FFfAW — Red Shoes


“What do you think?” she asked the man sitting next to her. He was not only her business assistant, but best friend and confidant. “I don’t know how I feel about red shoes.”

Lin smiled. “They are so you, Kaija,” he said. “They make my pulse rate go up when I look at you wearing them.

“Fine,” she said to the salesman, “I’ll take them, but please be quick about it. I’m on a deadline.” Then she turned to Lin, “And you are a naughty one, saying such things. You rarely talk that way. You are usually so business-like and succinct.”

“I am always direct and honest with you, Kaija,” Lin said. “And now I must remind you that we have been stealing time from your busy schedule. We must get back so you can finish your work before we meet the American businessman for dinner.”

“Yes, Lin, you are correct, as usual,” Kaija said. “Have the car retrieve me at seven. I will meet you at his home.”

“I have to tell you,” Lin said, “that he was going to serve meatloaf, of all things, for dinner, but I told him that you do not eat meat.”

“Thank you, Lin,” Kaija said. “You are such an asset.”

“I do what I can, Kaija,” Lin said. “I requested that he serve shark fin soup for you.”

“That is perfect,” Kaija said as she planted a friendly kiss on Lin’s cheek.

Written for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers from Priceless Joy. Photo credit: Yinglan. And for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge (meat loaf, soup, stealing). Also for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (deadline), the Word of the Day Challenge (succinct), The Ragtag Daily Prompt (pulse), and Your Daily Word Prompt (confidant).

Reblog: The First Amendment under siege

Further, and more well articulated thoughts on my post yesterday about religious “liberty.”


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances
– First Amendment to the United States Constitution

With the news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has established a “religious liberty task force,” the Trump administration’s assault on the First Amendment is now complete.

It seems surprising that people who take the Second Amendment literally have such a hard time with the First, which makes several things crystal clear:

  1. Congress, which is the lawmaking body of our nation, cannot establish a state religion, nor can it stop anyone from worshiping however they please.
  2. Nor can our system of laws restrict freedom of speech or of the press, no matter how upset it makes the current…

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Our Proud Cat

Black CatWe have a cat
A black cat
A black cat with yellow eyes
He’s an indoor cat

We live in the city
We have a small backyard
With a privacy fence all around
Our neighbors store their trash bins next to our fence

We sometimes let our cat out in our backyard
Our cat is a hunter
He quietly and patiently waits by the fence
Where there are very small gaps

And then he pounces
And brings us a present
That he drops at our feet

How proud he is of his featDirty Rat

This post was inspired by fellow blogger Jim Adams in his post about cats and rats. His post was inspired by RayNotBradbury.

Twittering Tales — It’s Over

img_2080Marcus woke to the sound of raindrops on the window pane. He turned over and woke up his wife. “Honey, it’s raining,” he said.

She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked at the window. As the tears started falling from her eyes, she sobbed, “Thank God the drought is over.”

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Written for this week’s Twittering Tales prompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: markusspiske at Pixabay.com.

Not Cee’s Share Your World

SYWCee Neuner, from Cee’s Photography, and host of her widely popular Share Your World weekly prompt, is on vacation for a few weeks. So Melanie, from Sparks From a Combustible Mind, decided that she would step up to the plate and post an “unofficial” Share Your World prompt this week.

Okay, I’ll unofficially play. Here are her questions.

Have you ever been in a food fight?

When my kids were young many decades ago, we’d get in food fights, generally involving Cheerios.

How do you deliver bad news?

Gingerly. I’m not good at delivering bad news, so I try to do it gently.

What (if anything) do you think is beyond the stars?

Since the universe is infinite, I think that “beyond the stars” is non sequitur. Thus, the stars and planets go on and on and on. To infinity and beyond! B6E3C717-E758-472D-B51D-403DE898BB10

What “redneck” (unsophisticated) activity do you like to do?

Hmm. I dunno. Watching sports on TV and drinking a beer or two, maybe.

Is there a scary scene from a movie (or book) you viewed as a child that still haunts you?

There was a movie I saw when I was maybe twelve. I think it was called “Horrors of the Black Museum.” All I remember from the movie was a scene where a guy picks up a pair of binoculars and, when he puts them up to his eyes, two long spikes where the eye lenses should have been shot out and poked him in the eyes and killed him. I think I might have pissed my pants when I saw that. I haven’t picked up and looked through a pair of binoculars since seeing that movie.

Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ was the theme from which film? 

Easy peasy. “Batman Forever.” Okay, I lied. I had no idea, so I Googled it.

Thanks, Melanie, for filling in.