One-Liner Wednesday — Brevity

2E131322-2144-4A3D-A792-984B83EDC4B9My wife asked last week me if I didn’t “get” the concept of a one-liner. “Why would you ask me that?” I asked her. She then proceeded to point out how long my responses to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday prompts usually are. “Way more than one line,” she said. “Does everyone who responds to her one-liner prompt do that?” she asked. I told her that most did not. “So why, then, do you?”

I explained to her that the reason my One-Liner Wednesday posts exceed one line is because I like to help people understand why I decided to choose whatever one-liner I chose and what it means to me.

“But it’s supposed to be a one-line response,” she said. “When you respond to a 100 word prompt, do you write 100 words and then add another 200 or 300 words explaining why you wrote the first 100 words?”

“No,” I said.

“Then you should limit your One-Liner Wednesday post to one line. To quote Shakespeare,” she added, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

“Perfect,” I said. “I’m going to use that Shakespeare quote for my next One-liner Wednesday post.”

I think my wife will be very pleased when she sees how I’ve taken her advice.



Some weird shit has been going on recently on WordPress. I’m getting a bunch of comments, most of which are being tagged as spam by Akismet, but a few are getting though, that simply say, “What?”

They all have a similar URL. It starts “” followed by three to five seemingly random letters, followed by “xyz.” And I’m getting between 10 to 20 such “What?” cooments a day.

Is anyone else getting these garbage comments?

Also, last night at around 10:30 or 11:00 pm PDT, I was unable to save a post I had just written. I got a message saying that my draft post could not be saved and when I went to check my draft folder, the message on my screen said my draft folder was empty. When I checked my published posts folder, it said that it, too, was empty. Egads!

I signed off of the WordPress app, shut down my iPhone, and then signed back onto my iPhone and to the WordPress app, but this time I couldn’t get anything…even my stats! I thought I had lost my whole blog.

I checked other apps: Facebook, my newsfeed, Google, iTunes. Everything but WordPress was functioning as usual.

I waited about 40 minutes and tried WordPress again — and everything was fine. The draft post I had been working on was there. So were all the others in my draft folder as were all of my published posts. And my stats were showing again. Phew!

So did any of you experience a WordPress outage for around 40 minutes last night or was it just me?