked us to use the word “welcome” any way we’d like. I’m sorry to have used the word in a way I don’t particularly like and in a very unwelcome way.

SoCS — Off to the Races

When I saw that Linda G. Hill gave us the word “wire” for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, I was transported back to a job I had relatively early in my career. I was managing a call center for a benefits administration firm. One of the team leaders who worked for me, a real colorful guy named Jon, would reach out to me whenever the volume of calls got real high. He’d always say, “Hey boss, we’re getting slammed and I’ve got everyone running box to wire.”

I knew that meant he needed me to pull in additional resources to handle the unusually high call volume, but I hadn’t ever heard the phrase “box to wire” before, so one day I asked him what that phrase was about.

Jon told me he’d once been involved in racing greyhounds, and he explained that, in greyhound racing, the “box” refers to the starting gate from which the greyhound will be racing, and the “wire” is the finish line for the race. When they trained the greyhounds for racing, they’d time them from the box (starting gate) to the wire (finish line) in order to find the fastest dogs to compete in the money races.

So,” Jon said, “when I say I’ve got ‘everyone running box to wire,’ it means I’ve got them working as fast as they can to answer the incoming calls.”

Jon also told me that the phrase “down to the wire” originated with horse racing.D579ECAB-1EAD-4BFD-A4EE-FFCDEF6C02F7“In the late 19th century,” he explained, “a small wire was strung across the track, above the finish line, to help the judges determine which horse crossed the finish line first.”

Sadly, I ultimately had to let Jon go because I learned that he was addicted to dog and horse racing and wound up deeply in debt. But I did warn you that Jon was a colorful guy, didn’t I?