One-Liner Wednesday — Changing the Past


“While the future’s there for anyone to change, still you know it seems, it would be easier sometimes to change the past”

Jackson Browne, American singer and songwriter

I’m quoting a lyric form the 1974 song, “Fountain of Sorrow” by Jackson Browne. I’ve always loved this song, even though it’s a bit melancholy. And this line, in particular, resonates with me. You can take actions that could change your future, but you can never do anything to alter your past, right? But in this song, Browne laments that he has little hope for being able to change the future, saying that “it might be easier to change the past.”

In case you’ve never heard this song, here it is.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday Prompt.

One-Liner Wednesday — Meetings

business meeting

“Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything.”

John Kenneth Galbraith, Canadian-American economist

Based upon my experience, this quote from John Kenneth Galbraith speaks for itself. I rarely attended a business meeting that wasn’t a waste of time.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt.

One-Liner Wednesday — Unplug

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Anne Lamont, American novelist and progressive political activist

I would love to take Ms. Lamont’s advise and unplug for a while, but I’m afraid that, with all that’s going on, if I didn’t have my blog as an outlet, my head would probably explode.D321FBBC-3273-448C-AEEF-88E64267C18AWritten for today’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill.

One-Liner Wednesday — Empty and Full


“An empty man is full of himself.”

Edward Abbey, American author and essayist

Edward Abbey, noted for his advocacy of environmental issues, died in 1989. I don’t know if he ever actually met Donald Trump, but his quote certainly describes Trump perfectly, don’t you think?

Written for today’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill.