A Break From the Modern World

“That’s quite a snazzy pattern you have on that shirt,” Ed said. “Let me guess. It’s an African or Asian design, right?”

“Actually, it’s a Native American design,” Alan said. “I got it on a camping trip my family took to Nevada last year.”

“Oh, right,” Ed said. “I remember now that you and your family are rabid campers.”

“I wouldn’t call us ‘rabid’ campers,” Alan responded. “We just enjoy being in nature. There nothing like the smell of the dew on the grasses in the morning, frying fish you caught yourself in the lake or river over an open campfire, looking up at the millions of brightly shining stars in the Milky Way, and being able to schmooze with other campers who love it as much as we do.”

“But don’t you miss all of the conveniences and luxuries of the modern world?” Ed asked.

“Actually,” Alan said, “if I could, I would love to isolate myself and my family from what you call ‘the modern world.’ It has become a dangerous, corrupt place and with the way things are going, even the idyllic nature we experience when camping will soon disappear.”

Written for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (snazzy), My Vivid Blog (pattern), The Daily Spur (guess), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (rabid), Your Daily Word Prompt (dew), E.M.’s Random Word Challenge (schmooze), and Word of the Day Challenge (isolate).

Share Your World — 05/16/2022

Melanie is bringing us mixed bag of questions for her Share Your World prompt today.

Do you become discouraged by the annual “Blogging Ennui” phenomenon that comes around every year? (Blogging ennui means a distinct slow down in writing and participation, which lasts an indefinite period of time).

To be honest, I wasn’t aware of anything called “blogging ennui.” Sure, I go through periods of times when I post less frequently, but who doesn’t? According to WordPress, I haven’t missed a day of publishing at least one post in 1,803 consecutive days. And so far this year alone, I have published 684 posts. Since today is the 136th day of 2022, that’s an average of five posts a day! So blogging ennui? Nope, I don’t think so.

If you were in a room filled with you and your doppelgänger and 2 billion dollars, what would you do? What do you think your doppelgänger would do?

I’d say, “Let’s split the money. A billion for you and a billion for me.” Since we are doppelgängers, I am sure he’d agree.

A building is burning. You have time to either save a child trapped inside or a valuable painting which you would then sell, using the money to save 20 children from starvation. What would you do and why?

As the old saying goes, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” so I’d save the child. I’d send in my doppelgänger to save the valuable painting.

What’s your opinion of yams or sweet potatoes?

Is there a difference? Well, no worries. I’m not a fan of either.

Please feel free to share an image of something that makes you smile!

Blogging Insights — Words

It’s Monday and Dr. Tanya is back with her weekly Blogging Insights prompt. She provides us with a quote about blogging or writing and asks us to express our opinion about said quote.

This week’s quote is from Emily Dickinson.

I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and look at it, until it begins to shine.

I am one of a number of bloggers who posts a daily word challenge, the purpose of which is to inspire other bloggers to be creative and to use my daily word to forge a story or a poem of their own. To that extend, each of my chosen daily words has the power to be a spark to light up a writer’s imagination.

Blah, blah, blah.

Sure, choosing the right word to use each day is important to me and I’ve been doing it every day for almost four years. But I can’t go as far as Emily has in claiming that nothing has more power than a word. And unless I just finished consuming a cannabis-infused marshmallow, the words I select don’t shine.

What gives a word power, what makes it shine, is the context in which it is used. And it’s how my fellow bloggers incorporate my daily words into their posts that brings me joy and keeps me searching for just the right word to use each day.

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #169

Welcome to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week I will be posting a photo I grab off the internet and challenging bloggers to write a flash fiction piece or a poem inspired by the photo. There are no style or word limits.

The photograph below is from abi ismail at unsplash.com.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of a man and a woman sitting next to each other at a counter inside a coffee shop. He’s engrossed with something on his smartphone and she is working on her Apple laptop computer.

If this week’s image inspires you and you wish to participate, please write your post, use the tag #FFFC, and link back to this post. I hope it will generate some great posts.

Please create a pingback to this post or manually add your link in the comments.

FOWC with Fandango — Rabid


It’s May 16, 2022. Welcome to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC). I will be posting each day’s word just after midnight Pacific Time (U.S.).

Today’s word is “rabid.”

Write a post using that word. It can be prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction. It can be any length. It can be just a picture or a drawing if you want. No holds barred, so to speak.

Once you are done, tag your post with #FOWC and create a pingback to this post if you are on WordPress. Please check to confirm that your pingback is there. If not, please manually add your link in the comments.

And be sure to read the posts of other bloggers who respond to this prompt. Show them some love.