Isn’t It Ironic?

When I saw this article on the front page of this morning’s paper and read the sub-headline saying that “Skeptical GOP senators question health expertise,” I thought to myself, “Seriously? How hypocritical can these assholes be?”

Joe Biden has selected California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra to be his nominee for the cabinet-level position of Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Becerra, a graduate of Stanford University and Stanford Law School, served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1993 to 2017 before he was appointed California’s Attorney General to replace Kamala Harris after her successful run for the U.S. Senate four years ago.

And yet some Senate Republicans seem to have reservations about Becerra’s nomination as HHS secretary, indicating that Biden’s pick may encounter resistance during the confirmation process.

I find this quite ironic. Over the past four years, the Republican majority in the Senate has confirmed a whole host of unqualified, inexperienced judges to the federal courts, including three of Donald Trump’s nominees to the Supreme Court. They also confirmed his nominees to various cabinet-level positions even though their primary qualifications for the job were that they were large donors to Trump’s campaign and/or were unabashed Trump butt-lickers who would do Trump’s bidding without pushback.

After four years of gross incompetence and corruption within the the Trump administration, it’s refreshing that Biden is seeking to fill key positions in his administration with qualified, competent, experienced, and diverse individuals.

I can’t quite fathom the gall of Republicans in the Senate to question the caliber of Biden’s nominees and threaten to withhold confirmation when their skepticism was suspended for every single one Trump’s judicial and cabinet nominees over the past four years.

I’m So Tired of this Shit

Tired freelancer man rubbing his eyesI was elated, excited, thrilled, and relieved when Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election four days after Election Day.

Interestingly, Biden’s 306 electoral votes and Trump’s 232 electoral votes in 2020 are the exact inverse of the 2016 presidential election, when Trump received 306 electoral votes to 232 electoral votes for Clinton. And yet, despite receiving almost 3 million fewer votes than Clinton, Trump declared his victory in 2016 to be a “landslide win.”

In 2020, not only was Biden’s victory in the Electoral College a “landslide win,” according to Trump’s own accounting, but Biden also won the popular vote count by almost 6 million. There is no question that Biden won the election and that he will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021.

Yet here it is, almost two weeks since Biden was declared the winner, and Trump and most of his Republican cronies are still in denial. Trump has not conceded and he, his lawyers, and his GOP enablers are doing everything they can to reverse the outcome of the election.

Trump has dispatched Rudy Giuliani and a whole host of lawyers to file nuisance lawsuits in critical swing states alleging bogus charges of widespread voter fraud. Trump is personally calling Republican members of state and local election committees and asking them to not certify the election results in their jurisdictions.

Trump butt-lickers like Lindsey Graham are reaching across state lines to try to persuade state officials to throw out certain ballots in order to reverse the Biden victories in those states.

Meanwhile, media outlets like Fox News continue to support Trump’s false claims and bogus allegations and to rile up their millions of views with the assertion that the Biden win is illegitimate.

I’m so tired of this shit. Americans are tired of this shit. The world is tired of this shit. It’s time for Trump and his minions to accept reality and to stop spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about the legitimacy of the 2020 election and Biden’s decisive victory. It’s time to move on and let America begin the healing process.

If it’s not already too late.

Here We Go

To those who still think Donald Trump isn’t going to do everything he can to stay in the Oval Office even if he loses the November election, think again. Here is his tweet today about delaying the election.36EFD7AF-46A7-4A05-B9CA-41D023655A1EHe’s claiming that mail-in voting will result in an “inaccurate and fraudulent” election, despite there being virtually no evidence to support that contention.

He has already said that he won’t commit to accepting the outcome of the election. Now, with most of the polls saying that he’s likely to lose “bigly” in November, he’s talking about delaying the election.

I’ve been saying for quite a while on this blog that Trump is not going to go quietly into the night if he loses in November. So now he’s setting the stage to not have an election in November.

Fortunately, the U.S. Constitution gives the power to regulate the “time, place, and manner” of elections to the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, with Congress also empowered to alter the rules. Nowhere is the president granted such power.

But who knows what the Republicans in Congress, who seem to be in lockstep with whatever Trump wants, will do in November, especially if they feel there is good chance that the GOP will lose the majority in the Senate.

And who knows what actions Attorney General — and major Trump butt-licker — Bill Barr will take to give Trump whatever he wants.

Buckle up, America. We’re in for a bumpy ride.


83383F66-3798-4863-85B7-133FDBE0DFF0A Tennessee Republican state representative, Micah Van Huss, recently introduced a measure at the state’s capital that would recognize CNN and the Washington Post “as fake news,” and condemn the two outlets as being “part of the media wing of the Democratic Party.” Van Huss said these two media outlets are denigrating Tennessee’s citizens by implying that they are “weak-minded followers instead of people exercising their rights that our veterans paid for with their blood.”

“To describe the entire Republican Party as a cult led by President Trump is problematic. If journalists are going to refer to the party as a cult, and its supporters as cultists, they must define what “cult” means. Otherwise, they are assuming that a cult is some obvious phenomenon and everyone knows what the word means,” reads a portion of Van Huss’ resolution.


Meanwhile, in Montana, Republican state representative Rodney Garcia, is claiming that the U.S. Constitution allows for socialists “to be tried, and if they’re found guilty, they can be jailed or shot.” Garcia said he believes that the Constitution’s treason clause in Article III allows for the jailing or killing of “enemies” of the U.S., which he believes to mean socialists.

Garcia’s statements were even a bit much for other Republican lawmakers in the state. “Your reckless and un-American remarks are beneath that of a public official and do not represent the values of the Republican Party, the Montana House of Representatives, or the people of our great state,” several state lawmakers wrote in a letter to Garcia.

“Your actions have irreparably undermined the body in which you serve and have irrevocably broken the trust of those you were elected to represent. We believe it is clear that you can no longer effectively discharge the duties of the office you hold; therefore, it is our request that you submit your resignation with immediate effect,” the letter continued.

But Garcia was unfazed. “They can ask me to step down, but, no, I don’t think so,” Garcia said. “I will only resign if God asks me to.” Then he added, “I’m going to run for the Senate and I’m going to win. People are going to have to eat their words.”


I know that, in the age of Donald Trump, things are crazy in politics, but seriously, where do Republicans dig up some of the characters they run for state legislative offices? And what is wrong with the voters who vote these assholes in office in the first place?