Failing the Gullibility Test

8E05D635-9BB2-487D-9214-0B49C40DD338“What a relief,” Malcolm said. “This whole coronavirus thing is finally behind us.”

“Where did you hear that?” Aaron asked.

“I just heard the president say it in his own voice at his daily coronavirus press briefing,” Malcolm said.

“Is that a fact?” Aaron asked sarcastically. “Behold the almighty King Trump, the stable genius who knows more about everything than the scientist, the doctors, and the generals. And you believe whatever bullshit comes out of his mouth, huh?”

“He’s the president, he should know, right?”

“Malcolm, my dumbass friend,” Aaron said, “it’s because of gullible imbeciles like you that our country is in the sad state it’s in.”

Written for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (relief), The Daily Spur (voice), Fandango’s One-World Challenge (fact), Your Daily World Prompt (behold), and Word of the Day Challenge (king).

Make Sheltering-in-Place More Tolerable

“It’ll be here before we know it,” Craig said.

“Dude, you’ve been saying that for three weeks now and they haven’t even given us a shipping date yet,” Alan pointed out.

“The demand is outpacing the supply since the lockdown began and the manufacturer can’t produce them fast enough,” Craig said.

“Dammit, Craig,” Alan said, “if you had ordered it when the stay-at-home mandate was first issued in mid-March, like I told you to, it would have been here by now.”

“But Trump said the virus would disappear like a miracle,” Craig said, defensively. “He also said the warm temperatures in April would kill it and that the country would reopen by Easter. And if that was the case, we wouldn’t have needed to order it.”

“Did any of that happen?”

“Well, no,” Craig admitted, “so that’s why I ordered it the Monday after Easter.”

“And so here we are in early May and we don’t even know when it will ship,” Alan lamented.

“Well, as they say, good things come to those who wait,” Craig said. “And look at this beautiful, state-of-the-art, realistic, Japanese sex doll.” He opened up his computer and showed Alan the image of what he ordered.3F31C0E8-D995-4DFB-BFC1-51AF4FC07362“Yeah, she’d be worth the wait, I suppose,”Alan admitted.

“And she’d make sheltering-in-place much more tolerable,” Craig added.

Written for Rachel Poli’s Time to Write Sentence Starter prompt, where the sentence is, “It’ll be here before we know it.”

A Call for Violence

The President of the United States is openly calling for an armed insurrection in his own country. He tweeted these this morning.7AEBF4C0-431B-49D5-B685-D36E8EF775DEThese tweets clearly are meant to encourage protests against stay-at-home orders in 2020 election battleground states with Democratic governors, appearing to try to take advantage of public restlessness amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s tweets have pushed many online extremist communities to speculate that he is blatantly pushing for armed conflict, an event they’ve termed “the boogaloo,” for which many far-right activists have been gearing up and advocating since last year.

“Boogaloo” is a term used by extremists to refer to an armed insurrection, a shortened version of “Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo,” which was coined on the extremist message board 4chan and has been embraced by QAnon, a far-right conspiracy organization claiming there is a supposed secret plot by an alleged “deep state” against Trump.

I’m sorry, folks, if you think I’m sounding like the little boy who cried wolf, but I’m telling you again that the American democracy is dead. This is not a flash fiction post. I think it’s unlikely that there will be a free and fair election in November. And if, by some miracle, there is an election at all, and Trump loses, he will not slink off quietly into the night.

His unhinged tweets today calling for people to “liberate” states will only be the beginning and they will get worse and it will ultimately lead to violence.

Putin is, no doubt, licking his chops as America disintegrates from within and the American “Electric Boogaloo” gets underway.

A Message from God

A5259EB7-2ABE-40CC-812D-191CEB68E8C2The Hobby Lobby chain of craft stores was planning to stay open during the pandemic after the CEO’s wife received a message from God. In a letter to employees, CEO David Green explained that while the coronavirus pandemic is “certainly concerning,” God informed his wife, Barbara, last week that He will specifically protect Hobby Lobby and its employees and “groom us to be better than we could have ever thought possible.”

Well, either God had a change of heart or Barbara garbled God’s message to her. Seems that Hobby Lobby has now started closing its stores and laying off employees. In a letter to the terminated employees, one senior exec said, “It is with a tremendously broken heart that I’ve been forced to take these unimaginable actions, and I genuinely hope you know that my prayers are with you and your family.”

Hobby Lobby fired its employees by email. People lost their insurance and were offered no severance. David Green told the fired employees that, while he does not know what the future holds for the business, everyone will have to “tighten” their belts. He also stated that “God is in control” of the situation.

God and Trump…so in control, right?

Political Rallies Über Alles

66433C55-4F23-44F2-BB64-740C1082164CWhatever happened to the notion of leading by example?

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have chosen to ignore calls from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to cancel rallies and other large events because of coronavirus fears. The CDC has been absolutely clear that people should avoid congregating in large groups.

Donald Trump isn’t slowing his pace, either, even though he — like Sanders and Biden — is in his 70s, which is a high-risk group for “getting very sick from this illness,” according to the CDC. There are now more than 600 confirmed coronavirus cases and 22 deaths in the U.S. And many of those who have died are in the same age range as the three finalists in the presidential campaign.

Seriously, guys, what are you thinking?