A Memorable Day

I was at work, at my desk, when Phil, one of my co-workers, ran into my office. “A plane just flew into one of the World Trade Center buildings in New York,” he said.

We ran together to the company cafeteria where a small group of people had already started to gather in front of the TV mounted on one of the walls. Phil and I got there just as a second plane flew into the other tower.

More and more employees came into the large room and gazed fixedly at the television screen. Some stood around the TV, some sat down at the cafeteria tables. All were mesmerized and horrified by what we were seeing and hearing.

No one was speaking. Everyone in that cafeteria was shocked into a frozen silence. The only sounds that could be heard were those coming from the TV and the sniffling coming from those watching, as most of us were crying. Even I, a typically stoic, unemotional man, was crying.

I spent a lot of time that day — and much of that week — crying. And being angry. Very angry.

It was a day that changed everything. It was, indeed, a memorable day.

Written for the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge, where Sue W and GC ask us to share images or tell about a memorable day.

Stand By Your Man

All the President’s MenThe flaws in Donald Trump’s character are hard not to notice. Yet the Republicans, following what must be the number one rule in their manual for how to put party above country and politics over national security, are steadfastly standing by their man. Their lying, corrupt, immoral conman.

The testimony yesterday at the House Impeachment Inquiry hearings from William Taylor, the chargé d’affaires of the U.S. embassy in Ukraine, was enough to blast through the ludicrous arguments of Trump and his cronies that there was no quid pro quo.

Taylor’s testimony spoke loud and clear that Trump was knowingly extorting the newly elected Ukrainian president to publicly commit to digging up dirt on a bogus corruption “scandal” involving Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

The fact that Trump still has almost universal support among Republican politicians is an American travesty.

Written for these daily prompts: Weekly Prompts (character), The Daily Spur (notice), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (manual), Ragtag Daily Prompt (blast), Daily Addictions (loud), Word of the Day Challenge (almost), and Your Daily Word Prompt (travesty).


Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge — Grin

4FB3BD2C-BE16-4A37-816C-A41072528E3DI took this selfie of me this morning with a big grin on my face specifically for today’s Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge. The theme for the challenge is “grin.”

And you thought I was a serious guy. See, I can smile. I can clown around with the best of them. Just don’t get me started on politics or religion!

How about you? Let’s see that puss of yours with a big, fat, happy grin.

The Fruits of Tough Love

8594E5B8-98FE-4F67-9029-31133C22698D“Don’t you think your punishment is a little too harsh?” Betsy asked her husband.

“Absolutely not,” Hal said. “What the boy needs is some tough love, not the coddling you always bestow upon him, no matter what he does.”

“I don’t think you need to be so antagonistic toward him,” Betsy said.

“Oh, are you asking me to give him clemency, Betsy?” Hal asked, sarcastically. “That’s not going to happen. I’ve no doubt that my tough love approach will bear fruit.”

“You know what would really bear fruit in improving your relationship with your son?” Betsy said. “You should try harder to bond with him, to do something together, like go to the library.”

Hal broke out laughing. “I’ve garnered enough evidence of your parenting skills, Betsy, to know that your continued indulgence of the boy’s bad behavior has not worked and he’s just getting worse. I believe in that old adage that when you spare the rod, you spoil the child, and I will not have that.”


The headline in the newspaper the next day read:856416CD-7867-4238-A559-E5A07229F4B3

This fictional tale was written for these daily prompts from yesterday: Weekly Prompts (tough love), Word of the Day Challenge (antagonistic), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (clemency), The Daily Spur (fruit), Ragtag Daily Prompt (library), Your Daily Word Prompt (garnered), and Daily Addictions (continued).

Weekly Prompts — Photo Challenge — Line-up

The weekend’s photo challenge here on Weekly Prompts is “Line-up.” The challenge notes that there are lots of possibilities here: line em up and shoot em… photographs that is!

I was unsure of what to do for this prompt, as I am not a photographer and have no photographs of things lined up. I was feeling quite depressed about having nothing to use for this prompt. I decided that what I needed to overcome my profound depression was a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream ice cream. That always makes me feel better.

So I walked to my local Safeway to pick up the ice cream. But guess what happened when I got there! It was very crowded with customers and there were very few cashiers. As a result…

drumroll please…

…people were lined up at the checkout lines.

And I took a picture…2BEDFB76-ECC1-4707-B2F7-C6A13E7BDC0F…of all the people lined up to pay for their groceries.