In Other Words — Hello Kitty


Hello there little kitty.

You are so damn cute and pretty.

Would you like to come home with me?

So that you won’t be left alone and lonely.

Oh, you’d rather scratch the shit out of me!

In other words

Written for the In Other Words prompt from Patricia’s Place. The challenge this week is to write a story or poem of five lines or fewer using the picture above and/or the word “hello.” Photo credit: Adina Voicu from Pixabay.

MLMM Tale Weaver — On Being Alone

85276352-8F69-404F-B1FB-8CB081B2449D“Aren’t you lonely?” Diane asked her mother. “Ever since Dad died, you’re always alone. It’s not healthy, Mom.”

“First of all, sweetie,” Jennifer said, “I’m not ‘always alone.’ You’re here and we’re having lunch together.”

“Mom, you know that’s not what I meant.”

“Second of all,” Jennifer continued, ignoring her daughter’s interruption. “Being alone and being lonely are two very different things. Before your father died, I was almost never alone, but I was almost always lonely.”

“I don’t understand,” Diane said.

“Being alone is a state of being, honey, while being lonely is a state of mind. Your father and I lived in the same house, slept in the same bed, and were physically together almost constantly. But to be honest with you, I felt smothered by him.”

“But you loved each other, didn’t you?”

“Of course we loved each other,” Jennifer said, “but there’s an old saying, ‘familiarity breeds contempt.’ So while we were always together, we barely communicated and ultimately grew apart.”

“Oh, Mom, I had no idea.”

“Yes, we hid it well,” Jennifer admitted. “But being alone, Diane, isn’t just doing things by yourself, it’s also doing things for yourself. I started a blog and I have hundreds of followers from all around the world, people that I call my friends. I have started writing poetry again for the first time since college, and I’ve even begun doing some sketching and painting.

Mom, that’s amazing. I’m so incredibly happy for you.”

“Yes, being alone is not necessarily being lonely,” Jennifer said. “In fact, I think that being alone can be the most empowering experience of your life.”

Written for this week’s Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver prompt.

Share Your World — Heaven Can Wait

Melanie, at Sparks From a Combustible Mind, brings us another episode of Share Your World. Here are her questions and my answers for this week’s sharing.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?  If you don’t think Heaven nor God exists, you might want answer by saying something outrageous, just for fun!

I’m in the heaven and God don’t exist camp. That said, if I did come in contact with God after I died, I’d love to hear him say to me, “Yes, I know I’m supposed to be infallible, but me dammit, I made a mistake. It’s not your time yet, so I’m sending you back.”

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

Having Donald Trump as president.

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

I’m rarely alone in my car anymore except when I have to run errands where I can’t walk or take a bus. So when I am alone in my car, I’m typically thinking about the fastest or shortest route to get where I’m going.

How would you rate your memory? 

I can’t recall.

And lastly:

What’s one song that always cheers you up, no matter how blue you’re feeling?

I’m going to reach way back into the vault and drift on up to the roof.