One-Liner Wednesday — A Call To Arms


“You can’t fix stupid but you can vote ‘em out!”

I don’t know who should receive credit for this quote, and I’m pretty sure it’s been around since way before Donald Trump became POTUS. But whatever its origins, it’s a call to arms to all Americans.

By “arms” I mean the ballot box. You must get out and vote in the primaries and in the midterm elections in November. That’s the only way to put a check on the corrupt, immoral moron who lives in the White House and to remove the spineless Republican senators and representatives in Congress who are not doing what they should to save our American democracy.

Because if the Republicans somehow manage to maintain control of either the House or the Senate, the Conman-in-Chief will continue to chip away, virtually unchecked, at what remains of our democracy.

Written for today’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill.

Premature Evaluation

38F6467F-E4D0-4968-993A-FC6FB84BD290“It’s been a year and a half and I have yet to see anything that would cause me to think my assessment of him was inaccurate,” I said. “He is the worst president ever.”

“You’re being premature in judging his presidency,” he said. “He’s not even halfway through his first term yet. You have to give him time; give him a chance. He’s not your typical politician. He’s still learning the job.”

“Have you ever heard the phrase ‘death by a thousand cuts’? He’s slowly chipping away at our democracy, destroying it from within, and doing to our country what Putin couldn’t do on his own,” I said.

“Not true,” he argued. He is keeping the promises he made to the American people, the promises that got him elected.”

“You’re like that frog in the fable,” I said.

“What frog? What fable?” he asked.

“If you throw a frog into a kettle of boiling water, it will jump out,” I explained. “But if you place the frog into a kettle of tepid water and then bring it to a boil slowly, the frog will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “premature.”

MLMM Tale Weaver — The Return

37F7F2E2-B68A-4C0E-9F14-2B08EB744227I long for…

The return of normalcy
The return of stability
The return of sanity
The return of decency
The return of honesty
The return of ethics
The return of equality
The return of equality
The return of respect
The return of justice for all
The return of country over party
The return of gumption
The return of fidelity
The return of leadership
The return of reality
The return of self-awareness
The return of maturity

The end of the Trump administration
The return of democracy in America

Before it’s too late.

Written for this week’s Tale Weaver prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The challenge is to weave a tale about something you long for.

Some End of Year Observations

2017 has been one of the strangest and most disorienting years that this aging Baby Boomer can recall. And believe me, I’ve experienced some very bizarre years.

I think of myself as an optimist, but maintaining a positive outlook as this chaotic year draws to a close has been quite challenging for me. So much so that even my eternal optimism has given way to considerable doubt and a lot of concerns.

Our American democracy has become incredibly fractured along political, religious, cultural, and economic fronts. Everything, from abortion to gun control, and even how to conduct oneself during the playing of the national anthem at football games or how to respond to accusations of sexual misconduct, has become intensely partisan.

Listening to and trying to understand perspectives and opinions that differ from one’s own now seems to have become a lost art. Negotiation and compromise are treated like four-letter words.

Virtually everything is politicized in this winner-take-all world in which we now find ourselves. You’re either with me or you’re against me. My religious beliefs are true and yours are false. My opinion is worthwhile and yours is worthless.

Everything is either black or white; there are no shades of gray anymore. Opposing points of view are met with disdain, contempt, and outright scorn. Politics in America has devolved into blood sport.

Attributes like character, truth, and decency don’t seem to matter in Donald Trump’s America. What might happen should Donald Trump move to fire Mueller or to sabotage the Russia investigation? Will our democracy survive or will it trigger a new American civil war?

The only way to make America great again is to abide by the Constitution and to follow the rule of law. We need to end the madness that has hijacked our government and our society. In 2018 we must do whatever we can to put the country we cherish back on the right track before it’s forever gone.

Just some year-end observations from one jaded, cynical blogger who is hopping for a better, happier new year.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday — Rein Him In


As we enter the sixth month of the reign of Donald Trump, I fear that there is little that anyone can do to rein this guy in. I’m seriously concerned that this man — this incompetent, blustery buffoon who managed to hoodwink enough Americans to become President of the United States — is going to wreak havoc on our beloved American democracy as well as all around the globe.

To my fellow Americans and to all citizens of the civilized world, we must, somehow, make sure he doesn’t rain on our parade.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday weekly prompt. We are tasked with composing a post using the words rain, rein, and/or reign.