Sleep Well, America

Romantic Moon In Starry Night Over CloudsDonald Trump just announced that Russia is no longer targeting the United States. And then he pointed out that no other president has ever been tougher on Russia than he has.

So no worries, America. Your president has successfully denuclearized North Korea (not), he has solved the immigration problem (not), and now he has assured us that we are no longer being targeted by Russia (not).

So you can now sleep well, America (not).

#100WW — The Embassy Reception

9C0C95B1-3F2A-4C9B-A585-F1E3AD8FF8D4The reception for the family and guests of the American delegation was an informal affair, which was good, given that it was being held outdoors on the embassy’s veranda.

The members of the Russian delegation who were attending were taken aback by the informality of the Americans. “This is a disgrace,” one of them said. “These people are at an embassy affair and are dressed like slobs.”

“Americans are pigs,” the other one said. “Fat, capitalist pigs who know nothing about decorum.”

“Don’t worry, my friend,” the Russian diplomat said. “Our man Trump is making Russia great again.”

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Written for today’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl.

We’re All Skewed

EBF620F8-A8A6-4CA9-B57B-97753BA3A0AF“There’s no doubt in my mind that the media’s coverage of the election was skewed from the very beginning,” I said.

“You think so?” Dan responded. “Or are you still grousing because Trump won? You gotta get over it, dude.”

“Maybe I am,” I admitted, “But all you need to do is look at the media coverage he got, both in volume and in the nature of the coverage, versus what Hillary got.”

“That’s because Trump was more newsworthy,” Dan said. “Hillary was just the same, old, tiresome political candidate. Trump was new, different, shiny, intriguing. He was like that car accident by the side of the road that you can’t look away from.”

“Yeah,” I admitted, “and he still is. He’s definitely a train wreck.”

“You thought Bush was a train wreck and the country survived his two terms, didn’t it?” Dan said. “Quit being such a drama queen.”

“Our country is skewing toward becoming an autocratic dictatorship,” I argued. “Trump is slowly dismantling our democratic institutions, and much of it is happening hidden in the smokescreen of his distractions and diversions. Trump is America’s Putin, only he’s not nearly as smart as Putin, which makes him even more dangerous.”

“You’re making a mountain out of a molehill,” Dan said. “If he’s as bad as you say he is, he won’t be re-elected. Problem solved.”

“The fact that he was elected in the first place, with the considerable assistance of the Russians, coupled with the gullibility of the public, suggests that he will be re-elected,” I said. “And then we won’t just be skewed, we’ll be screwed.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “skewed.”

C is for Collusion

0B512AEC-1FF4-4DC6-8A16-B55587B643BCThe president doth protest too much, methinks.

How many times has he spoken the words “No collusion”? How many times has he tweeted — in all caps — “NO COLLUSION!”?

8D67E740-7B10-4B19-ABFC-5CEADCBB46C5Collusion is defined as a secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose, such as acting in collusion with the enemy.

Anyone with half a brain, and even most of the brainless Trump supporters, can’t deny that Donald Trump, and all the president’s men, are guilty of either collusion or obstruction of justice — or both.

All you have to do is objectively examine the facts. Because once you do, if you still believe Trump when he says “no collusion,” I know of a Nigerian prince who wants to deposit a huge amount of cash in your bank account. All you need to do is give me your account number, your Social Security Number, your date of birth, and your mother’s maiden name and I’ll make sure he gets it.

See you tomorrow for my letter D post.


The Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee today announced that it has completed its investigation of Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. The Republicans on the committee unilaterally released a draft report in its year-long Russia probe.

Inexplicably, but not surprisingly, the draft report states that the committee found no evidence that President Trump or anyone affiliated with him colluded with Russian officials to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.

The Republicans also determined that, while the Russian government did pursue “active measures” to interfere in the election, it did not do so with the intention of helping Trump’s campaign, contradicting the U.S. intelligence community’s findings.

The photo below was taken of the key Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee immediately after issuing the draft report.Three Monkeys