Sensually Refreshing

F208F500-422A-484B-B83D-CBEEB2D697BFThe day turned out to be very hot. A lot hotter than either Nate or Cindy thought it would be when they decided to hike through the canyon. Both were covered in sweat and dirt by the time they reached the river.

Nate searched around for a secluded spot and said to Cindy, “I know just how to cool us off. Let’s go skinny dipping in the river.

Cindy and Nate had only been dating for about a month, and, while they had done some heavy making out, they hadn’t yet gone all the way. Still, it was so hot and muggy and Cindy was quite uncomfortable in the heat and humidity, so, much to Nate’s delight, she agreed.

Nate wasted no time in stripping off his damp clothes and diving into the cold, refreshing water of the river. “Come on in, the water’s fine,” he called out to her.

Cindy peeled off her sticky hiking outfit, doing it slowly and sensuously, knowing how scintillating her sweaty body would appear with the sun glinting off of her sweaty, bare skin.

And, indeed, Nate was quite impressed with the sight of Cindy’s lissome body. He became more than a little self-conscious about his growing erection, which was quite visible in the clear river water.

As Cindy finished stripping, she looked over at Nate, who was watching her with his mouth agape and his hands attempting to cover his crotch. Facing Nate, with both hands on her hips and a licentious look on her face, Cindy’s voice took on a smooth, mellifluous tone as she almost sang out, “I’m coming.”

Written for today’s Three Things Challenge from Teresa, where the three things are canyon, river, and hot.

Also Written for today’s Word of the Day, “lissome.” And for today’s Your Daily Word Prompt, “mellifluous.”

And, of course, for today’s One-Word Challenge from Fandango (me), “scintillating.”

Musical Tastes

EA2A85D9-2839-4995-A91D-AF5964D31CCD“I’m not a fan of country music,” I informed my wife when she told me about the Garth Brooks concert coming to town.

“But I love Garth Brooks” she said.

“Give me rock ‘n roll any day,” I answered. “But I also like blues. A lot of rock ‘n roll has its roots in blues.”

“So does a lot of country music,” she countered. “Both country and blues are very personal, whereas rock, to me, lacks that personal touch.”

“Rock is very personal,” I insisted. “Every rock song tells a story.”

“But every country song is a story,” she said.

Listen, there’s a Stones concert over at the old hangar at the abandoned airfield next month. We should go.”

“I’d be a little worried,” she said. “I heard security at Stones concert is rather lax. They even hired a bunch of Hell’s Angels to provide security at one of their concerts and you know how that went.”

“Don’t worry, I can take care of us,” I reassured her. “In the meantime, I’m getting hungry. Let’s head out to dinner. Can you grab my jacket off the hanger?”

“Sure,” she said, “As long as you’ll agree to going to see Garth Brooks with me.”

“Fine,” I said, “as long as you’ll agree to go to the Stones concert with me!”

Written for today’s Three Things Challenge from Teresa. The things today are blues, rock n’ roll, and country.Also written for the Saturday Mix Double Take from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The homophones are lacks and lax, and hangar and hanger.

100WW — The Celebration

img_1730The three women sat by a tree in front of their office complex. The Space Needle was visible, so they could spend the evening snacking, chatting, and waiting for the fireworks display to start.

“It’s so nice finally living in a country where we can celebrate the nation’s Declaration of Independence as well as the freedom living in this country allows us,” one of the women said.

“Yes,” said another. “We have a great job, a great life, a great country.”

Then a car pulled up, a man walked up to them, and asked, “Ladies, can I see your papers?”

(100 words)

Written for Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt and for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge, where the things are Declaration, freedom, and fireworks.

#FOWC — When the Wheels Came Off the Bus

AA9F772F-52F2-4E97-BB4A-4921AA026E4CAlice and Mel decided to take what they considered to be a gigantic step forward in their relationship. They decided to open a neighborhood diner together.

They hired a lawyer to draft up a contract setting out the terms and conditions of the arrangement. It seemed like it would be a simple task that would limit the downside exposure of both parties.

“All modesty aside,” the lawyer told Alice and Mel, “In the unlikely event that the wheels come off the bus on this joint venture of yours, nobody will be able to straighten things out better than me.” And hearing that, Alice and Mel felt confident that their selected attorney would be vigilant and diligent when creating the contract for their partnership.

Unfortunately, as is often the case in such matters, the wheels did come off the bus in both the business and personal relationships between Alice and Mel.

And equally unfortunate, they discovered, much to their chagrin, that their attorney was neither diligent or vigilant. As a consequence, both Alice and Mel were exposed to total financial ruin due to their attorney’s incompetence.

Written for today’s Three Things Challenge from Teresa. The things are Alice, Mel, and diner. Also for today’s Word of the Day Challenge, “exposure.” Also for for RayNotBradbury Cool Writing Prompt, “modesty,”and for Scotts Daily Prompt, “straighten.” And for July Writing Prompts, “vigilant.” And for Written for Daily Addictions prompt, “gigantic.”

And, of course, for my own Fandango’s One-Word Challenge, “contract.”

FOWC — If It Feels Good, Do It

Auction gavel on white. Isolated 3D imageIt’s not my place to pass judgment on you. If you want to write fan fiction, that’s your choice. You shouldn’t let me, or anyone else, for that matter, bully you about it. If it’s something you want to do; if it’s something you feel you’re good at, by all means, go for it. Don’t go crying into your pillow just because someone tells you that fan fiction is crap. As I always say, “if it feels good, do it.

Written for today’s Three Things Challenge from Teresa. The three things are bully, fan fiction, and pillow.

Also written for today’s FOWC One-Word Challenge, “judgment.” By the way, I won’t judge you if you spell judgment with an extraneous “e” in the middle. As I always say, “whatever floats your boat.”