Should You Be Interested…

For those of you who read my blog from time to time, I have a few updates to share with you. If you don’t regularly read my blog, this post will have no context, so you might want to move on. Or, you can click on the three subheadings below to link to the relevant posts.

Electric Car

We’ve had our electric car for nearly four months and I love it. It handles great, it’s fun to drive, it’s quiet, and, given the price of a gallon of gas where I live…

…I love smiling as I pass by all these gas stations and never have to fill up my tank.

Electric Bikes

The electric bikes I ordered online were delivered and I dropped them off at a bike shop to be fully assembled by professionals. This week I’m having a hitch installed on our electric car and later in the week my bicycle rack capable of carrying two electric bikes should be delivered. If all goes well, my wife and should be taking our first e-bike rides this coming weekend.

Prostate Cancer

I had an appointment with a urologist last week, and after reviewing my blood work and the MRI, he concluded that I probably do have prostate cancer. He said the next step would be for me to have a biopsy to confirm that. However, because (1) my PSA blood test showed levels only slightly above the high end of the range, (2) the mass is a relatively small one, and (3) cancer of the prostate is generally slow growing and men of my age are likely to die from something else before succumbing to prostate cancer, I said I’d prefer to take a “watch & wait” approach. So he agreed to wait for six more months and to take another blood test to see if my PSA number has increased enough to make it concerning.

Dare I Do It?

I keep getting notifications on my iPhone about the release of the latest, greatest update for my Apple phone: iOS 15.

I also keep getting this notification from McAfee demanding that I immediately update my now out-of-date iOS software.

Oh, the pressure!

I’m thinking that I’ll wait until Apple rolls out iOS 15.1, as there almost always seem to be issues with the initial “big” (i.e., those with a number followed by “.0) releases of Apple’s iOS.

On the other hand, based upon what I have read, iOS 15 has some pretty neat features and new functionality that is kinda cool.

Should I jump into iOS 15.0 with both feet? Should I be an early adopter? Should I risk having all kinds of unexpected issues that arise on WordPress because of shoddy integration between the WordPress iOS app and the new Apple iOS?

Or should I play it safe and give the techno gurus at Apple and the happiness engineers at WordPress time to work out the kinks.


TMP — Bad News

Every Monday, Paula Light, with her The Monday Peeve prompt, gives us an opportunity to vent or rant about something that pisses us off. Actually, I was pretty stoked today because I really wasn’t pissed off about anything, so I was going to skip today’s Monday Peeve.

This afternoon I saw that WordPress had just come out with a new update to its iOS app for the iPhone, version 16.3, and I got very excited. Why? Well, because I had been advised a few weeks back by one of the Happiness Engineers, that version 16.0 of the WordPress app, which was released in early November, included a fix to a different feature that, “unfortunately, had a side effect that would cause the in-app browser to be logged out for certain sites.” Talk about adverse side effects! Anyway, I first posted about this so called side effect here.

On December 1st, a Happiness Engineer notified me that “once we learned about the problem we put together a fix, which is still being tested, but if all is well, should be coming in version 16.3.”

Oh goodie. The fix is finally here! So I uploaded version 16.3 of the iOS app to my iPhone and gave it a shot. I tried to visit a post from my reader that didn’t have “.wordpess” in its address and to like the post. No deal. I tried to comment on the post. No deal.

So I wrote to the Happiness Engineer who told me they expected the bug to be fixed in version 16.3. I wrote…

I just updated my WordPress iOS app to version 16.3 and I am extremely disappointed that the issue we have discussed remains unresolved. In your comment you said that your team was working on a fix and that you thought that it would be addressed when version 16.3 was released. Sadly, that’s not the case.

So it’s Monday and I’m peeved. I’m pissed. I’m vexed. I’m angry. Hence, my Monday Peeve.

A Breakthrough…Maybe?

I have been communicating with the WordPress Happiness Engineers nearly every day since November 3rd when the latest version of the WordPress app for iOS was installed on my iPhone. But so far our communications have not yielded any positive results. Up until today, maybe.

I once again did my best to explain what the issue is with respect to not being able to “like” or comment on some other bloggers’ posts from the reader on my iPhone. I wrote…

Every post where the site’s address does not include “” has this problem and every site where the address does include “” does NOT have this problem. This problem surfaced ONLY after version 16.0 of the iOS app was installed on my iPhone. There were no such problems before the update. So it’s pretty clear that whatever enhancements that were made to the reader in version 16.0 triggered the issues.

This time the response I got did not cite user error as the cause of the problem or blame it on my phone’s browser. In fact, the response I got was this…

Thanks! That is very helpful to try and replicate this problem. I’m sharing this with the rest of the team and we’ll jump into testing right away. As soon as we have an update we’ll keep you in the loop 🙂

So maybe, just maybe, a fix is in the works in the near future. Maybe.

In the meantime, if your blog does not have “” in its address, I’m still unable to “like” or easily comment on your posts. Hopefully the issue that’s causing the problem will soon be rectified. Maybe.

Image credit: peggy_marco at Pixabay.


Warning: this post is all about how the latest update to the WordPress iOS app for the iPhone broke my reader. If you have no interest whatsoever in reading about this, feel free to move along.

So I know that in my last post I said that I was going to take a break from posting for a while, but trying to deal with this technical issue with WordPress and its latest update to the WordPress iOS app is keeping my mind of of politics. And all things considered, that’s a good thing.

I’ve been exchanging messages with a few Happiness Engineers to see if they can fix what they broke in the iOS update. When I first opened a ticket and explained the issue, one of the response said this:

One thing we’ve noticed is that you’re currently logged into 402 sessions (meaning logged into in 402 places — devices, browsers, etc). We’re not sure yet if this is the underlying issue for you not being able to like/comment on posts, but logging out of all the current sessions may help.

What? So here’s how I responded:

I don’t understand how it’s even possible for me to be logged into WordPress 402 times. I do use four different browsers at various times — Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Duck Duck Go — and I tried on all of them last night to go to the reader and like and/or comment on other bloggers’ posts. I wasn’t able to. I’m going to log out of all browsers and log out of the iOS app now.

And then I got this response:

I’ve reviewed your account and see that the account is still logged in to 400 sessions. Could we log you out all of those sessions so we can see if that is contributing to this problem? Please confirm that you would like for us to try that and we’ll log out all of the sessions from here.

To which I responded:

Yes, please log me out of the 400 sessions. And please explain to me how it is even possible to be logged on to 400 sessions at one time.

I went back and looked at the notice that came with the WordPress version 16.0 update and saw this.Then I wrote back to the Happiness Engineers and said this:

As a point of clarification, I can both like and comment on other bloggers’ posts if I stay in the reader view. It’s only when I click “visit” in the reader and go to the bloggers’ actual posts through the reader that I can’t like or comment on their posts when accessed that way. I noticed that, in the 16.0 update notes, you made some changes to “Refresh the Reader” and to improve the experience, but whatever changes you made to refresh the Reader certainly screwed up my ability on many of the blogs I follow (but not on all, for some reason) to like and comment on them when I click on “visit.”

Anyway, I’m curious if any of you out there in the blogosphere who are more technically savvy than me can explain to me how it’s possible to be concurrently logged into 400 WordPress sessions when all of my browsers have been closed.

Okay, I’m going to fix myself some lunch now. If I hear back from the Happiness Engineers, I’ll let you know.