2019 #LinerWeds Badge Contest

91845F49-2C1C-4A81-B9D9-50EEA07944F6Linda G. Hill, the blogger responsible for the enormously popular One-Liner Wednesday prompt, has implored us to “get out your art supplies, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s time for a new One-Liner Wednesday badge!”

The current badge, from Cheryl at Dreaming Reality, is displayed at the top of this post. But Linda likes to shake things up, so she holds this annual contest in which she asks her One-Liner Wednesday followers to come up with new badge designs. Thus, this week’s One-Liner Wednesday will be the last one with Cheryl’s badge.

The rules for this badge contest are listed on Linda’s post HERE. Linda will be sharing all badge submissions on her blog on Monday, June 10th, along with a poll that will close the next day, Tuesday the 11th. The new One-Liner Wednesday badge for the next 12 or so months will be the one that receives the most votes from her readers.

I am submitting my badge design below. It’s a picture I took last fall during Fleet Week in San Francisco. The image below was taken from Golden Gate Park and it shows the Navy’s Blue Angels jets in formation doing a steep climbing maneuver, reaching the zenith and then arching back down. And then I ran it through a Prisma filter for the final effect. Here it is:0A8DF2A1-A357-4ECA-B2A4-2D609C05C697So if you like this badge design of mine, go to Linda’s blog this coming Monday and vote for my badge!


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