Does Size Matter?

0224FD2B-04D7-4C28-A316-70E229294219I went online
Ordered two pairs of jeans
Same brand
Same style
Same cut
Same material
Same waist size
Same inseam size

Jeans were delivered
Tried them both on
One fit perfectly
The other one didn’t
I double checked
Yep, same size
But they don’t fit
The same way
WTF? 😡
I thought size matters
But maybe not so much.

Stay at Home Shopping

Online ShoppingOther than for groceries, I am strictly an online shopper. There is almost nothing you can’t get online anymore. And I’ve reached the point where I just don’t have the patience to do the whole brick and mortar retail store thing anymore.

The case for online shopping for virtually anything and everything is simply too compelling. I can be sitting on the toilet, iPhone in hand, and in a few screen taps, I can buy a new pair of sneakers scheduled for free delivery the next day. Or dog food, cat litter, tools, toothpaste, t-shirts, batteries, jeans, whatever.

Even big things, like patio furniture, throw rugs, a bicycle rack for my car, a new laptop and monitor, can be purchased online.

And it’s all delivered right to my front door, like magic. Why “go out” shopping when you can “stay in” and have it all?

So I’m sorry to all of you mall stores, big box stores, department stores, clothing stores, or nearly every other kind of physical store. And I’m really sorry to all of you who work at these brick and mortar stores who are getting pink-slipped. But when just about everything I need comes to me, why should I have to go to you?

Think about it.

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver prompt, which is all about shopping.

In Other Words — Shopping

4D665479-6077-43F0-9E8F-0C038A45F228I can’t remember the last time I was in a department store.

Or a clothing store, a shoe store, a hardware store, a furniture store, a book store, a jewelry store, a toy store.

Because I do all of my shopping online.

Well, except for groceries.

I do my grocery shopping at a grocery store.

In other wordsThis post was written for the In Other Words prompt from Patricia’s Place. The challenge this week is to write a story or poem of five lines or fewer using the word “shopping.”

How Is This a Good Idea?

61CA140E-0017-4F71-B918-40ABC0F02548The Trump Administration has granted Defense Distributed, a Libertarian group, the right to publish its blueprints for an untraceable, single-shot plastic handgun called “The Liberator” on the internet.

As a result, Americans will now be able to download blueprints enabling them to make guns at home with a 3-D printer. These do-it-yourself firearms have been nicknamed “Ghost Guns” because they don’t have serial numbers and are untraceable. How is permitting the publication of the plans to construct these guns a good idea?

The founder of Defense Distributed says that his company will also be publishing blueprints for semiautomatic guns like the AR-15.

Is this what Trump and his supporters mean when the claim to be making America great again?