“You did well today Frank,” the debate team coach said. “I do have one correction to your approach that I’d like to offer up. I don’t mean to be flippant, Frank, but you need to listen more for understanding than for for rebuttal. I’m trying to be impartial in my critique, but I thought you missed some good points the opposing player made because you stopped listening to what she was saying and you were already thinking through how to respond. I know it can be a conundrum for any debater to not begin to formulate their response before their opponent has finished their argument, but if your opponent made some strong points and you missed them because you were focused on what you intended to say, you’re going to lose the debate. Does that make sense to you, Frank!”

“I’m sorry, Coach,” Frank said, “were you talking to me? I wasn’t really listening. I had something else on my mind.”

Written for these daily prompts: The Daily Spur (correction), Ragtag Daily Prompt (flippant) , Fandango’s One Word Challenge (rebuttal), Your Daily Word Prompt (impartial), and Word of the Day Challenge (conundrum).

JSW Writing Prompt — Something Different

Irene walked up to her husband of fifteen years. “I need something different,” she said. “I don’t know what it is, but I need something new.”

“Like new shoes? A new dress?” Alan asked.

“Oh God, this is so tough,” Irene said. “No, not shoes or a dress, Alan. It’s so much more than that.”

“A car, then? I’ll get you one of those Teslas. It’s electric and you’ll never have buy gas again. Wouldn’t that be splendid?

“I don’t want a Tesla. Alan, only God almighty in heaven knows how unhappy I am.”

“How am I hearing this for the first time tonight, Irene?” Alan asked. “I thought our life together was nothing short of blissful.”

“That’s because you are oblivious, Alan,” Irene said. “You are so wrapped up in your work and your sports that you can’t see what is going on right under your nose. The state of our marriage has been precarious for a few years.”

“Well, Irene,” Alan said, I’m not so oblivious that I don’t have a great lawyer who will enable you to experience something new and different, all right. I believe they call it homelessness and poverty based upon the prenup that you signed before we got married.”

Written for the JSW Writing Prompt from Athling2001 at A Writer’s Life. Also for these daily prompts: The Daily Spur (tough), Ragtag Daily Prompt (splendid), Word of the Day Challenge (mighty), My Vivid Blog (heaven), Fandango’s One Word Challenge (blissful), and Your Daily Word Prompt (precarious).

The Term Paper

There’s a limit to how much a person can take
I hadn’t really considered what was at stake

I thought I’d be able to carry out a diabolic plan
But I ultimately realized that I had to take a stand

I just wasn’t ready to use an AI-generated content app
For my paper because it would surely turn out to be crap

I went to my room, smoked a joint, and got high
Thought about how to give a reversal a try

I am feeling vindicated for doing what is right
Now I just have to figure out for my paper what to write

Written for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (limit), Your Daily Word Prompt (diabolic), The Daily Spur (ready), Word of the Day Challenge (room), My Vivid Blog (high), JusJoJan (reversal), and Fandango’s One Word Challenge (vindicated).

And before you ask, as bad as this poem is, it was actually written by me, not by a chatbot.

We Need To Talk

Patrick’s life was shattered. After working for the company for almost thirty years, he just got laid off. He felt completely lost and overwhelmed and had no idea what to do next. He tried to tell himself that it was okay to feel that way under the circumstances, but he also knew he couldn’t stay in this state of mind for too long. He just needed to take the time to pause, reflect, and decide what to do next.

But that was likely going to be a daunting task. Trying to figure out, with all of the staff reductions going on in the tech industry, how a 55-year-old man could find something suitable boggled his mind. He had horrible visions of having to resort to taking a job as a greeter at Walmart and that made him feel sick to his stomach.

Even worse, how was he going to break the news to his wife? She would be disappointed and maybe even worried, but he was pretty sure she would also be sympathetic. But not so much his mother-in-law, who had moved in with them when her husband passed away last year. He could just hear her witch-like cackle as she once again reminded her daughter, “I told you that you should never have married him. He’s such a loser.”

“Listen,” Patrick said to his wife, Alicia, when he called her from the car after he left the building, “We need to talk about something that happened at work, but I don’t want your mother to be a part of that discussion. Is there something you can do to keep her distracted when you and I talk?”

“I just saw something on Twitter about massive layoffs at your company,” Alicia said. “Is that what you need to talk with me, about? If it is, don’t worry, we’ll get through this, even if I have to pawn my diamond engagement ring and some other jewelry to make ends meet. And yes, I’ll handle my mother. She’s the last thing you need to be concerned about right now. I love you, Patrick. We’ll manage.”

Written for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One Word Challenge (shattered), The Daily Spur (decide), Ragtag Daily Prompt (boggle), Your Daily Word Prompt (cackle), Word of the Day Challenge (distracted), and My Vivid Blog (diamond).

A Fantasy Story

Sarah had a strange premonition. She felt like something was about to happen, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She decided to take a walk into town to clear her head. As she walked, she found herself in a dream-like state and she couldn’t shake the strange feeling.

Suddenly, Sarah heard a sound coming from a nearby record store that drew her to it. She walked in and saw a stack of old vinyl records. She was drawn to one in particular, and when she picked it up, she felt a strange energy emanating from it.

Sarah bought the record, took it home, and put it on her record player. As the music began to play, she felt herself slipping into a trance. She felt like she was being taken somewhere else, somewhere far away, but decided to close her eyes and go with the flow.

She found herself in a strange place. She was surrounded by a group of people wearing brightly colored clothes and dancing to the music coming from a nearby scud. She realized that she had been transported to a trendy underground club.

Sarah spent the night dancing and having a great time. As the night came to an end, she realized that the premonition she had felt earlier had come true. She had been taken to a place where she could be herself and have fun.

When Sarah opened her eyes she found herself in her bed wearing a sweatsuit and her favorite pair of socks, and smiled. She knew that she had experienced something special, even though it was just a fantasy vision, and she was grateful for the premonition that had brought her there.

Written for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One Word Challenge (premonition), My Vivid Blog (vinyl), The Daily Spur (trance), Your Daily Word Prompt (scud), Word of the Day Challenge (trendy), and Ragtag Daily Prompt (sock).


I have a confession to make. I did not write this post. I’ve been reading a little about ChatGPT, AI (artificial intelligence) writing apps, and I was curious if they were any good. I downloaded an app called Genie to my iPhone. Genie is an OpenAl ChatGPT powered by GPT-3. I opened up the app and typed “Write a story with the words premonition, trance, vinyl, scud, sock, and trendy.” This post is what Genie came up with. I’d be interested to hear your comments about this AI-generated post.