We Need a Landslide Win

627217DD-7B73-4363-B43D-493C77EDBDDE“I never thought I’d live to see the day when our American democracy would be so frangible,” Craig said. “I used to believe that our republic was strong and stout, like a big, beautiful tree.”

“We’ve got an election coming up,” Jennifer said. “I just hope there will be a large enough turnout of voters to make sure that Trump doesn’t get re-elected.”

“My initial thoughts are that it will take a huge contingent of independent voters to get that moron out of office,” Craig said. “We need a landslide victory of epic proportions to ensure that we send him packing with an irrefutable message before it’s too late.”

“Let’s hope it’s not too late already,” Jennifer said.

Written for these daily prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (frangible), Ragtag Daily Prompt (stout), Jibber Jabber (tree), Word of the Day Challenge (initial), The Daily Spur (independent), and Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (epic).


89D36784-9302-4625-899F-60770A51DD02I learned a new word today. It’s a perfect word for the 21st century. The word is “cellfish” and it’s a mashup of “cellphone” and “selfish. Cellfish is used to describe a person who immediately answers all cellphone calls or text messages, then chats or texts on and on, ignoring and/or disregarding the wishes of the people they’re with.

Do you know anyone who is cellfish?

Share Your World — Nature Calls

Share Your WorldIt’s time once again, boys and girls, for Melanie’s Share Your World. This week she wants to know about our personal habits. So let’s get to it.

Are you a clean or messy person?

I’m not sure I’d use clean versus messy. Maybe clean versus dirty or tidy versus messy. That said, I’d describe myself as clean, but not that tidy. My desk in the room that serves as my home office is actually quite messy, but at my wife’s insistance, I do go tidy it up once a week.

If I asked you to describe yourself in five words – what would they be?

Old enough to know better. That’s five words, right?

Do you enjoy being out in nature?

I am a naturist at heart.

What could you spend all day talking about?

How much I despise Donald Trump and what he and his Republican sycophants have done and are continuing to do to this country.

Blogging Insights — How Tech Savvy Are You?

Blogging insightsIn this week’s edition of her Blogging Insights series, Dr. Tanya wants to find out about our tech cred. She wants to know…

How technically savvy are you?

Back in the day I used to consider myself to be reasonably savvy when it came to computer hardware and software. I was able to work magic with MS-DOS and master all kinds of DOS-based PC software. And then Windows was introduced and my level of tech savvyness became the ability to simultaneously hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot the damn computer.ctrl-alt-delThese days, my iPhone is my primary device for most of my computing, communications, and blogging needs and if I run into technology issues, I usually just turn my iPhone off and then back on again and whatever the problem was is miraculously addressed.

Did you launch and set up your blog on your own or did you need help with it?

I did it on my own, but it’s pretty easy to do that with WordPress.

Do you feel that it is more important to have a flair for writing or to have good computer skills to be a successful blogger?

I’m not sure I know what being a “successful blogger” actually is, since each of us has our own way of defining blogging success. That said, by definition, blogging requires the use of technology. Thus, I think you need at least some basic computer (or smartphone) skills to be a blogger. But having the ability to write posts that are articulate, interesting, informative, engaging, and witty is the key to being an effective blogger. And, in my humble opinion, having decent skills in grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation helps a lot.