Twelve Things

Judy Dykstra-Brown, at Lifelessons, has posted a Challenge she calls “Twelve Things I Would Most Like to Know About You.” She’s going to hold some kind of drawing of those bloggers who participate and donate $100 to their favorite charity. All we have to do is answer her questions and link back to her post. I’m game. How about you?

Here are the things she would like to know more about us:

Who in your opinion is the sexiest man (if you are a woman) or woman (if you are a man) who ever lived?

Farrah Fawcett from back in the original “Charlie’s Angels” day.0BF26825-F641-41CF-BE01-E118454B1AE2

What favorite food do you rarely eat and why?

Maryland blue crabs. Why do I rarely eat them? Because I live in California and the only way I can get them here is to have them packed in ice and shipped overnight, and that is prohibitively expensive.

What would your closest friends be most surprised to find out about you?

Nothing. I’m an open book to my closest friends.

Who is the most famous person you ever met and what were the circumstances?

O.J. Simpson (from when he was still famous and before he was infamous). It was in 1986 and I was in line to give the hotel valet parking guy my ticket to get my car when O.J. drove up in his car, got out, and another valet parking guy went to greet him. It was a few days before Super Bowl XX between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots. I asked him who he thought would win and he said, “Put your money on the underdog Patriots.” I did. He was wrong. The Bears won 46 – 10. The bastard.

What famous person would you most like to have as a close friend and why?

I don’t know. Maybe Farrah Fawcett back when I was young and virile and she was still alive.

What is your biggest regret in life?

That I never invested the time to ask my parents about their personal histories.

What is the strangest pet you ever had?

A snake I named Pythias. Once a week I’d feed him a live mouse, which I always named “Damon,” and I would then watch Pythias eat each week’s Damon whole. It was fascinating.

What is the item of clothing you have owned for the longest period of time?

I have a black, hooded sweatshirt that I wear every morning between the time I wake up and the time I take my shower. It’s got to be 10+ years old.

What object in your house holds the most nostalgic value for you?

A scrapbook I made when I was in high school.

What question do you wish you had asked a deceased relative but didn’t?

As I mentioned earlier, I wish I would have asked my parents to tell me more about their youth. They both immigrated to the U.S. from the Ukraine when they were kids, and met and married here. But I know almost nothing about their childhoods, how they came to America, or how they met.

Who in the world (relative or not) do you most resemble? 

I answered that question in last year’s A to Z Challenge post for the letter “D.” Read it here if you’re interested.

What is your favorite footwear and why?

My Brooks Addiction Walkers. So comfy!6BF0156D-4EAD-4CA2-BCB9-878D35EAB50F


8 thoughts on “Twelve Things

  1. lifelessons April 1, 2019 / 11:18 am

    Thanks, Fandango.. Actually, I said once there were 25 participants, I’d contribute a dollar for every participant up to $100, including that first 25, of course. . Thanks for helping to perhaps get it up to the 25 so I’ll have to start shelling out. I’ll have a drawing in a week or two to see which person gets to determine what charity. Hopefully, those young enough to still have parent swill heed our words and question them about their early lives. I guess we were just too bound up in our own lives to do so.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paula Light April 1, 2019 / 11:39 am

    I’ll save this to do, thanks. WP just knocked me offline and rebooted the app, so naturally I lost everything I saved including the original post. Apparently there was a security issue with some obscure thing like people who post pics via Flickr, which of course I don’t do, but whatever. Why not inconvenience everyone?! 🙄

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    • Fandango April 1, 2019 / 1:42 pm

      Wow. I didn’t have an issue with WP today, Other that the usual gaps in my Reader.

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  3. Marleen April 1, 2019 / 11:45 am

    My mom told me a lot about her early life, but my dad’s mom told me, on her own deathbed, that my mom got herself pregnant (my dad counting on her to follow the rhythm method, which she had for a while, although she was not Catholic) in order that the two would get married. What kind of a person would I have been had I thought to ask my mother or grandmother this question first? I kinda wish I’d been that savvy, savvy enough to be suspicious — or do I? Why would this matter? I just wish I’d distrusted my mother enough to rebel in little ways, like going to school dances before she allowed that I was old enough to “date” (which she didn’t really allow for when I was old enough either — she has continued in her sneaky, manipulative ways all her life).

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  4. Marleen April 1, 2019 / 12:26 pm

    Item of clothing I have owned for the longest time (if I don’t count the army jacket of my children’s dad — which was in the house before but which I didn’t wear until I was around thirty, with Uggs and a velvet-trimmed scarf — which I don’t wear any more because it is more common that women serve in the military such that I would be thanked for my [non-exisistent] service) is a pair of off-white, smooth, high-calf leather Frye boots. (Actually, I think I got those to go with a skirt that I still have but haven’t worn in a couple years.) I wear them frequently. Except, as of about a month ago, I have to get them repaired for the first time; the sole has separated on the bottom. I’d say these are also my favorite footwear because they are comfortable, classic, and go with a lot (including pants). I’ve had other favorite footwear in the time span, but these are the best. I got them when I was twenty or twenty-one.

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  5. Marilyn Armstrong April 1, 2019 / 4:17 pm

    As long as I didn’t have to turn it into a whole post, I was good. It was a really LONG comment!

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  6. leigha66 April 2, 2019 / 12:22 pm

    I have a similar regret and that is not knowing much about my grandparents lives. Or even my great grandparents who lived into their 90’s. Good group of answers.

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