MLMM Lucky Dip Saturday Mix — Mistaken Identity

I telephoned the airline to buy a plane ticket to Egypt so I could visit the land of the pyramids. On the way to the airport, I was pulled over by a police car with a flashing red light and siren. The cops claimed that my car was used as the getaway car in a bank robbery and they took me to the police station and locked me up in a cell.

After about an hour, a cop came to my cell, put a key in the keyhole of the cell door, and told me to follow the arrow to the room where I was to appear in a lineup. Of course, no one could identify me, and it turned out that while I was in the lineup room, the police arrested the actual getaway car driver.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:00. “Dammit,” I said, “there’s no way, without some sort of magic wand, that I’ll be able to make my flight.”

The sheriff heard me and apparently felt bad about detaining me in a clear case of mistaken identity. He offered to have one of his officers take me to the airport in a squad car so that I could get there in time.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Lucky Dip Saturday Mix.

MLMM Friday Faithfuls — May 26th

For Jim Adams’ Mindlovemisery’s Friday Faithfuls, Jim has asked us to respond to his prompt by writing anything about about May 26th.

To me, other than today being the last Friday in May and for some, a day to take off from work in order to have a four-day Memorial Day weekend (if you live in the U.S.), there’s nothing special or noteworthy about May 26th.

I went back in my archives and discovered a prompt post from last year on May 26th that Jim introduced called “Wednesday Thoughts.” So, I thought that for today’s Friday Faithfuls I’d repost what I posted one year ago today for Jim’s Wednesday Thoughts prompt.

Wednesday Thoughts — Keep the Mother Rolling

Jim Adams has a new prompt he’s calling Wednesday Thoughts. (Yes, I know it’s Thursday and I’m a day late. Sue me.)

In this prompt, Jim is giving us a title to his post and then is asking us to share what we think about the title, which this week is “Keep the Mother Rolling.”

Here’s what I came up with:

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Their mother went with them
Because she felt she oughta

She didn’t trust her kids
To ever do anything right
So she followed them
Never letting them out of her sight

Jack and Jill grew very resentful
Of being under the watchful eye
Of their overbearing mother
They decided that they had to try

To stop being oppressed by that woman
And being punished for all of their toiling
So at the top of the hill they did her in
And down the hill they had to
Keep their mother rolling

MLMM Saturday Mix Story Starter — Delicious Mischief

She peeked back over her shoulder to check that the coast was clear. The house was dark and silent, and this was her chance — a moment of delicious mischief.

It was Lily’s eighth birthday, and the excitement of the day hadn’t worn off. After her parents bid her goodnight, the allure of the remaining birthday cake in the refrigerator became impossible to resist. Lily knew she had to sneak out of her bedroom and indulge in a clandestine dessert adventure.

On quiet tiptoes, Lily walked down the dark corridor, the old wooden floor creaking slightly under her feet. Each step brought her closer to her goal — the delectable cake awaiting her in the fridge.

As she entered the kitchen, she silently opened the refrigerator door, its interior light revealing the leftover cake, its layers adorned with rainbow sprinkles. Lily took a deep breath, carefully pulled the cake from the refrigerator and placed it on the counter. She grabbed a plastic plate and fork, careful not to make a sound, and cut a large slice from the cake.

Each forkful of the moist cake melted in her mouth, the sugary icing providing a burst of sweetness. She couldn’t help but giggle softly to herself, feeling mischievous and exhilarated all at once. It was a moment of pure bliss.

As the last crumb disappeared from her plate, Lily felt a sense of achievement. She carefully wiped away any evidence of her adventure and returned the plate and fork to their rightful places and the remaining cake to the refrigerator shelf.

With a satisfied smile, Lily retraced her steps back to her bedroom. The taste of the cake lingered on her lips, a sweet reminder of her secret escapade. As she slipped beneath the covers, she drifted off to sleep, a contented smile on her face.

Lily didn’t know that her parents, awakened by the creaky floorboards, had secretly watched her from the shadows, their hearts filled with love and amusement. They understood the allure of that leftover birthday cake and in their eyes, Lily’s mischievous adventure was a testament to the joy and wonder of childhood — a memory they would all hold dear for years to come.

Written for this week’s Mindlovemysery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix Story Starter, where the sentence is, “She peeked back over her shoulder to check that the coast was clear.” Image credit: Bing Image Creator.

WDP/MLMM Friday Faithfuls — Nuclear Fusion

For Jim Adams’ Mindlovemisery’s Friday Faithfuls, Jim has asked us to respond to his prompt by writing anything about nuclear fusion, or any other source of clean energy.

The truth is that, Jim, in his prompt post, covered everything I know about nuclear fusion — and then some. So I have nothing to add to that topic. As far as other sources of clean energy, I know there is wind-powered energy and water-powered energy. And, of course, solar-powered energy. The end.

Having exhausted the depth of my knowledge about nuclear fusion and clean energy, I’m at a loss for what else to post about, so I figured I’d answer the WordPress Daily Prompt question, which is a question that no one I know has any interest whatsoever in being answered.

Daily writing prompt
What’s the oldest things you’re wearing today?

I’m not sure what the oldest thing I’m wearing today is. It’s probably my Levi jeans, which given that I haven’t yet worn a hole in either knee, was probably just purchased in early 2022. I’m pretty sure my undershirts, underpants, and sweat socks are from mid-2022. And my Kizik step-in sneakers that I wear where just purchased in December of last year. But the belt I’m wearing possibly is from as far back as 2020. So that’s definitely the oldest thing I’m wearing today.

So thank you, Jim, for your Friday Faithfuls topic on nuclear fusion and clean energy, which I literally managed to avoid writing about.

And thank you, WordPress, for this fascinating question, one that I’m sure has been on the minds of all of my followers all day today.

MLMM Friday Faithfuls — By the Numbers

For Friday Faithfuls this week, Jim Adams has challenged us to respond by writing anything about Math or Science or whatever else we think might fit. Let me start out by saying that math is not my forte. I like numbers in and of themselves, but I tend to get lost in high level mathematics. But don’t worry. This post has a lot of numbers but almost no math. With that caveat out of the way….

Like all other human beings I have four limbs. But as of 3.67 months ago, only 50% of them were functioning at 100%. I busted my left hip and fractured the humerus bone in my right arm at the shoulder as a result of falling off a ladder. So now I’ve got only two fully-functioning, working limbs, my right leg/hip and my left arm and shoulder.

Since that ominous event in mid-January, I spent two weeks as an inpatient, six weeks receiving in home physical and occupational therapy, and seven weeks so far receiving outpatient physical therapy three times a week.

I was hoping that by now I’d be further along in my rehabilitation process. I thought, three months into this process, I’d be able to walk with a cane instead of with a walker. But I’m still using the walker because my left leg and hip are not ready to take on 100% of my body weight, but when I try to walk with just a cain in my right hand, it puts too much pressure on my gimpy right shoulder. So I’m back to using the walker.

Overall, I think my left hip and leg are at about 75%, but my right arm and shoulder are only at 50% at best. If all goes well, I may be out of therapy for my hip/leg by the end of May or mid June, But I think it might take another month or longer before my shoulder is fully rehabilitated. Or full seven months after the accident.

See, I told you. A lot of numbers but no math.