WPC — Twisted Variety

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge calls for us to show something twisted, something that doesn’t maintain a straight line. As a somewhat twisted person myself, the challenge is right up my alley.

Let’s start with a twisted light bulb.img_1413And how about some twisted pairs?img_1221Twisted branches, anyone?img_0087A twisted iron gate for your consideration.img_1264-e1527103023350.jpgLet’s hear it for some twisted tree bark.img_1896Okay, twisted tile patterns.img_2110And finally, I’d like to share some twisted logic.7FF318EF-BF35-4E53-A03F-1CEF2F5DA239

WPC — Wet and Wild

For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge post, the theme is “liquid” and we are asked to “share a photo of liquid in whatever state, shape, or color you happen to capture it in.”

So I have a variety of liquid images to share. The first one was taken looking down from a bluff at the ocean surf swirling around rocks next to the shore. 9A1F6204-29AF-4A17-BE60-D93BF5FEE9D8Next we have a bunch of seals lounging on the dock of the the bay.img_1746Here’s one of my very wet dog standing on the beach next to the ocean.img_0015And finally, here’s an example of one of my favorite works of liquid art.6026C468-1469-457A-AD7C-3AF5077B32E7

WPC — Natural Wonders

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge asks us where we belong? In the hustle and bustle of a big city or amongst friendly faces in a small town? We are asked to show our place in the world.painted ladiesI live in a large city. Not the largest. In fact, San Francisco is only the 14th largest city in the U.S. And it doesn’t even crack the top 300 global cities with respect to population, so some might consider it to be a relatively small town.

But as much as I love living in the heart of the city, and as much as I belong in a city, with all of the conveniences it offers, I also like to get away. And one of my favorite places to get away to is Yosemite National Park. It’s just a four hour drive due east from San Francisco, but it’s a whole different world.

Here are some pictures of the spectacular scenery at Yosemite.

P100065020110829_2920110828_7920110828_67If you ever get a chance to visit Yosemite National Park, do it. It’s simply grand.