Apple Pay

I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning, reading the newspaper, drinking coffee, and minding my own business. Suddenly my wife exclaimed, “Shit. You need to run to the grocery store. I need some fresh organic cranberries, a shallot, four pounds of Brussel sprouts, some fresh thyme, an organic orange, and unsalted butter.” Seems she had decided, at the last minute, to bring a side dish with us to the Thanksgiving dinner at my son’s home.

I wasn’t dressed, so I quickly slipped into a pair of jeans, put on my sneakers, grabbed my car keys, and drove to Safeway. I dutifully filled my cart with all the items on the list my wife gave me. I wheeled my cart to the checkout aisle and loaded my groceries onto the short conveyor belt as the cashier scanned each item.

When I reached for my wallet in my jean’s pocket, the cold, hard realization hit me that I had forgotten to bring it with me. I looked plaintively at the cashier. “I seem to have left my wallet at home,” I said.

She looked at me, saw my iPhone in my cart, and said “Give me your iPhone.” I shrugged and handed it to her. She looked at it for a second, handed it back to me and instructed me to tap on the icon on my screen that read Wallet.

I did as she instructed and this popped up on the screen:

Then she said, “Hold your phone up to the scanning device.” I did and in an instant, the word “Approved” showed up on the scanner’s screen.

“Cool!” I said.

“Here’s your receipt,” she said, handed me the paper that popped out of the register. “You’re good to go. Happy Thanksgiving.”

“Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.” I said.

When I got home, I said to my wife, “Guess what I learned how to do at the grocery store.”

Stream of Consciousness Wednesday

I know that it’s not Saturday, when Linda G. Hill posts her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. But as you’ll read below, I wrote some stream of consciousness thoughts as I was waiting for a new battery to be installed in my iPhone. Here is what I wrote:

I’m sitting in my car outside of an cellphone repair store having the battery in my iPhone replaced. Remember the good old days when you could just open up the back of your cellphone, pull out the old battery and replace it with a brand new one? Well, those days are long gone. Now you need to go to a store that specializes in repairing cellphones just to replace a worn battery. They said it would take about an hour. Sheesh!

But I had no choice, really. The battery on my iPhone was dropping below a 20% charge by early afternoon each day. Given that I spend much of my waking time on my iPhone, that was unacceptable. So it was either spending more than a grand to buy a new iPhone or going to a shop that can install a new battery in an iPhone and having them replace the old battery with a new one for about 10% of the cost of a new iPhone. No brainer, right?

Right now I’m composing this post on an old iPod. Not an old iPhone or an old iPad, but an old iPod. Remember those? I’m offline because my iPod has no cellular capabilities and there’s no WiFi connection in this car or anywhere near where I’m sitting.

I really feel isolated. I can’t even call or text my wife to let her know that it will take an hour for them to crack open my iPhone, remove the old battery, and replace it with a new one! And I can’t access to draft this post because, again, no access to the internet. No newsfeed, no Google. Just me, sitting in my car tapping away at the virtual keypad on my ancient iPod!

The good news, though, is that I was able to pair my iPod via Bluetooth to my car’s sound system, so I can serenade myself with my vast collections of songs in iTunes on my iPod.

Only a half hour left. I hope you don’t mind helping me kill time until my new battery has been instaled and I can get my iPhone back with its brand new battery. I can’t wait.

On an entirely different note, today is Sadje’s birthday. She’s 61. So why don’t you stop by and wish her a happy birthday? I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

15 minutes left. You know what? I’m going to go inside and sit in the lobby of that repair shop. I bet they have WiFi there.

Post script

My iPhone was done, new battery installed, early. Yay. And it seems to be working fine. It’s 1:50 pm and I’ve still got 75% of battery life left.

But I did notice one thing that gives me pause. This notice keeps popping up on my iPhone’s screen:

Uh oh. Did I make a mistake?

Cellpic Sunday — 09/18/22

John Steiner, the blogger behind Journeys With Johnbo, has this prompt he calls Cellpic Sunday in which he asks us to post a photo that was taken with a cellphone, tablet, or another mobile device. I thought this might be fun so I decided to join in.

Yes, I know it’s Monday and I’m late again for Cellpic Sunday. Well, my excuse for being late is that we had rain here in Northern California yesterday, which is highly unusual in September, and I was preoccupied by that and never got around to responding to this prompt. But better late than never, right?

This photo was taken the night of September 10th with my iPhone. I had just stepped into my backyard after having taken my dog out for her final walk of the day when I looked up and saw the full moon and decided to snap this photo.

I haven’t yet figured out how to get any details (i.e., craters) of the moon on my iPhone. It always comes out like a circle of light. But nonetheless, I thought this was an interesting photo.

If you wish to participate in this fun cellphone photo prompt, please click on the link to John’s post at the top of my post to see his photo and to read his instructions.

TGIF — Weather and Whether

Paula Light, at Light Motifs II, is a fellow Californian and, in her TGIF prompt today, she talked about a subject that has recently dominated the conversations of most Californians: the weather. And Paula has invited us to “jabber on about your weather or whatever you feel like.”

It’s 102° where I live as I write this, marking the eighth straight day of triple-digit temperatures. But the good news is that it’s ten degrees cooler here than it was yesterday. The better news is that it’s forecast to be about 20° cooler tomorrow than today. In fact, the ten day forecast calls for high temperatures mostly in the 70s. Yay!

Okay, no more talk about the weather. Instead, let’s talk about the whether. Specifically whether or not I should upgrade to the new iPhone 14 Pro Max.

I received an email today from Apple inviting me to pre-order the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple even offered me a $500 credit if I trade in my two-year-old 12 Pro Max. Woo hoo! Trouble is, my iPhone 12 Pro Max is working fine. So why should I upgrade?

According to Apple, there are eight reasons why:

Well, the “amazing all day battery life” sounds good, since my current iPhone’s battery starts to crap out by early evening. But I’m not sure the other seven reasons are compelling enough to motivate me to upgrade.

So I think I’m going to hold off until next year when the iPhone 15 is launched. Whether I need it or not.

Happy TGIF, everyone.

My Last Photo — August ‘22

Brian, aka Bushboy, posted his monthly Last on the Card prompt, where he asks us to…

  • Post the last photo from your camera’s SD card or the last photo from your phone taken in August.
  • No editing — who cares if it is out of focus, not framed as you would like, or the subject matter didn’t cooperate?
  • No explanations needed — just the photo will do.
  • Create a pingback to Brian’s post or link in the comments.
  • Tag “The Last Photo.”

So here’s the last photo I took on my iPhone in August.

I took this photo last night at around dusk. A quarter moon is in the sky on the left, the pinkish-orangish sky of the setting sun can be seen on the right side, and my landscape lighting had just turned on, lighting up some of the trees in my yard.