In Other Words — Contentment

CE8AE2FE-D786-4BEB-8A11-A4A5E6454F69You ask me if I’m happy in our relationship and I answer that I’m not particularly happy.

You ask me if I’m unhappy in our relationship and I answer that I’m not particularly unhappy.

You want to know, if I’m not happy and I’m not unhappy, what, then, am I?

I tell you that I’m content.

You smile and tell me that you’re content, too.

In other wordsWritten for the In Other Words prompt from Patricia’s Place. The challenge this week is to write a story or poem of five lines or fewer using the picture above and/or the word “unhappy.” Today I used only the word, not the picture Patricia provided. I substituted another image I found on the internet (credit: iStock/Monsterstock1) that I felt better illustrated my story.

Share Your World — I Scream for Ice Cream

Monday has rolled around once again, and you know what that means, right? It’s Melanie’s Share Your World time.

What’s the first thing you notice about a person?

At the risk of coming across as sexist, it’s gender. What can I say? I notice if a person is male or female.219C9E8B-FD3A-40AB-AF9E-8EBFDD100E49

What three habits do you feel would improve someone’s life?

A good night’s sleep, a healthy diet, and plenty of sex.

What takes up too much of your time? Would you stop that if you could?

Blogging. Duh! And, yes, I could stop if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.

Cookies (biscuits to those elsewhere), pastries, pie, or cake? If not, what does your sweet tooth crave?

Ice cream. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!BE6CBE8E-C341-4EF1-A311-6B4D7B963D15

Are You Happy? If so, why? If not, why not?

Happy? That is so subjective. Let’s just say that I’m content.

Premature Evaluation

38F6467F-E4D0-4968-993A-FC6FB84BD290“It’s been a year and a half and I have yet to see anything that would cause me to think my assessment of him was inaccurate,” I said. “He is the worst president ever.”

“You’re being premature in judging his presidency,” he said. “He’s not even halfway through his first term yet. You have to give him time; give him a chance. He’s not your typical politician. He’s still learning the job.”

“Have you ever heard the phrase ‘death by a thousand cuts’? He’s slowly chipping away at our democracy, destroying it from within, and doing to our country what Putin couldn’t do on his own,” I said.

“Not true,” he argued. He is keeping the promises he made to the American people, the promises that got him elected.”

“You’re like that frog in the fable,” I said.

“What frog? What fable?” he asked.

“If you throw a frog into a kettle of boiling water, it will jump out,” I explained. “But if you place the frog into a kettle of tepid water and then bring it to a boil slowly, the frog will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “premature.”

My First New Car

orangutan trumpWhen I saw today’s one-word prompt, “orange,” I was sorely tempted to write a post about the orangutan who currently occupies the Oval Office.

But then I remembered that the first new car I bought was a Day-Glo orange 1967 Chevy Camaro.

Not mine, but essentially the same car

The Camaro was Chevy’s answer to the Ford Mustang and I actually liked the looks of the Camaro better than the Mustang’s. And, for some reason, when I walked into the showroom of my local Chevy dealership and saw that bright orange model, I was awestruck.

I had managed to save up around $2,000 and when I learned that the base model Camaro with a three-speed, floor-mounted manual transmission and vinyl seats could be had for only $2,200, I hit up my parents for the difference and within a few days, I proudly drove out of the dealer’s lot in my brand new orange Camaro.

I loved my Day-Glo orange Camaro, which was visible from miles away, even on cloudy, gray days. My buddies and I drove all around town showing off my ostentation new car.

My orange Camaro phase lasted about three years until I entered my British roadster phase, sold the Camaro for slightly more than I paid for it (yay!), and bought a used, 1963 Sunbeam Alpine.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday — Balance


“Balance,” Jordan said flatly.

“Balance?” she asked.

Her question hung in the air for a few uncomfortable seconds. “Yeah, balance,” Jordan repeated. An awkward silence followed until Jordan finally broke it. “You know, balance. As in go with the flow, easy come-easy go, grin and bear it, roll with the punches. Balance.”

“Balance,” she said. “And how do you achieve balance?”

“I strive to maintain an even keel,” Jordan answered. She stared back at him until he continued. “I try to avoid life’s high highs and low lows.”

“How’s that working out for you? she asked.

“Um, okay I guess. I know a lot of people who are all bipolar and manic depressive and things like that,” he said. “But I’m not like that. I’m easy going. I never get really depressed or anything. I try to steer clear of emotional extremes so that I can maintain balance. That’s good, right?”

“Are you happy?” she asked.

“Happy? Yeah, I guess. I’m content.”

“Content?” She jotted something down on her notepad. “Do you ever experience joy?”

“Joy? I suppose I do. Sometimes. Not very often. But I also don’t ever feel really down, either. As I said, I work hard to avoid the low lows even if it means having to sacrifice the high highs.”

“I think you may be paying too great a price by insulating yourself from the intensity of your feelings.”

“Well, I am who I am and I see no reason to change,” Jordan said with some irritation in his voice. “I may not be a highly emotional guy, but I’m in balance.”

He stood up, put on his jacket, and walked to her office door. “And the only thing I’m paying too great a price for, doctor, are these weekly bullshit sessions of ours.”

“Well, Jordan, it’s good to know that you can at least feel anger,” she said just before he slammed the door shut.

This post is for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, which is to use the words “high” and/or “low” in the post. Thanks to Linda G. Hill.