Limited Liability

D65EA528-95EE-4F55-B54E-7AE3ED3D0D39Sign here,” the woman said, handing Hank a clipboard with a document with fine print on it.

“What is it?” Hank asked.

“It’s just a standard release form,” she said.

“Release from what?”

“A release from any liability on the part of our company should any injury befall you,” she explained.

“Any injury?” Hank said. “Like what?”

“Well, you’re wanting to rent a sea kayak to take out along our naturally rocky coast. Some people are very venturesome and have gotten too close to the rocks and have damaged the kayaks or hurt themselves,” she said. “So we need you to sign a released that relieves us from liability. Our insurance company requires that we have a signed release before we can rent you a kayak.”

Hank carefully read the release form and was aghast“Sorry,” he said, handing the clipboard back to the woman, “but I never imagined that I could get seriously injured in a sea kayak. I think I’ll try something a little less risky, like skydiving.”

Written for Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge, where the line is, “Sign here.” Also for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (natural), Ragtag Daily Prompt (coast), Word of the Day Challenge (venturesome), and Your Daily Word Prompt (aghast).

Another Think Coming

B4747B2A-9973-47B5-99E0-BC955260F552You must think you can clip my wings like I’m a sparrow that you don’t want to fly away from the nest.

But if that’s really what you think, you’ve got another think coming.

Because I’m no longer willing to be your obedient acrobat jumping through your hoops.

Written for Paula Light’s Three Things Challenge, where the three things are “clip,” “sparrow,” and “acrobat.”

F is for Flash Fiction

3CB9B5CE-9A17-487D-AC95-CB46590B5F5EThe tagline for my blog is “Random Musings on Life, Society, and Politics.” But something is missing from that tagline. Since I started this blog in May 2017, I’ve published 2,670 posts. According to my categories count, 534 are about “Life,” 348 are about “Politics,” and 0 — yes, zero — are about “Society.” In fact, “Society” isn’t even a distinct category on my blog.

The category on my blog with the most posts, 1,103 of them, is “Flash Fiction.” Many, but not all, of my flash fiction posts are written in response to prompts — word prompts, photo prompts, miscellaneous writing prompts, and combinations thereof.

I really enjoy exercising my imagination and creativity when I write flash fiction. It’s actually more fun to make up fictional tales in my head than it is to deal with real world realities. And to be honest, writing flash fiction often serves as a much needed distraction from life, society, and politics, which these days can be very disturbing.

So I suppose I could update my tagline to include flash fiction. But “Random Musings on Life, Society, and Politics, Plus a Lot of Flash Fiction” sounds kind of awkward, don’t you think?

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SoCS — Absolutely Fabulous

91B83C6A-E4F7-4E62-AAEE-83AAB0E4ABABFor this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Linda G. Hill has given us a fabulous prompt. She has asked us to use the word “fab” or to use words beginning with “fab” in our posts.

Now I’m not one for telling fables or for fabricating words. So I’ll give it to you straight. The first fab that came to mind was the original Fab Four — The Beatles.B1099D49-F61E-44B9-9E6B-5C9E9DC54B66I admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of the Beatles when they first came out in the U.S. in 1964. But within a few years I was hooked. They were, indeed, revolutionary.

64D3640A-487A-4592-8F4F-E8BC3CA1DAFFI understand there’s an excellent Beatles tribute group that goes by the name of The Fab Four. They’re supposed to be really good, although I’ve never heard or seen them play. They are currently touring the U.S., although nowhere near where I live.

27D145B8-6D18-40F2-A989-D9934E197ABDAnother thing that comes to mind for the word “fab” is that there’s a laundry detergent with the name Fab. I am not even sure if they still make and sell it, but I found this picture of a bottle of Fab when I Googled the word “fab,” so I’m assuming it’s still a thing.

And finally, somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I have a very vague recollection of a British TV comedy (I think it was a comedy, although I never watched it) called “Absolutely Fabulous.” I don’t know what it was about or who starred in it or even when it aired, but I kind of remember that the show had a nickname of “AbFab.”FB97C94E-6CCE-4469-AC16-999178D2EC36Or maybe I’m mixing up AbFab with the Fab Abs Workout. It’s all so confusing.m