I’m a Man Of Many Words

67557C99-854A-4E95-B81E-93E7122DDDD8How man words? Well, according to the highly reliable and completely accurate WordPress stats, I wrote 385,508 words on my blog in 2018. Those 385,508 words were spread across 1,644 post during the year, for an average of 235 words per post. That’s not a lot of words per post compared to a lot of other bloggers, but many of the prompts I respond to have word limits of, say, 100, 150, or 200.

I posted an average of 4.5 post per day last year. My blog was visited by 27,770 visitors, an average of 76 per day. My posts received 117,582 views, an average of 322 per day and 72.5 per post.

My 1,644 posts received 41,262 likes (113 per day and 25 per post). Also, 24,916 comments, (68 per day and 15 per post).

And as of midnight, December 31, 2018, there were 1,607 people following my blog.

Excluding my daily one-word prompt, FOWC with Fandango, here were my most viewed posts each month:

January: Couples Counseling

February: Perspective

March: A tie: Warning Signs and Top of the World

April: Bloggers Beware

May: Househunters International

June: The Way You Write

July: All Dressed Up and No Place To Go

August: Better Than Sex

September: To Prompt or Not to Prompt

October: Missing the Point

November: Weird Words

December: I’ve Never Skied Naked

Yes, I know that this post has been one big brag about me and my blog. But were it not for all of you, who read and respond to my posts, there would be nothing for me to brag about.

The interactions you provide, your likes and comments, are what makes blogging worthwhile. You have embraced my FOWC With Fandango prompt more than I could have anticipated, and I owe a great big thank you to those of you who post regularly in response to that prompt.

And I want to thank the others of you who post your own prompts. Your words, photos, and challenges provide us bloggers with the inspiration we need to write such creative, entertaining, informative, fascinating, and sometime silly posts.

So in what I consider to have been an otherwise crazy, chaotic year, thank you for providing something to look forward to each day, for a way to cope with the nonsense swirling all around us. Thank you for reading my blog and for being my inspiration.

Happy 2019.

The Talkative Tag

D8215BD6-0928-4740-80C1-7538D06B6649There is a blogger, The Eclectic Contarian, who started a tag that he calls “The Talkative Tag.”

This tag, he said, is to offer a little “thanks” to those who have been very talkative and involved with his blog and to show his appreciation.

Eventually this tag found its way to Sadje, of Keep It Alive. And then Sadje tagged me, among others who have commented on her posts. She wrote, “What can I say about Fandango! He is a great writer. He is also the inventor of The Fandango One Word Challenge. We all look up to him and wait for his prompts. You also should check out his new series of questions; FPQ!”

So it seems what you’re supposed to do is bring up the screen from you WordPress stats where you can see who has been commenting on your blog, take a screenshot, write your own Talkative Tag post, include that screenshot, and mention the people who have commented on your posts the most.

And here’s that screenshot:B36070DB-D0D5-4B61-9161-0258BACAEACBNow I’m not sure what period this covers, but I also saw in my stats that so far in 2018 my posts have received around 22,000 comments, so I find it a little strange that these number of comments were so low. But, you know, whatever.

As to my top six list in the screenshot, Marleen, who tops the list, doesn’t have her own blog, but she does comment a lot on my posts and her comments are generally well thought out and insightful. And Sight, number three on the list, just announced that he’s taking an indefinite hiatus from blogging. So I suppose I can’t pass this “Talkative Tag” to either of them. And I can’t tag Sadje because she tagged me.

So I am going to tag the next three on the list. First there is Leigha Robbins, who consistently responds to my daily One-Word Challenge with great poetry and prose, and who comments on pretty much ever one of my posts.

And then there’s Teresa Grabs, aka, The Haunted Wordsmith, a prolific and creative flash fiction writer who also offers many of her own writing prompts to inspire us.

And finally, Marilyn Armstrong, a blogger who has been sharing her life with the WordPress community for a number of years and whose posts are personal, insightful, and inspiring, and who is a terrific photographer.

So Leigha, Teresa, and Marilyn, feel free to do your own Talkative Tag post. Or not. Your call.

A Public Service Announcement

E6886D3D-15EF-4E29-B48B-71F3BB445B09A number of you who have been participating in my daily Fandango’s One-Word Challenge have commented that your pingbacks today aren’t working. Actually, they are, but for some reason, they’re not appearing in the comments section until 2-3 minutes after your comment informing me that they’re not showing up.

I don’t know why this is suddenly happening, since I don’t moderate either comments or pingbacks. But I just want to let you know that your pingbacks do eventually get posted, but just not immediately. Again, I have no clue why there is this several minute delay.

So you can be patient and feel fairly confident that your pingback will eventually show up. Or, if you have an OCD personality (like I do), you can send me a comment with a link to your post. Either way, I’ll get it and will read your post.

And, again, thank you all for participating in Fandango’s One-Word Challenge.

Problem Solved?

I received an email tonight from Stef, the Happiness Engineer at Akismet.

Stef wrote, “We’ve made some adjustments that should clear things up moving forward. Please note that any comments that were flagged will still need to be moderated and marked as ‘not spam’ by the blog owner.”

But then Stef wrote something weird. He wrote, “Looking at our logs, it looks like you’re leaving a lot of comments in a very short amount of time, which imitates the behaviour of a spambot. That is why Akismet keeps catching you as spam.”

I’m leaving a lot of comments in a short amount of time? Seriously, Stef?

Finally Stef wrote, “I suggest you to slow down a little bit with the rate of commenting to avoid this inconvenience in the future.”

Slow down, huh? I move too fast. I don’t know, Stef. I’m actually not feelin’ all that groovy.

#FOWC — The Opposite of Kudos

As I said in an earlier post today, I discovered that many of the comments I have made recently aren’t showing up on other bloggers’ posts. I don’t know if my comments are ending up in people’s spam folders or if they are just disappearing into the ether. So I reached out to the WordPress “happiness engineers” and opened up a support ticket.
img_1680That was just after 10 am my time. Hearing nothing more five hours later, I sent a follow-up inquiry.
img_1681It’s now almost eight hours since opening my first ticket and I still have not heard anything back from WordPress.

I also did a search on the WordPress Help Center and saw this:
40A326EF-2286-4DFC-B3EC-E53D4482E7F9So I reached out to Akismet and proved the “more information” the site requested. And this was the response I received was, “Hi there, Hmm, we can’t see why Akismet would be catching your comments.”

Seriously? So I completed yet another Akismet form and got this response:
FE241EA8-DDA6-4AF6-84DE-31FFAFF9207CBut I think “ASAP” means something different to the Akismet Team than it does to me.

So no Kudos for WordPress or Akismet from me. Not yet, anyway. Just whatever the opposite of kudos is.

Written for today’s Fandango’s One-Word Challenge, “kudos.”