The Record Store

FFF5620A-9A5E-4ED1-8E5E-D42F81F2B9E7“Do you want to go to the record store with me, Jason,” Elaine asked her grandson. “When I was your age, my friends and I loved to go to the record store and browse through all the latest records.”

Jason got a confused look on his face and asked, “What are records, Grandma?”

Written for this week’s Three Line Tales from Sonya. Photo credit: Yanko Peyankov At Unsplash.

Fifth Floor Walkup

09C956B6-1877-4EC3-B1CF-A8A0A213AA26“Seriously, Jack, you had to rent an apartment on the fifth floor in a building with no elevator?” Jill yelled up at Jack.

“Come on, baby, you can use the exercise and stand to lose some weight,” Jack, leaning over the railing, shouted down to her.

“Go fuck yourself, Jack!”

Written for the most recent Three Line Tales prompt from Sonya. Photo credit: Alina Fedorchenko via Unsplash.

Three Line Tales — Endangered

A342801C-B143-48BA-B05C-B3FE4D8EC8EB“Get closer, kids, and take a good look at that majestic, beautiful animal,” Barbara’s and Dennis’ father told them, “because that species may not be around much longer.”

The two children stared in awe and amazement at the enormous polar bear swimming right up next to the huge aquarium’s thick glass wall, and Barbara asked her father why it wasn’t going to be around much longer.

“The sea ice where polar bears live is disappearing due to warming temperatures around the globe,” he explained, “which is the biggest threat to their survival, and if we don’t do something quickly to combat man-made climate change, these magnificent creatures may soon become extinct.”

Written for this week’s Three Line Tales from Sonya at Only 100 Words. Photo credit: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen via Unsplash.

Three-Line Tales — The Walkaway


“Don’t you dare turn around and walk away from me,” Trish said as Charles headed into the cold fog that was rapidly descending over the waterfront.

Trish reached into her purse and pulled out a pistol, aimed it at Charles, and fired.

As Charles turned around in shock and disbelief, Trish yelled out, “my next shot won’t miss, you bastard.”

Written for Sonya’s Three-Line Tales prompt. Photo credit: Philippe Mignot via Unsplash.

Three Line Tales — The Ouija Board

9AE3CB23-2284-48AE-85DB-055693B40966Winona was more than a little reluctant when her best friend, Anita, invited her to come over to her house to “play” with the Ouija board, but after much cajoling and teasing, she finally acquiesced.

Winona didn’t believe in spirits or ghosts or séances or that it was possible to communicate with the dead, and despite feeling it would be a waste of a good Saturday night, she knew how much her BFF was into that sort of nonsense.

Winona was sure that too many glasses of wine, coupled with that giant doobie she shared with Anita, caused the hallucinations that made her feel as if she was in the company of what appeared to be wispy, ghost-like figures standing around the rectangular table on which the Ouija board had been placed.

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Written for this week’s Three Line Tales from Sonya. Photo credit: Ahmed Odeh at