WDP — Tooty Fruity

Daily writing prompt
List your top 5 favorite fruits.

I like my cold cereal in the morning with bananas and raisins. That’s two, right? Bananas and raisins.

I like to snack on clementines or mandarine oranges.

I find melons of all types — cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon — to be very refreshing.

I like peaches and nectarines. I’m counting them as one fruit because they’re the same, except one is fuzzy and one is not.

I’d say seedless grapes, but I already said raisins, which are essentially shriveled up grapes, so I don’t know if I’m double counting.

And strawberries because they are so good.

That’s five, give or take.

3 thoughts on “WDP — Tooty Fruity

  1. Geoff Stamper May 17, 2023 / 8:49 pm

    I have a minimum of five kinds of fruit on my cereal every morning. Mostly I am sprinkling cereal on a big bowl of fruit. Bananas and raisins are the constant because they are always in season!

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  2. Marleen May 18, 2023 / 9:33 am

    Yum, to all of those! Freeze-dried strawberries are pretty good, too, incidentally. You did quite well at naming numerous things, with a theme of matching when needed to get it all under the wire. I’m thinking I won’t succeed.

    I’ve started, this month, enjoying fresh blueberries and raspberries together kinda often — I like the different taste they make, combined, and think it’s probably “blue raspberry” (as in candy and freezies); didn’t used-to like raspberries significantly, not that I disliked them a lot either. Did like some kind of dark berry, maybe blackberry, cheesecake ice cream from Baskin-Robbins in early days. The blueberries are the main attraction in the aforementioned mix.

    Pineapple can be fun, all by itself fresh. I prefer fruit that way. However, somewhere mid-life… I caught on that the pineapple (if not real syrupy) in a banana split is additionally kinda delicious.

    I love mango and papaya (this one an acquired taste).

    Traditional cherries are often a plus in ice cream with chocolate. Ranier cherries, until recently, had been my very favorite fresh fruit — and black cherries before that, when I was a kid (having not discovered the ranier variety while I probably still would’ve liked the dark cherries better when younger). Both are fantastic. Watermelon likely second, in the way back machine, yet my favorite when I was pregnant — with strawberries second then.

    Let’s see…
    ~ Blueberries ~
    Red seedfree grapes

    I feel like I want to put peaches in the stead of something, but I don’t know which item. The blueberries? Yeah, I do think so.

    Oh, and tart apples can be amazing in pie or strudel, streusel, crisp, crumble or cobbler… uh, oh… now tart cherries.

    Now I’m pining for the days of watermelon, strawberries, cherries, and green apple pie (the apples from our yard). Plus a son who ate oranges constantly.

    Curve ball: avocados and kiwis are fabulous. {Due to the fact that I double-checked as to avacado being fruit, regardless that I’ve checked before and was fairly sure, I have this public service announcement that I ran into and never knew — “Note: If you’re allergic to latex, talk to your doctor before eating avocados.” Really? “Approximately 50 percent of people allergic to latex show cross-reactivity to some fruits such as avocados, bananas, and kiwis.” This doesn’t make any sense to me.}

    And now I’m thinking guavas and figs and fresh dates. But these aren’t readily available, so I don’t know that I would keep on liking them on a regular basis. Meanwhile, if I have a baked flour treat like a cookie with a fruit filling, I’m primarily not going to want a yellow or orange color (like pineapple or mango) other than apricot… except that kumquat marmalade shines on toast with butter.

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    • Marleen May 18, 2023 / 10:50 pm

      Addendum: This exercise got my head in gear, today, such that I recalled my son whose birthday it is would love to have some strawberries. His request, way back when he was five or so, was to have a strawberry cake. I figured out then (without a recipe other than what I came up with) how to make a strawberry flavor cake (with smashed strawberries for the liquid) and then put strawberries on top of it that year. Today, I filled a truly huge bowl with the ripest strawberries I could get. I cut the leafy parts off of about half of them, but left the greenery on many (the biggest berries with the greenest greens) because I thought it made the presentation pretty (more attractive). It was a hit! (The cake, today however, was tiramisu.)

      So… THANK YOU, Fandango!

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