#WDYS — Howling at the Moon

She was always a bit of a strange girl. It was in her essence, I guess. It’s what made her who she was.

I remember when she was a little girl, she would sneak out of house in the evenings and would go out to the field behind our property, shake her fist and howl, like a wolf, at the full moon. My wife would hear the wolf’s call, peek out from behind the kitchen curtains, and tell me she was at it again. I would go out to the field, fetch her, and bring her back into house.

I asked her why she did that whenever the moon was full, but she said that she didn’t know why. She said she felt some sort of compelling attachment to it, like how the moon’s gravitational pull would cause the tides to rise and fall. I suggested to her that perhaps she might want to study astronomy, so she could learn all about the moon. And about the sun, the planets, and the stars. She liked the idea.

She put her mind to learning everything she could about the moon and space. And without too much exertion, she earned her PhD and became a highly regarded astrophysicist.

And now, she is in training to be the first female to be included on the crew for the next moon landing. We are so proud of her and of how we were able to channel our discovery of her strong attraction to the moon to productive purposes.

She never lost her lifelong attraction to the moon, but at least she no longer goes out and howls at it when it’s full. But knowing her, when she lands on it and takes her first moon walk, she may start howling on the moon.

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See? Prompt. Photo credit: LuizClas @ Pexels. Also for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (essence), Ragtag Daily Prompt (curtains), My Vivid Blog (again), The Daily Spur (attachment), E.M.’s Random Word Prompt (exertion), and Word of the Day Challenge (discovery).

#WDYS — Christmas Eve Eve

She asked me to come by the house on the night of the 23rd, what she always called Christmas Eve Eve. She said that I could stop by and leave presents for the girls under the tree that evening because she would be out of the house with her new boyfriend.

She could have just told me that she would be out with friends, but no, she had to specify that she’d be with her new boyfriend. Fine, I was better off without the bitch and didn’t need the aggravation of her being there. Besides, this would enable me to spend some quality time with my two daughters.

My girls were happy to see me when I arrived with pizza that evening and we had a very pleasant visit for a few hours. I put their presents under the tree and made them promise not to open them until Christmas morning.

I was about to leave when my older daughter told me that their mom had left a note for me under the tree. The note was made from brown paper wrapped in a bow of twine. On the front of the folded note was a drawing of flowers in white.

I picked up the note and untied the twine bow. When I unfolded the note, a small card about the size of a business card fell out. I picked up the card and written on one side of it, in my wife’s handwriting, was, “Merry Christmas. See you in court.” I flipped the card over and saw this:

I asked my daughter what Mommy’s new boyfriend’s name was and what his job was. She said that his name was Jon and she thought he was a lawyer.

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See? prompt. Photo credit: Jonathan Borba @ Pixels.

#WDYS — A New Normal

Most people were frighten. They didn’t know what it was, how it got there, or who put it there. All they knew was that it wasn’t there when they went to bed that night, but it was there when they woke up the next morning. And that it was huge.

Was it good? Was it evil? No one seemed to have a definitive answer. Some feared that it was an avenging angel sent to Earth by God to make humanity pay for its sins and evil ways. Some agreed that the angel was sent by God, but that its purpose was to guard over and protect the people.

Many took the sudden appearance of the angel as marking the beginning of the End Times and that the angel was going to escort the devout believers, both living and dead, in their ascension into heaven and deliver them unto Jesus Christ at the Second Coming. These people were rejoicing.

There were those who ascribed the giant as some sort of manifestation due to a form of mass hallucinations, possibly engineered by agents of a foreign nation in order to bring about a panic and to cause our society to crumble. Still others claimed that the giant angel was an extraterrestrial being sent to enslave the human race.

Days went by and the giant angel, as if made of stone, did not move. The authorities had no answers and the people continued to speculate over what it was and what it meant. But regardless of what they believed the angel to be, they all seemed to agree that life as they knew it was would never be the same.

The only difference was that some looked upon the angel as hopeful, a harbinger of a new, better existence, and to them it was a good thing. They believed the angel was something to be worshipped. And some looked at it as a foreshadowing of a new dark age filled with doom and gloom, which was a bad thing, and that the only course of action was to destroy the thing.

As was typical of human beings, the divide between the factions grew wider and precipitated bitter fighting. After a while, though people got used to the giant angel standing over them. And life eventually started to return to “a new normal,” nearly as it was before the angel mysteriously appeared. Yet the rivalries persisted and even intensified.

And from an immeasurable distance, two entities, one thought to represent good and one thought to represent evil, gazed upon what had happened since they introduced the angel to their playground. One said to the other, “I told you that everything would change.” The other replied, “But the reality is that nothing has changed.”

And they were both right.

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See? prompt. Image credit: Kellepics @ Pixabay.

Just To Set the Record Staight

A lot of you complimented me on the sketch I included in my last post, a sketch for which many of you gave me credit as having done it by hand. I appreciate your comments but I’m just not that talented.

So I want to set the record straight. I took the photo that Sadje used for her What Do You See? prompt…

…and used a photo editing app, Prisma, that I have on my iPhone…

…to come up with this “sketch” below.

I did not sketch this from scratch. I even noted in my post, “Photo modification at bottom made using the Prisma app for iPhones.”

My only handiwork was in applying three different filters to the original image to make it look as if it could have been something sketched by the protagonist in my story.

But thank you for believing that I actually had the talent to make as sketch like that on my own. I’m very flattered.

#WDYS — Shades of Escher

I don’t know. Maybe it was the arches. Or the shadows cast by the late afternoon sun. Perhaps it was the geometry of it all that fascinated me. I’m not an artist, by any stretch. Especially not a graphic artist. But as I stood there, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the mathematical trickery of MC Escher’s Ascending and Descending.

Or the visual impossibly of his never ending Waterfall.

I returned the next day with easel, a canvas, and charcoal and I sketched what I saw.

Not too shabby, I thought, for someone who’s not an artist, not even a graphic artist, and certainly not an MC Escher.

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See prompt. Top photo credit: Vrolans @ Pixabay. Escher works from Google Images. Photo modification at bottom made using the Prisma app for iPhones.