Thursday Inspiration — Sharp as a Tack

AD1F5A96-326F-4945-BD5F-62D137FDD0B3When Aaron was a toddler, everyone thought he was slow, dull, and, well, not the brightest bulb in the box.

The whole family was worried about him.

It turned out, though, that while Aaron may have been slow to bloom, by the time he got to middle school, he was shining brightly and his IQ test scored him as a near genius. He was sharp as a tack, he didn’t miss a trick, his mind was like a steel trap, absorbing everything he learned. And he excelled.

The whole family was proud of him.

By the time he reached middle age, Aaron had amassed a series of accomplishments in science, medicine, and technology. He was considered a world renowned expert in epidemiology.

His family was impressed by him.

When Aaron became a senior citizen, he rapidly declined. He had trouble remembering things, even his family. His mind became dull and his thoughts muddled. He could remember things from years past, but not anything recent. He was no longer the man he was just a few years earlier.

His family is worried about him.

Written for Paula Light’s Thursday Inspiration, where the theme is “sharp.”

Three Line Tales — Space Walking

0A284910-3E40-4369-8AB7-D3FDAA7C58F8Jack received a notification ping on his smartphone, picked it up his phone, and saw this image sent to him from his best friend, Todd.

“Todd, why did you send me a random picture of some astronaut out in space?” Jack tapped out on his phone’s virtual keypad.

“That’s not a random picture, Jack, that’s me,” Todd replied, “and I’m just practicing effective social distancing in the age of coronavirus, good buddy! 😉”

Written for this week’s Three Line Tales prompt from Sonya. Image credit: NASA via Unsplash.

Judy’s Nosy Questions

Blogger Judy Dykstra-Brown, over at Lifelessons, is a nosy person. She decided to ask us a bunch of very nosy questions and reminded us that, as we answer her questions, “the story is in the details.”D9B65370-27CF-40FF-9E86-A2BCFDC4B5D0

Tell us how you met your partner. Please be specific in telling your tale.

It was a fix-up. A blind date. I was reluctant to go, but I had recently broken up with a girl I’d been dating for about six months and I figured I was ready to dip my toe in the water again. I spoke with the fix-up girl on the phone a couple of times and thought she sounded nice and seemed to have a good head on her shoulders. And, most important, she laughed at my jokes. So I arranged to pick her up at her apartment. It was one of those buildings where you’d go to the front desk and they’d call and let the person know that there was someone in the lobby to see them. I was told to take a seat and that she would be coming to the lobby shortly. A few minutes later, the elevator doors opened, I looked up, and I saw a vision. She looked like an Indian princess — or as we’d say in the politically correct 21st century, a Native American princess — and I was smitten. It was truly love at first sight, at least on my part. That was in 1976 and we’ve been together ever since.

What is your most romantic experience, again with details?

We were living in New Jersey at the time and our kids were six and three. My wife and I decided to head out for a sexy, romantic weekend at a couple’s resort in the Poconos.6FAF9AA7-2F0C-476B-B876-8420CCDBCE85We persuaded a teaching assistant in our daughter’s first grade class to come stay at our house for the weekend to watch the kids, and left for the resort on Friday night. And it was oh so sexy and romantic until we got a call from the resort office (this was in the days before cell phones) that our babysitter had called. Turns out our son was sick and running a fever, so, after our abbreviated, 18 hour romantic getaway, we left the resort and drove home.

What is the most extravagant purchase you’ve ever made, and why did you buy it?

E997F7BC-8C9F-4B37-A15B-BF7720270837I bought a used 1955 Jaguar XK120 roadster shortly after scoring my first full-time job because I thought it was a cool, classic, British sports car. Unfortunately, it was a piece of shit that ended up spending more time in the shop than on the road.

What is your favorite swear word or expression, and when are you most likely to use it?

“Bite me!” I use it whenever someone says or does something that I find irritating, obnoxious, inappropriate, or annoying. So pretty often.

What is your favorite kind of pie? With or without ice cream?

Key lime pie. Not with ice cream, though, as the pie is rich enough as it is and often comes topped with whipped cream.

While we’re on the subject, what is your favorite ice cream, and where did you last eat it?

At home last night while watching a show on Netflix.21D9A314-50AE-405F-A049-C4F5DD65BFAD

Who is your most unique friend and why? (May be someone from the past.)

I’m not sure what “unique” means when it comes to a friend. Different? Strange? Weird? I guess, if I had to choose a “unique” friend, it would be Bill from way back in the day. What made him unique? He was a male model who made his living mostly by posing for advertising photos for clothing stores. He was a really good looking guy and women were all over him. But he was gay. I was the beneficiary of hanging around with him because of the halo effect, in that the beautiful women who were naturally attracted to him, upon finding out that he was gay, would settle for me.

What is your most irritating habit?

My wife would say it’s when I lean to one side in order to fart while sitting next to her on the couch when we’re watching TV.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

I suppose it was one of my high school English teachers who encouraged me to write, telling me that I had talent.  Despite her encouragement, I decided not to seek my fame and fortune as a writer. In hind sight, I wish I’d been more open to pursuing writing as a career.

Do you like being alone and if so, what would you probably be doing?

I don’t mind being alone, and I don’t find being alone to be the same as being lonely. As to what I would be doing with my alone time, it would include reading novels, spending time on my blog, both reading other bloggers’ posts and writing my own, and catching up on some movies I missed when they were in the theaters.

What is the most outlandish thing you’ve ever done?

When I was a freshman in college, as part of a charity drive, I took a 100-hour long shower, briefly setting the world’s record (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) for continuous time in a shower.

What superstition do you always follow?

I am not at all superstitious, so the answer in “none.”

What famous person or animal have you met? Tell us about the meeting.

Back in 1985 I was in Los Angeles on business and after my meeting I went to the parking garage and standing in front of me was OJ Simpson. This was back when OJ was known for being a college and professional football star and for running through airports in Hertz rental car commercial, rather than for stabbing his wife to death. It was a few weeks before the Super Bowl between New England and Chicago and I asked him who he thought would win. He said, “Bet on the Patriots.” So I did. The Bears won big! Thanks a lot, OJ.

FOWC with Fandango — Amount

FOWCWelcome to March 26, 2020 and to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC). It’s designed to fill the void after WordPress bailed on its daily one-word prompt.

I will be posting each day’s word just after midnight Pacific Time (US).

Today’s word is “amount.”

Write a post using that word. It can be prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction. It can be any length. It can be just a picture or a drawing if you want. No holds barred, so to speak.

Once you are done, tag your post with #FOWC and create a pingback to this post if you are on WordPress. Or you can simply include a link to your post in the comments.

The issue with pingbacks not showing up seems to have been resolved, but you might check to confirm that your pingback is there. If not, please manually add your link in the comments.

  1. And be sure to read the posts of other bloggers who respond to this prompt. You will marvel at their creativity.