SoCS — Make Up Your Mind

B0C04ADB-6AD7-45F7-8A58-78B7937A41B1For Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt today, Linda has given us the word “toss” and instructed us to use it any way we’d like.

I had a bit of a tough time trying to figure out what to write. It was a toss-up between writing a scathing post about Donald Trump or writing one about the many uses of the word “toss.” I asked my wife what she thought and she shrugged her shoulders and said something like, “It’s your goddam blog. I couldn’t care less.” Thanks for you help, sweetheart.

So I decided to toss a coin. As I was doing so, I began to wonder about where the idea of a toss-up came from. So I Googled it and found out that the expression comes from the habit people have of tossing a coin in order to make a choice between two things. If the coin is “heads” (the front side), we choose the first option; if the coin is “tails” (the back side), we choose the second option.

A coin toss can also be used as a way to solve a dispute before the matter escalates. It’s considered to be simple and unbiased, requires little effort, and it provides even odds (50/50) to both sides.

The coin toss is also used in some sports, such as in American Football, to decide which end of the field the teams will play to and/or which team gets the ball first.

And in these pandemic days, when my wife and I are trying to decide whether to call for pizza or Chinese delivery for dinner, we will often toss a coin.

8BBDDFE3-B8B8-44A7-B03C-BF74AB48A5C3And finally, last night I made the decision to not watch Donald Trump’s rally and speech in front of Mount Rushmore without having to resort to tossing a coin. Why not? Because every time I see or hear him, it makes me feel like I need to toss my cookies.8678E9AF-6E57-435F-9FC1-0A660DC1034COh, and one more thing. The phrase “toss-up” or “toss a coin” always brings this song to mind:

14 thoughts on “SoCS — Make Up Your Mind

  1. Sadje July 4, 2020 / 5:07 am

    Tossing a coin to make a decision has its benefits. You can always blame it on the toss if it goes south.

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  2. bikerchick57 July 4, 2020 / 7:36 am

    Evidently, there was no tossing a coin over going to South Dakota and gathering non-mask wearing people during a pandemic. Stupid and irresponsible, but what else would I expect from this guy. You were right not to watch.

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  3. XingfuMama July 4, 2020 / 8:20 am

    Re: POTUS
    Since ratings and views feed the beast, not watching is a good call.

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  4. J-Dub July 4, 2020 / 1:04 pm

    I couldn’t watch either. Ya know without the tossing up of my cookies. Best to skip it.

    Nice touch with the Lovin Spoonful.

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  5. Marleen July 4, 2020 / 3:17 pm

    Very good song. Great representation for the time it’s from.

    The picture with “his” face
    at Mount Rushmore
    first had me
    thinking of barfing…
    or a saying I don’t say:
    Gag me with a spoon. But then
    I thought of a saying I do say: There is no spoon.

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  6. Laura July 4, 2020 / 7:36 pm

    I’m squarely in your corner with avoiding the Orange One’s tv appearances. I don’t need the extra stress in my life, thanks.

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  7. Shweta Suresh July 4, 2020 / 9:12 pm

    A toss can make decisions easy. Great job with the SoCS.

    In cricket, a toss of a coin decides who gets to bat first. Though this was one of the first things that came to my mind, I decided to go a different way with the prompt.

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