#100WW — The Annual Halloween Picnic

“I promise to get it done,” Bonnie said.

“You didn’t get the word out, yet?” Laurie said. “Halloween is just three days away. You said you’d disseminate the info to everyone that the picnic at the park this year is canceled due to the pandemic.”

“This whole virus thing is chilling to me,” Bonnie said. “So many sick, so many dying.”

“Well, it’s probably just as well, “Laurie said. “Everyone gets drunk and causes quite a fracas at this event, anyway.”

“Maybe this nightmare will end soon and we can return to our jocular selves again,” Bonnie said.

“Yeah, right.”

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Written for Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt. Photo credit: Bikurgurl. Also for these daily prompts: The Daily Spur (promise), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (disseminate), Word of the Day Challenge (chilling), Ragtag Daily Prompt (fracas), and Your Daily Word Prompt (jocular).

One-Liner Wednesday — Smile

“Be Happy! It drives other people crazy!”

I had to laugh yesterday morning when I poured myself my first cup of coffee, reached for a packet of Splenda (artificial sweetener), and saw what was printed of the back of the packet.

It’s too bad there’s a pandemic and I have to wear a face mask outside because no one will be able to tell whether or not I am smiling, so I won’t be able to tell if my happy face is successfully making them crazy.

But I tried looking almost unnaturally happy yesterday morning in front of my wife. When she ask why I was so happy, I said, “No reason. I’m just happy.”

And you know what? It really pissed her off. So much so that she barely spoke to me for most of the day!

Written for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt.

Friday Fictioneers — Creature of Habit

Danielle arrived early every morning. She swept the floors and wiped down the plastic tablecloths. She set up each table to be ready for the morning rush. Creamer, sugar, and artificial sweeteners for coffee. Salt and pepper for eggs. Syrup for pancakes. Butter and jam for toast.

A smile graced Danielle’s face as she looked around, knowing that everything was ready for the first customer of the day.

Sitting down at one of the tables, she sighed. Due to the pandemic, seven months had passed since the last customer had entered the café. But Danielle was a creature of habit.

(100 words)

Written for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers prompt. Photo credit: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Rainbows and Unicorns

I keep having this fantasy that one day I’ll wake up and everything will be back to normal.

That we will elect a normal, rational, sane, and ethical president.

That the pandemic will be over and we can eschew wearing protective masks and maintaining social distancing.

That we can return to and accentuate living together in peace and harmony, regardless of race, gender identity, religion, or national origin…or even political ideology.

That we can put aside petty jealousy and bring out the best in one another.

Who am I kidding? I might as well be fantasizing about rainbows and unicorns.

Written for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (fantasy), Word of the Day Challenge (elect), Your Daily Word Prompt (eschew), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (accentuate), and The Daily Spur (jealousy).

#100WW — Rush Hour

George stood in the middle of the road, but there were no cars anywhere. It was the evening rush hour, or at least what had traditionally been rush hour before the pandemic.

The president had embraced something called “herd immunity,” which occurs when a large part of the population becomes immune to a specific disease, either through vaccination or previous infections. But he hadn’t anticipated that the virus would mutate, making reinfection not only possible, but likely. Nor did he understand how long it would take to develop a safe and effective vaccine.

Now almost no one was left.

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Written for Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt. Photo credit: Bikurgurl.