Is It Really That Obvious?

3EA8F829-BF70-4179-AF28-45DCF8809A14Yes, I guess the antipathy I feel toward that incompetent, unfit, unstable, imbecile who currently occupies the Oval Office is that obvious. Why else would Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith, gift me with this lovely roll of toilet paper? I sure hope it’s 2-ply.

So, in the long standing tradition of Teresa’s white elephant party gift giving, and following the theme celebrating the shitstorm of Donald Trump, I am gifting these trinkets to the following bloggers:

Due to her generosity, evidenced by her daily white elephant gift giving prompt, I am throwing a gift right back at Teresa. I hope she enjoys drinking coffee, tea, or bourbon from this great mug.840ac954-605c-4c6e-a889-ace158e0e7b9.jpeg

And to one of the most politically aware, astute, and active anti-Republican bloggers I know, I gift this to Suze over at Suziland Too. 7D5ED93E-15BD-45D8-ADBC-DAA58DEF5B50.jpeg

And last, but not least, I’m sure that Cheryl, the Bag Lady, will make good use of this gift of the perfect pen or pencil holder.A3FB5D3F-B01F-49B6-ABF9-A90729024246

White Elephant Challenge

I gotta give Teresa credit for coming up with weird creative prompts. She calls this one the White Elephant challenge. The idea, she says, is to “exchange ‘gifts’ that are meant to be funny.” We are to “pick three bloggers and give them gifts,” and they, in turn, will do the same. We’ll see.

I was lucky enough to be one of Teresa’s first recipients. Here’s what she gifted me:BCDEB918-6DE8-430C-B3B5-E83AD39731DB.jpegOkay, now it’s my turn.

My first White Elephant “gift” goes to my naughty buddy Jim over at A Unique Title for Me. I hope you like it, Jim.90BD4536-0041-4E3A-B7FA-60B2C328593DMy second “gift” goes to Sadje at Keep It Alive for always bringing sunshine and flowers into our lives with her posts.B9B31EB3-6B9F-49B6-A5F5-456903793CFDAnd finally, “gift” number three goes to Rory at A Guy Called Bloke, who is always coming up with weird stuff to get us inspired.F8E19A67-EBEE-4EFE-B495-42647053C606So let’s see what happens now.

Weird Al

4AAE093D-B5F6-41E8-A5C5-EFC3A56825ECWeird Al Yankovic is one of my favorite performers. He takes popular songs and creates fantastic parody videos of those songs. One of his most popular is “Eat It,” a takeoff of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

But being the word nerd that I am, my favorite Weird Al parody is “Word Crimes,” his parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

So, for your enjoyment, “Word Crimes.”

Also, as a bonus, here’s “Eat It.”

What’s your favorite Weird Al Yankovic parody song? Maybe you can post it in the comments.

Written for my one-word challenge, “parody.”

Friday Follies #3 — Adulthood

A blogging buddy of mine over at Proscenium has started this thing called “Friday Follies.” He’s looking for “any kind of sign, flyer, ad, etc., that you may see posted or printed or whatever/wherever; that would, might or might not be, intentional or unintentionally, a mistake, or could be interpreted the wrong way, misspelled, be a double entendre, or just outright hilarious.”

I don’t know if the picture of the sign I’m posting here meets any of the noted criteria, but I found it quite witty. I probably won’t win the weekly Friday Follies prize, but oh well.1583368B-A083-4877-81EF-76D873821870This sign sits right outside of a coffee shop that I pass every morning while walking my dog. And not that I’m clumsy or anything, but I have, I admit, occasionally screwed up step 2 of the Adulthood 101 instructions.