The Friday Four for January 15

Every two weeks (or what Rory calls, “a fortnight”), the mastermind behind A Guy Called Bloke poses four rather random questions in his The Friday Four prompt. Here are his four questions for this fortnight.

Do you ever simply stop and wonder ‘Where has time gone to?’ or is it something that never bothers you?

I used to wonder a lot about that, but now that I’ve gotten to the point that I have far fewer years ahead of me than I have behind me, I think it’s a kind of pointless thing to ponder.

If you had a warning label, what would yours read?

What fact amazes you every time you think of it?

That Donald Trump was elected president in the first place.

What kind of activities do you enjoy doing and what would you never do?

I’ve reached the age where my activities include mostly sedentary things like blogging, reading, watching TV, occasionally taking long walks, and eating. Some activities that I would likely never do would be sky diving or bungee jumping. I’d prefer to spend the years that I have left with as few broken bones as possible.

Dog Gone

We struggled over the past few months with the diminishing quality of life that our beloved dog was experiencing. Some days were okay, many were not. She spent much of each day sleeping, getting up only when she needed to go out to take care of business or to eat. And we often had to feed her by hand.

When she was up and around, she had difficulty walking, her hind legs unable to keep her backside from collapsing into an awkward sitting position.

Was she in a lot pain? Who knows? Like most dogs are, she was stoic. And if she was in pain, she never cried out or whimpered. We couldn’t ask her how she was feeling and she couldn’t tell us. Not in a way we could definitively understand. And not in a way that could give us any degree of certainty.

That’s what made our decision so difficult. Was it the right time? Were we prematurely taking away days, weeks, or even months from her life?

We spoke with our veterinarian, who came to our house yesterday afternoon. She confirmed that it was, indeed, time.

I suppose we’ll always second guess our decision, always feel a sense of guilt. But she’s gone now and we are heartbroken.

We miss her.

The Longest Week Ever

My stomach hurts
I have indigestion
My head aches
My vision is blurry
I can’t sleep
I’m exhausted
I’m depressed
I’m angry
I’m disgusted
I’m anxious
I’m frustrated
I’m afraid
I’m nervous
I’ve lost my appetite

Will this waking nightmare ever end?
I feel like I am going crazy
I don’t know how much longer I can take it
I want this to be over
I need this to be over
The presidential election is one week from today
Seven days from now

Time feels like time it is standing still

Fandango’s Friday Flashback — October 2

Wouldn’t you like to expose your newer readers to some of your earlier posts that they might never have seen? Or remind your long term followers of posts that they might not remember? Each Friday I will publish a post I wrote on this exact date in a previous year.

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This was originally posted on my old blog on October 2, 2013.

What time is it?

 ClocksIn addition to my watch, there are ten timekeeping devices (aka, clocks) in my house. TEN! And except for one, they’re all digital time displays. Where are these timekeeping devices?

  1. Bedroom alarm
  2. Coffee maker
  3. Oven
  4. Microwave
  5. Cable box
  6. iPhone
  7. iPad
  8. Laptop
  9. Printer
  10. Desk clock (analog face)

I’m not obsessed with knowing precisely what time it is. However, I do participate in a lot of conference calls and online meetings for my job, and I like being prompt for those calls/meetings, since others could be affected by my tardiness.

So this morning, when I looked at the clock that sits on my desk and saw that it was three minutes past the hour, I thought to myself, “Shit, I’m late for the call.” Then I looked at my watch, which told me it was just on the hour. I picked up my iPhone, which read one-minute past the hour, as did my iPad and laptop.

Now I’m not saying that I’m easily distracted, but instead of placing the call that I may or may not have already been late for, I decided that I needed to check out all of the other clocks in my place. I ran to the bedroom and checked my alarm clock. I went to the kitchen and looked at the times displayed on the coffee maker, the oven, and the microwave. I checked the time on my cable box and on my printer.

In my kitchen alone, the coffee maker, oven, and microwave displayed three different times, each different from the others by a minute. Three different times displayed on three clocks within 10 feet of one another, for crissake!

The time displayed on my cable box showed one minute later than any of the three clocks in the kitchen. In all, the variation among all of the 11 timepieces — the ten clocks and my watch — was four minutes from slowest to fastest. Fascinating, right?

By the time I finished this truly pointless and somewhat irrational exercise, I was ten minutes late for my call…or maybe only six minutes late. I can’t be certain. But even after I got on the call and apologized to the others for my tardiness, I couldn’t really concentrate on whatever it was that the call concerned.

The only thing that was going through my mind, to the exclusion of everything else, was that old song by the band Chicago: “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”

And then it struck me. Does anybody really care?

Photo credit: Jon Tyson at unsplash.