Song Lyric Sunday — Hello, Goodbye

The theme Helen chose for today’s Song Lyric Sunday prompt is “goodbye/farewell.” There are quite a few songs that focus on goodbyes and farewells, but the song I chose for this week focuses on both “hello” and “goodbye.”

“Hello, Goodbye” is a song by the Beatles, written by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon–McCartney. It was released as a single in November 1967 on the Capital Records label in the US. It was the Beatles’ first release after the death of their manager, Brian Epstein. The single was commercially successful around the world, topping US charts as well as those in the UK, Canada, Australia, and several other countries.

According to Paul McCartney, “the answer to everything is simple. It’s a song about everything and nothing. If you have black you have to have white. That’s the amazing thing about life.” He added, “It’s such a deep theme in the universe, duality — man-woman, black-white, ebony-ivory, high-low, right-wrong, up-down, hello-goodbye — that it was a very easy song to write.” McCartney also said that, in “Hello, Goodbye,” he was promoting “the more positive side of the duality.”

Here are the lyrics to the song.

You say “Yes,” I say “No”
You say “Stop” and I say “Go, go, go”
Oh no
You say “Goodbye” and I say “Hello, hello, hello”
I don’t know why you say “Goodbye,” I say “Hello, hello, hello”
I don’t know why you say “goodbye,” I say “hello”

I say “High,” you say “Low”
You say “Why?” And I say “I don’t know”
Oh no
You say “Goodbye” and I say “Hello, hello, hello”
I don’t know why you say “Goodbye,” I say “Hello, hello, hello”
(Hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye. Hello, goodbye)
I don’t know why you say “Goodbye,” I say “Hello”

(Hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye. Hello, goodbye Hello, goodbye)
Why, why, why, why, why, why, do you
Say “Goodbye, goodbye, bye, bye”
Oh no
You say “Goodbye” and I say “Hello, hello, hello”
I don’t know why you say “Goodbye,” I say “Hello, hello, hello”
I don’t know why you say “Goodbye,” I say “Hello”

You say “Yes,” I say “No”
(I say “Yes,” but I may mean “No”)
You say “Stop,” I say “Go, go, go”
(I can stay still it’s time to go)
Oh, oh no

You say “Goodbye” and I say “Hello, hello, hello”
I don’t know why you say “Goodbye,” I say “Hello, hello, hello”
I don’t know why you say “Goodbye,” I say “Hello, hello, hello”
I don’t know why you say “Goodbye,” I say “Hello-wow, oh. Hello”
Hela, heba, helloa. Hela, heba, helloa. Hela, heba, helloa.
Hela, heba, helloa. (Hela.) Hela, heba, helloa. Hela, heba, helloa.
Hela, heba, helloa. Hela, heba, helloa. Hela, heba, helloa.

Twenty Answers

F61B5762-20E8-4F08-9EBA-FCBCD2B3C6A5In a post yesterday, I posed twenty “either/or” questions just to see how many other bloggers might pick up the gauntlet and take a shot at expressing their “this way or that way” (or neither way) preferences. I thank those of you who chose to respond.

Should anyone be interested, here are my answers.

Window or aisle? Definitely the aisle. I am tall and have long legs, so the window seat is way too confining.

White bread or whole wheat? Whole wheat, never white.

Car or pickup? Car. I’ve never owned a truck, if you don’t count the toy firetruck I had as a kid.

iPhone or Android? Since I gave up my BlackBerry in 2010, it’s been iPhone all the way.

Foreign or domestic? Foreign cars, foreign movies, foreign beer, domestic just about everything else.

Hip hop or pop? Not hip hop; mostly classic rock.

Watch TV or read a book? I probably watch more TV than I should, but I do read at least two books a month.

Summer or winter? Of the two, I prefer summer. But actually my favorite season is autumn.

Daytime or nighttime? Nighttime because I’m a dreamer.

Hot or cold? Cold. It’s easier to get warm if you’re cold than it is to get cool when you’re hot. (So why, then, do I like summer better than winter?)

New or old? New when it comes to technology. Otherwise, whatever works best.

Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction. It takes me to places and times I’ve never been before and introduces me to fascinating characters I would never otherwise have known. I do like historical fiction, too.

Poetry or prose? Prose. I rarely understand poetry if it’s not used as the lyrics for popular songs. Put poetry to music and I might enjoy it more.

Democrat or Republican? Technically I’m registered as an independent, but I’m a liberal and rarely, especially these days, support Republican candidates or causes.

Windows or Mac? Windows. My wife and daughter have Macs and I don’t like them one bit. That said, I use my iPhone a lot more than I use my Windows laptop these days.

Mountains or ocean? Mountains, especially when they offer an ocean view.

Whole or skimmed? Neither. I use 2% low fat for my morning cereal.

Coffee or tea? Coffee. My mother used to make me drink tea sweetened with honey when I was sick and now I associate tea with not feeling well, which is why I never drink it.

Football or baseball? College football, Major League baseball.

Soda or pop? Trick question. They are the same thing and what it’s called depends upon what part of the country you live in.

Twenty Questions

237AB625-6362-4E3F-85B7-F6FE20E01674Do you want to play a little game and have a little fun? Yes or no?

Well, if you said yes, here are 20 either/or questions for you. Feel free to answer as many as you want or none at all.

For those who want to play along, post your answers and pingback to this post (or leave a comment with a link to your post). Then go read how your fellow bloggers answered.

And feel free, should you choose to do so, to take a few seconds to explain why you chose this or that. You may also choose neither and say what you would choose. For example, maybe in response to “window or aisle?” you might say, “Neither, I prefer middle seats.”

So, have fun…or not.

Window or aisle?
White bread or whole wheat?
Car or pickup?
iPhone or Android?
Foreign or domestic?
Hip hop or pop?
Watch TV or read a book?
Summer or winter?
Daytime or nighttime?
Hot or cold?
New or old?
Fiction or non-fiction?
Poetry or prose?
Democrat or Republican?
Windows or Mac?
Mountains or ocean?
Whole or skimmed?
Coffee or tea?
Football or baseball?
Soda or pop?

The Swagger of the Sagger


I’ve already written one post about manscaping and another one about murses and fanny packs. So why not, I thought, go for the trifecta when it comes to men’s fashion trends?

Today’s men’s fashion topic is “sagging,” which is a way of wearing pants that sag so that the top of the pants are significantly below the waist — sometimes even below the butt — to reveal much of the wearer’s underwear.

Supposedly, the origin of sagging came from prisons, where the inmates, who were prohibited from wearing belts, often wore sagging prison-issued uniforms, and they carried that look with them once they were back on the outside.

The problem, though, is that pants were never intended to be worn that way. They are supposed to be worn at the waist. That’s how they’re designed. That’s how they fit.

So what the hell is going on with guys who wear their pants with the top at or below their butt cheeks? I can’t imagine that it’s comfortable to wear pants that way. And since most of those I see wearing their pants like that have belts on, it’s not because their pants are too large and keep falling down.

Maybe they want to show off their fancy boxer shorts. After all, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy who wears tighty-whities sagging his pants. Is it suppose to be a fashion statement?

Maybe those who sag think it gives them swagger, the appearance of defiance or insolence. Maybe they’re tying to send the message that they are dangerous dudes and are not to be messed with.

Well, I just don’t get it. If sagging is a fashion statement, I would really like someone explain it to me. Because if it’s meant to send a message about the sagger, the only message I’m getting is that they look totally ridiculous.

But hey, I’m just an aging Baby Boomer. I used to wear tie-dyed t-shirts and bell bottom jeans. So what do I know?