89D36784-9302-4625-899F-60770A51DD02I learned a new word today. It’s a perfect word for the 21st century. The word is “cellfish” and it’s a mashup of “cellphone” and “selfish. Cellfish is used to describe a person who immediately answers all cellphone calls or text messages, then chats or texts on and on, ignoring and/or disregarding the wishes of the people they’re with.

Do you know anyone who is cellfish?

One-Liner Wednesday — Unplug

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Anne Lamont, American novelist and progressive political activist

I would love to take Ms. Lamont’s advise and unplug for a while, but I’m afraid that, with all that’s going on, if I didn’t have my blog as an outlet, my head would probably explode.D321FBBC-3273-448C-AEEF-88E64267C18AWritten for today’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill.

Weather or Not

9AFD3237-6A0B-4E67-A7BA-A94A2E446847I have six weather apps on my iPhone. You would think that, if I want to know what the temperature is at any point in time, I could open any one of them and each would report the same temperature at the same location at the same time, right?

Well, you’d be wrong.

The weather app that comes with my iPhone is telling me that the temperature where I live right now is 77°F.

Weather+ says that it’s 70°.

AccuWeather tells me that it’s 80°.

Weather Underground claims it’s 79°.

WeatherCaster reports 74°.

Dark Sky indicates that it 75°.

So, six different weather apps, six different temperatures reported. With a ten degree variance from highest to lowest! Is it 80° or 70°? Or somewhere in between? I don’t know.

But I do know that it’s sunny and delightful outside. So that’s where I’m going.

Catch you later!

Change for the Sake of Change

Before I begin, let me thank those of you who responded to my whiny post about the “Visit” icon inexplicably disappearing from the WordPress Reader on the iPhone app. Thanks to you, I learned how to get to a post from the Reader and read it the way the blogger intended it to be read.

But my question is why did the folks at WordPress take what was a one tap (or one click) process and turn it into a two step process?704CF4F5-BF72-49D5-825E-ECBD812BD85E Before the “enhancement,” I would just tap the icon at the bottom left of the Reader notification and it would take me to the post. Easy peasy — one tap and I’m there.

But with the latest update to the app, that “visit” icon disappeared from the Reader. Now I have to go to the three dots in the upper right corner.AB95382A-749A-4E6F-8CCE-1BF7F65EFDBDI have to tap on that (tap number one). That then opens a click box.9C7C0AD9-1AB4-4BAC-A751-3616D776C468And then I have to then tap on “Visit” (tap number two) in order to get to the actual post.

I know what you’re thinking. With all of the crap that going on in the world these days, Fandango, why are you making a big deal out of this?

Well, I’ll tell you. I spent about an hour last night trying to figure out how to do something that used to be a no-brainer. It was simple, intuitive, and straightforward. So of course, the brilliant minds at WordPress decided to complicate it by hiding the link and making it a two-step process. I checked the release notes and all it said was, “And finally, we updated the card design in the Reader.” Yeah, that helped a lot.

I don’t mind change when change makes things better or easier. But I do get pissed at change for the sake of change, especially when it makes thing more difficult.

And now please accept my apology for posting back-to-back whiny posts.

Another WordPress “Enhancement”?

I blog using my iPhone. I use the WordPress app on my iPhone for my blog. Last night the latest update to the WordPress iOS app got installed on my iPhone. It’s version 15.0 for anyone who is counting.

I noticed, since the updated app installed, that something was missing from the Reader. There used to be an icon with the word “Visit” in the lower left corner of each post notification, as in the image below.2832ED2B-58BF-408E-9EF7-325AA9B81B67When I tapped on that icon, it would take me to the blogger’s site so that I could read the post as if I had accessed it from the internet, a format that I assume the blogger wants people to see it.

But now, with the latest version of the iOS app, that “visit” icon is MIA.2F68A703-B5A6-4484-ABD6-F8278FACBB51And if I want to read the post, I can only read it in the Reader format, which is not the format that most of us want our posts to be read.

I sent a message to the happiness engineers to see if they can tell me what happened to that visit icon and how I can get to the blogger’s site from within the reader as I used to be able to do. I haven’t heard back from the HEs yet.

Has anyone else noticed this and, if so, have you figured out how to visit the blogger’s site from the within the WordPress Reader?