Why America Doesn’t Go Metric

A605BE5C-C659-43D9-AA6D-1006A0527298I was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live a week or so ago and he had a guest, Australian actress Cate Blanchett, on his show. During part of Kimmel’s interview, Cate pointed out that it’s confusing when people from other countries visit America because most other countries around the globe use the metric system, while the U.S. is still on the imperial system for weights and measures. It’s the same issue with Celsius versus Fahrenheit.

Cate asked Jimmy why the U.S. stubbornly clings to the imperial system when just about every other country uses the metric system.

Jimmy’s response pretty well summed things up nicely. “We elected Donald Trump,” he said. “Do you actually think we’re going to switch to the metric system, like the rest of the world?”

Yet Another Totally Crazy Thing Donald Trump Said

839FE8D6-5E15-49FC-A2BA-D6990A8CCACE“If I did one mistake with Comey, I should have fired him before I got here. I should have fired him the day I won the primaries,” Donald Trump said in an interview with The Hill on Tuesday. “I should have fired him right after the convention, say I don’t want that guy.”

Of course, a presidential candidate, after winning the primaries and getting his party’s nomination at the convention, is not in a position to fire the sitting FBI Director. Or, for that matter, anyone in the then current president’s cabinet or administration.

Perhaps he realized the absurdity of what he said, because he then said, “Or at least fired him the first day on the job. I would have been better off firing him or putting out a statement that I don’t want him there when I get there.”

It’s hard to believe that this idiot is the President of the United States. Every time he opens his mouth, he demonstrates how incompetent he really is.

And to those who don’t recognize that and who still unquestionably support him, all I can say is that you are delusional.

One-Liner Wednesday — Take Two

D7D100D2-1640-482F-B65A-9FA83F191571.jpeg“This is a tough hurricane, one of the wettest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water.”

Donald Trump

I know I already posted my response to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt earlier, but when I heard what Donald Trump said today when he visited parts of North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Florence, I had to share this quote from him.

In addition to his brilliant and astute (and by that I mean stupid and moronic) observation about the hurricane, our president was particularly struck by a storm-tossed yacht that smashed into a New Bern, NC home and lodged against the house’s deck.

Trump looked at the yacht and asked the home owner if it was his boat. When the owner said no, Trump replied, “at least you got a nice boat out of the deal.”

You just can’t make this shit up.

Armed and Dangerous

6B573425-B8E4-4432-91C8-0269AA04BD42A foreshadowing of things to come?

I’ve been concerned for many months that, were something to happen to Donald Trump, from indictment to impeachment, violence on the part of his ardent supporters will ensue.

At the risk of sounding a bit over dramatic, we may be standing at the precipice of a new American civil war.

Vladimir Putin must be licking his chops.

After Further Consideration

DE80DA90-10E4-4EF2-AE81-66089046DF5DEarlier this morning, in response to Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, I referenced my very first post on this blog. In that post, I referred to myself as “a logical, rational, and reasonable person. I am not ruled by emotions but by facts, observations, and evidence.”

But now, after reading the headlines in my newsfeed, articles in the newspaper, and seeing highlights of Trump’s latest toilet tweets, I realized that what I wrote about how I’m not ruled by emotions is aspirational, not factual. Because when it comes to Donald Trump, my prized rationality is supplanted by unbridled, raw emotions.

I get so angry when I read about his tweets and his behavior that I want to toss my iPhone into the toilet. It takes every bit of self control I can muster to not throw the remote control at the TV each time I see his visage or hear his voice.

And so, for the sake of my own mental and emotional wellbeing, and using every ounce of logic, rationality, and reason I can generate, I have decided to abstain from writing any more posts about Donald Trump.

For the rest of the day, anyway.

Written for today’s Fandango’s One-Word Challenge, “abstain.”