Thursday Inspiration — Here Comes The Sun

Written for Jim Adams’ Thursday Inspiration prompt, where we can use the prompt word sun, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,’ or by going with another song by Elton John, or anything else that you think fits.

How about this?

#writephoto — A New Dawn

D7D80597-4590-4CF5-B600-A6A36F50150FAfter what seemed like the darkest hour
The sun finally broke through the clouds
Where we used to hide and cower
We could finally shed our heavy shrouds

We thanked the powers that be
That our prayers were finally heard
And now we could very clearly see
That a true miracle had occurred

No doubt it won’t take that long
For the grass to grow and the trees to bud
And in his name we sang our song
Because we knew that we were once again loved

This very un-Fandango-like poem was written for this past week’s Thursday Photo Prompt from Sue Vincent and her inspirational photo.

One-Liner Wednesday — The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow


“When it rains it pours, and right after it pours, the sun always comes out.”


I’m trying hard, as Donald Trump rains down his insanity upon us, to be optimistic. I’m trying to believe that once his shitstorm has passed, hopefully no later than shortly after the next presidential election in November 2020, the sun will come out and shine brightly upon us once again.

Yeah, right.

Written for this week’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill.