Share Your World — Going Deep

It’s Monday and that means that Melanie has given us another Share Your World prompt. This week Melanie is going deep with her questions. So let’s get to it.

What do you believe but cannot prove?

Well, I suppose my answer is my belief that God does not exist. I cannot prove that God does not exist, but nor can anyone prove that God does exist. So I guess we’re at a standoff.

Do animals have morals? Exclude human beings from the equation please.

I believe (but cannot prove…did you see what I did there?) that animals feel emotions ranging from happiness, sadness, love, grief, outrage, and empathy. And I also believe that animals live by prevailing standards of behavior that enable them to live cooperatively in groups. Do those reflect morals? I dunno. What do you think?

Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance?

According to Merriam-Webster, natural order is the orderly system comprising the physical universe and functioning according to natural laws, as distinguished from human or supernatural laws. Unfortunately, humans too often disrupt the natural order of things, which tends to result in a certain amount of chaos.

Where is your least favorite place in the world?

I’ll let you know when I get there.

Share Your World — Binary Questions

It’s Monday and it’s time for Melanie’s Share Your World questions. So let’s get right to it.

Would you rather be a super nice person and be depressed all your life, or be happy and a total asshole?

This seems to be a rather binary question. The notion that being kind and being depressed are linked, or that being happy and being an asshole are linked, is unrealistic. One can be a nice person without being depressed and one can be a happy person without being a total asshole. And one can be both nice and happy or both depressed and an asshole.

Have you ever made someone cry?

I have no doubts that I have made someone cry. Most likely, multiple someones.

Are you a dreamer or a go-getter?

Again, this, too, is a binary question. I like to consider myself a little bit of both. Although now that I’m a retired old fart, a lot of the go-getter in me has gotten up and gone.

If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?

Piano or electronic keyboard, although I’ve never been in a band and I don’t know how to play a piano or a keyboard.

Do you feel gratitude is necessary?

I think it’s nice to show gratitude and appreciation for what you have and toward those you love. Is gratitude necessary? Well, food, water, oxygen, light, shelter, clothing, and sleep are necessary in order to survive. One can, I suppose, survive without feeling or demonstrating gratitude, but failure to do so will likely result in a lonely, unfulfilling existence.

Share Your World — Love or Money

Melanie is back with another edition of Share Your World. Here are this week’s questions.

Which would you rather throw away: Love or Money?

Okay, I know I should say money, but the truth is, in today’s world, you can survive without love, but not without money. So as cold and heartless as it may sound, I’d have to go with love.

Do you believe you should do one thing a day that scares you?

No. Why would I want to?

What’s the last thing you do at night?

Read all of the posts from bloggers I follow that I wasn’t able to get to during the day.

If you could own a mythical creature (unicorn, phoenix, etc.), which one would you pick?

I’m a pragmatic guy and I don’t believe in mythical creatures because, by definition, mythical creatures are myths and myths are widely held but false beliefs or ideas. So I don’t think I can own something that doesn’t exist in the real world. Sorry Melanie.

Share Your World — Human Nature

Share Your WorldIt’s Monday and that means that Melanie is back with her Share Your World prompt. So let’s do this.

What was the last TV show you binge-watched? If you don’t watch TV (congratulations by the way) what’s the last thing you binged ON?

Actually, at Melanie’s recommendation, I started to watch “The Brokenwood Mysteries” last night on Amazon Prime. I watched the first episode of season one of this seven season crime drama that takes place in the small town of Brokenwood in Australia, where troubled DCI Mike Shepherd solves murders while searching for redemption. Episode one was good enough to prompt me to watch episode two. When I tried to do that, though, I learned that I’d have to pay $4.99 to watch each additional episode. NFW!So, I am going to go with the show that I binge-watched just before I attempted to binge watch this one. That show was “Hinterland,” a noir crime drama set in the small town of Aberystwyth, Wales, where troubled DCI Tom Mathias solves murders while searching for redemption. I enjoyed it.

What’s your most prized possession and why?

My iPhone. Were it not for my iPhone, I wouldn’t be in the process of posting my response to Melanie’s SYW prompt.

If you had the time and inclination, what would you volunteer for?

I have the time, but I lack the inclination. Sorry about that.

Do you think that humans will ever be able to live together in harmony?

It’s not in our nature to live together in harmony. We seem more inclined to seek and act out upon our differences and we seem to thrive on conflict.

Share Your World — Weird Questions

Share Your WorldFor this week’s Share Your World prompt, Melanie admits that her questions are “weird.” That they are, almost like those that Di and Frank alternate weekly and ask in their Fibbing Friday prompts. Nonetheless, here are Melanie’s weird questions and my straight answers.

What would be the worst “buy one get one free” sale of all time?

Um, vasectomies?

Have you ever gotten a really bad haircut? Do share!

It’s been so long since I actually had someone else cut my hair that I can’t remember, although I’m sure, back when I still had hair on my head to be cut, I got plenty of really bad haircuts.

Aren’t Disneyland and Disney World (and all the variants) just a people trap operated by a mouse?

Probably, and an expensive people trap at that.

What if Batman got bitten by a vampire? What would happen?

He would be a blood sucking vampire batman who would only come out at night and who would have to have his bat cave outfitted with a coffin for him to sleep in during the day.

What do you want your final words to be if you could choose?

“It was fun while it lasted.”