Weather or Not

CD817633-1264-4850-9EEC-CD1130B2C90FOne of the things I loved about living in the city of San Francisco was its temperate climate. It never gets that cold in the winter nor that hot in the summer. It’s an extremely rare day where it gets to 90°F in the summer or down into the 30s in the winter. Most of the time the temperatures year round range between lows in the upper 40s and low 50s and highs in the 60s or low 70s.

Take today, for example, where the temperature in the section of the city we used to live in was a delightful 71.BF8BBA4A-6905-43F3-914D-8736A3D23E20But a few months back we moved to an East Bay suburb just 35 miles east of our old stomping grounds near Golden Gate Park. And weather-wise, it’s a whole new ballgame. I just got back from walking my dog and it’s HOT outside. How hot is it?BE5F238C-891C-4379-AAAC-E5C290C1FE3EIt’s 101, but the “real feel” is 108! If you can find some shade to stand in, it’s only 99!

I miss San Francisco. Well, the weather, anyway.

Share Your World — Memorial Day Edition

Share Your WorldMelanie, over at Sparks From a Combustible Mind, is celebrating the U.S. Memorial Day holiday in this week’s Share Your World Prompt with a focus on patriotism. Here we go.

In your opinion, does patriotism require the belief that one’s country is the greatest on earth?

As a first generation American whose parents emigrated to the U.S. when they were young, I am very grateful to be an American. But I am not so naive or blind to believe that the U.S. is the greatest country on Earth, especially these days. Being a patriot means wanting the best for your country and its citizens, but it does not mean blindly believing that your country and those who are in charge can do no wrong.

Why is patriotism considered by some to be the highest of virtues? What is so important about love of country? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about humankind, or the planet as a whole, rather than a single country?

Honesty, integrity, having scruples, and being a genuinely good and thoughtful person are more important than deaf, dumb, and blind patriotism. So yes, we should be more concerned about humankind, and the planet as a whole, rather than a single country.

What is the relationship between decisions and consequences?

Every decision, small or large, has consequences, small or large. The hope is that we make sound decisions that will lead to positive consequences.

What is social justice?

According to, “social justice is justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.” Unfortunately, thanks to the Republicans and Trump, we are going through a period of almost unparalleled social injustice.

And one ‘easy’ one. What’s one body part you wouldn’t mind losing?

Easy. The only body part I wouldn’t mind losing is the only body part I ever lost: the tip of my penis when I was circumcised in the hospital as a newborn. They used to do that as a routine procedure back when I was born.

One More Award

F11C06FE-8ACD-4647-9F15-6D3D4ACFD86EThis is a new one for me. I’ve heard of the Kennedy Center Honors, an annual honor given to those in the performing arts for their lifetime of contributions to American culture. I’ve heard of various awards of excellence. But I’ve never before heard of the Kennedy Award of Excellence.

And yet the blogger at Itsthebiblophile has bestowed this award upon me! Yay and thank you, Biblophile! I went to the source of the award, Parneet Sachsen, who blogs at Timeless Mind, and learned that the award is intended for blogs that…

Through [their] writing, presentation, and objectives, foster human values; promoting intellectual, emotional, and moral growth of peers.

Sweet! The catch is that mine is an award-free blog, but I do love to answer questions from other bloggers, so to that end, here are the questions posed along with my answers.

1. What lessons did you learn in Corona?

It’s best to squeeze the lime just a bit before stuffing it down the neck of the bottle.E04D6D9E-495B-48C7-8C19-B0095295F994

2. What values drive you?

“Live and let live” and “Whatever floats your boat.”

3. Which is your favorite movie?

The 1956 SciFi classic starring Robby the Robot, “Forbidden Planet.”0950A58A-3CF3-4D0F-BD79-98C043B538EE

4. Whom have you ever loved from your heart?

My children.

5. Your dreams in life?

To stay alive until I die.

Thursday Inspiration — Sunset

738CE984-D8EA-4D99-916B-4078A8BDEE6FFor this week’s Thursday Inspiration, Paula Light has given us the picture above and the theme “sunset.”

When we lived in the city, our house faced due west and was located just three miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, we were at a low-lying section of the city, so when looking west, you couldn’t really get much of a sunset view. And the view from the back of our house — the view to the east — faced the side of a mid-rise apartment building. So no decent sunrise views, either.

When we moved to the East Bay in February, we moved into a house in suburbia that is situated on top of a small hill. It has some spectacular sunset views that I thought I’d share with you.EEBF3E53-39ED-435B-8ECA-BF83CE28F8A6ECE4E092-CBAB-46E1-B339-C548D66C7699FC86C049-CE42-48BA-BCE2-3A93D02FB947And speaking about sunsets, here, for your listening pleasure is the cover of Wes Montgomery’s “Bumpin’ on Sunset” recorded by Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express. Take ten, sit back, and enjoy.

Irresistible Questions

666C3AA8-C747-4D5E-B367-E871996F7E09Leigha Robbins was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award and she dutifully thanks the blogger who nominated her, answered the questions that blogger posed, and then created her own set of questions. But instead of nominating 12 other bloggers, she nominated all of her followers “cause you are all pretty neato and this will be fun to do!”

Since I am one of her followers, I am going to take her up on her challenge. Here goes:

1. Ok, you write a blog, so do you also play word games of any kind?

By word games, do you mean games like Scrabble? Crossword puzzles? Jumble? I’d say my wife is more into that than I am. The only word games I play are word prompts on WordPress.

2. Do you have any other type of creative outlet besides writing? Art, sewing, photography, jewelry making, etc.?

Nope. I’m not exactly a Renaissance man.

3. Do you listen to anything while you write or does it need to be quiet?

Sometimes music, sometimes the TV, and sometimes just the sounds of nature while writing in my backyard.

4. Are you an avid book reader?

I used to be, but not so much anymore. I probably read 6 to 8 books a year these days.

5. Name a country you would love to visit if the world wasn’t shut down because of the virus.

I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand.

6. Have you ever written a poem about someone and gave it to them?

Not if I wanted to keep them as a friend!

7. Is there an author (living or dead) that you would love to sit down and talk to for an hour?

Stephen King.

8. Have you ever met a fellow blogger or interacted off WordPress?


9. Cake or pie?

Either one will do.

10. Coffee or tea?

My mother gave me tea with honey whenever I was sick. So for me, it’s definitely coffee.

11. What is the strangest movie you have ever seen?

I’ll reiterate my answer to Melanie’s question in her last Share Your World post about the most unsettling movie I’ve ever seen: “The Human Centipede.”