Credit Where Credit Is Due

4E213B32-FB7C-45F1-A256-B30D39BC4EB2At the beginning of this month I downloaded an update to the WordPress app for my iPhone. Unfortunately, as I wrote in this post, there was a bug in the update that prevented me from using the app to “like” other bloggers’ posts from the reader.

When I clicked on “Visit” from within the app’s reader, it took me to the blogger’s post, but the “Like,” “Reblog,” and “Share this” buttons were nowhere to be found. But if I logged into WordPress via the Safari or Chrome browsers on my iPhone or the Chrome browser on my laptop, they were all there.

I opened a support ticket with WordPress and, after explaining the issue and sending multiple screenshots, I was told that the Happiness Engineers were unable to replicate the bug. Too bad, so sad.

Finally, about nine days later, I received an email saying that they had finally replicated the problem. I was pleased to find out that I was neither crazy nor technically incompetent.

That was the good news. The bad news was that the email went on to say, “We can’t promise a time frame for when the team will look at this or how it will be prioritised, that will depend on other projects the team are working on as well as their priorities. It’s on our radar, however!” Sheesh!

Well, I’m pleased to say that this tale of woe has a happy ending. I downloaded the latest update to the WordPress iOS app yesterday and the case of the missing buttons has been fixed!

So, in the interest of giving credit where credit is due, I’m using this post as a way of saying thank you to the Happiness Engineers who — eventually, anyway — fixed the bug.

SYW — Sharing My World

38B87E39-FDF7-4E88-8D95-8BD9B09B45C9I thought I’d give Cee’s Share Your World challenge another go this week. She asks some very intriguing questions of us bloggers and here are this week’s.

What would you name the autobiography of your life? “A Very Ordinary Man.”

Which do you prefer sweet, salty or buttery? That depends upon what’s on the menu. For croissants, it’s buttery. For desserts, it’s definitely sweet. As to salty, I do try to keep my intake of salt to a minimum, but I am a sucker for potato chips cooked in sea salt. 

What’s the finest education? Well, I have a formal education including a masters degree. However, while I learned a lot in school, including how to think independently and creatively, I have to say that my best education came from life’s lessons.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? I appreciate it when apps for my iPhone work the way they are supposed to. Since the beginning of this month, after I downloaded the latest update to the WordPress app for iOS, the operating system for my iPhone, it’s been unusable.

I have gone round and round with the “happiness engineers” at WordPress, sending them a bunch of screenshots demonstrating the issue, which is basically that, from within the app, none of the “Share this” buttons or the “Like” and “Reblog” buttons are showing whenever I visited another blogger’s post from within the app’s reader. They would show up, though, if I accessed those same sites using the Safari or Chrome browsers on my iPhone. Just not from within the WordPress app.

The techno-gurus at WordPress we’re having trouble figuring out how to fix the problem with the app because they said they couldn’t replicate it. But today I received an email that said this:

“I’ve been digging further into the report and have been able to replicate the issue with missing share/like buttons in the beta version of the app. I’ll get this reported back to our developers now that we have steps to replicate, and will let you know when I hear back.”

That made me smile!

#FOWC — Senior Moments and Brain Farts

84B9DF16-EF78-4F3D-BFF0-450872F83CE6I just realized that I had a senior moment yesterday — probably one of many senior moments I had yesterday — and forgot to respond to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge for the word “curtail.” And since I’m Fandango, that’s just embarrassing.

When I told my wife about yesterday’s brain fart, she suggested that perhaps I need to curtail the amount of time I spend each day on WordPress.

“I object!” I said. “I’ll curtail the amount of time I spend on WordPress if you’ll do the same on Twitter.” She quickly demurred. She is easily as addicted to Twitter as I am to WordPress.

And speaking about WordPress, the problem I posted about a few days ago in this post regarding the most recent WordPress update for the iOS app, remains unresolved. Seems that the Happiness Engineers have been unable to replicate the issue. Yet it continues unabated when I use the app.

Apparently they believe that problem I’m having with their app is my fault. Perhaps they think I’m just experiencing more senior moments — or too many brain farts.

I’m tempted, since Automatic, the company behind WordPress, is headquartered in San Francisco, to go to their offices, hand them my iPhone, and refuse to leave until they fix the bug!

Written for today’s Fandango’s One-Word Challenge, “object.”

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear…

…or everything you see, either!

Did you hear about this?

New technology makes it alarmingly easy to make realistic videos of people saying and doing things they’ve never done.”

This is not fake news! It’s apparently true. There is new technology, a sophisticated type of software, that makes it possible to superimpose one person’s face onto another’s body and manipulate voice recordings, creating fake videos that look and sound real.

While Hollywood studios have long used computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create, for example, fleeting appearances of dead actors, the process was prohibitively expensive and laborious. Today, the technology, known as “deepfakes,” has improved so much so that highly realistic visual and audio fakery can be produced by anyone with a powerful home computer.

Apparently deepfakes technology has already sparked an explosion of fake pornography online, with Michelle Obama, Ivanka Trump, and Emma Watson among those most frequently victimized. (I can’t personally corroborate this, but I’m sure if you wish to, you can probably do a Google search for “deepfakes porn” and see for yourself.)

Fears are growing, however, over how else “deepfakes” videos could be used — from smearing politicians in elections to inciting major international conflict.

Earlier this year, BuzzFeed created a “public service announcement” warning of the technology’s dangers, with a deepfakes of former President Barack Obama voiced by the comedian and director Jordan Peele.

In that deepfakes, the fake Obama said, “We’re entering an era in which our enemies can make it look like anyone is saying anything.” To illustrate the point, the fake Obama goes on to call President Trump “a total and complete dipshit.”

This technology uses facial mapping and artificial intelligence to produce videos that appear so genuine it’s hard to spot the phonies. Lawmakers and intelligence officials worry that these deepfakes could be used to threaten national security or interfere in elections. Politicians of both parties are concerned that this high-tech way of putting words into someone’s mouth will become the latest weapon in disinformation wars against the United States and other Western democracies.

It kinda makes you question whether technology is a good thing or a bad thing, doesn’t it?

Broke It Again

32102166-ADB2-4EE0-B5E3-F635F5E1DDACYesterday I downloaded (or uploaded — I know there’s a difference but I’m not sure which is which) the latest update to the WordPress app for iOS. And now, when I am in my reader and go to “Visit” a post I find there, in many cases the “Like” button is missing.

I can still “like” a post if I tap the star in my reader. But not when I click on “Visit.” On most posts, anyway.

6B8FF556-4461-41C1-BFB6-8413253D22D0Is it just me? Does this happen only on the iPhone app or are those of you with Android phones also experiencing this? What about on Windows or Mac laptops?

I opened up a help ticket with WordPress, so now I’m holding my breath waiting for an answer an answer from on of the Happiness Engineers.

Just kidding! I don’t really expect an answer. Here’s one answer I received to my last ticket:


[Point of information: I pay for the “Personal” plan. I would think that should account for something.]

So? Anyone else having this issue?