#writephoto — The Castle Steps

“Well this looks interesting,” Todd said to his two friends as they stood at the opening in the old castle wall that seemed to lead down a set of stone steps to an underground tunnel or chamber. “Who’s ready to follow me down those steps and explore whatever is down there?”

“Are you sure it’s safe to go down there?” Mary asked.

“I agree,” Brad said, “it looks a little sketchy to me.”

“You two are such a disappointment,” Todd said. “Can’t you see how discovering what these steps lead to is our destiny? I say we head on in without any further delay.”

“So what’s your plan, Todd!” Brad asked.

“I don’t need no stinkin’ plan, Bro,” Todd said. “Let’s just wing it, okay?”

“You two macho men can go down there by yourselves. I am not going to risk life and limb on this cockamamie misadventure. Who knows what will befall you if you go down there?” Mary said. “Besides, if I stay behind, when you get stuck or injured down there, I’ll be here to call for help.”

“Mary, you astonish me,” Todd exclaimed. “I thought you were adventurous.”

“I am, but I’m not foolhardy,” Mary said.

Todd and Brad stepped through the opening and started down the stone steps. That’s when Mary heard the screams. Then she heard Brad yell up at her, “Mary, get help quick!”

Written for KL Caley’s #writephoto prompt. Photo credit: KL Caley. Also for Jim Adams’ Thursday Inspiration prompt, where the theme is “follow.”Also for these daily prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (disappointment), Ragtag Daily Prompt (destiny), The Daily Spur (delay), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (wing), Your Daily Word Prompt (astonish), and MMA Storytime (exclaim).

#writephoto — The Tower

“Look, Daddy,” Michael said, excitedly pointing to the tower next to the stone ruins of what was once a great castle. “Will we also see a giant king, queen, knight, and bishop while we’re here?”

Michael’s father looked at his son. He was somewhat perplexed. “Michael, why would you ask me about giants?”

“Because, Daddy,” Michael said, pointing again toward the tower, “there’s a giant rook right there. So where are the giant knight, bishop, king, and queen? I don’t see them anywhere.”

“Ah,” Michael’s father said, finally understanding what his young son meant. He had just started teaching Michael how to play chess and Michael really seemed to take to it. So he could see how that tall tower resembled the chess piece, the rook, and how seeing a very tall rook-shaped tower might give his five-year old son the impression that other giant chess pieces might also be nearby.

“Michael,” his father said, “that’s not a giant rook. It’s a tall tower with a battlement on top that was probably once used for the castle’s defense. Because towers like that one were the tallest structures of the castle, they could provide a great vantage point for archers to shoot down at oncoming attackers.”

“Oh,” Michael said.

His father could see the disappointed look on his young son’s face. “But you know what, Michael, let’s walk all around the place and who knows, maybe we’ll find a giant king, queen, bishop, and knight if we try hard enough.”

Written for this week’s #writephoto prompt from KL Caley. Photo credit: KL Caley.

#writephoto — Table

“It’s the location,” Pete said. “We’re in the middle of nowhere.”

“I think it’s the weather,” Joan said. “You know how iffy the weather can be even in late March.”

“I’m sure it’s the pandemic,” Uncle Dave said. “A lot of folks are still reluctant to go out until the majority of people have been vaccinated.”

Becky started crying. “It’s because everyone hates me.”

“No, sweetie,” Grandma Rose said. “Nobody hates you. It’s because your mother waited too long to mail the invitations.

“Grandma Rose is wrong, sweetie,” Joan said to Becky, flashing her mother-in-law a dirty look. “I mailed them in plenty of time.”

The family members all stared at the empty table. Eight year old Becky put her hands on her hips, stomped her right foot hard onto the ground, and said, “Worst birthday party ever!”

Written for KL Casey’s #writephoto prompt. Photo credit: KL Caley.

#writephoto — Transition and Renewal

Time goes by and, due to various circumstances, transitions must happen. A few years back, Helen Vahdati hosted “Song Lyric Sunday,” but illness forced her to step back from that prompt and Jim Adams took it over. After Hélène Vaillant sadly passed away, Sadje picked up her “What Do You See?” prompt. When Teresa Grabs closed down her “The Haunted Wordsmith” blog, Paula Light took over Teresa’s “Three Things Challenge” prompt for a while, until Di (Pensitivity101) picked up the baton. Another of Teresa’s prompts, “Fibbing Friday,” has been carried on by the aforementioned Di, who alternates with Frank (PCGuyIV) to keep that fun prompt going.

Now, due to illness, Sue Vincent is handing over her popular “Thursday Photo Prompt” (aka #writephoto) to KL Caley, who plans to carry on Sue’s popular prompt. Thank you, KL, and all the best to you, Sue.

Here is this week’s #writephoto prompt from KL, with a photo from Sue Vincent’s library.

At seventeen years old, Beatrice had led a very prim and proper life. Her behavior was always what was expected of a young lady of the manor. She never behaved in an outlandish way and she was always doing what was mainstream for a member of her station in life.

Now Beatrice had reached the age in her life where she was growing curious about the world outside of the tall stone walls that surrounded the manor. She had never been beyond the walls and felt that it was time to taste a flavor of living she had yet to experience. From books she’d read and stories she’d been told, she’d created her own visual image in her mind’s eye of life outside of the walls.

She was particularly curious about the peculiar oval door in the wall. All the other doors in the manor and around the stone wall were rectangular and adult sized. But not this one, and Beatrice wanted to know why.

One day she asked her older brother about it. He advised her to stifle her curiosity until she reached the age of 21 and would have her coming out extravaganza. “You’ve got a good thing going here, Beatrice,” her brother said. “Don’t jinx it by asking too many questions.”

“But just tell me why that door is small and oval, when all other doors are tall and rectangular,” Beatrice pleaded with her brother.

Her brother sighed. “Let’s just say that that particular door was designed to fit those who use it.”

Beatrice was still confused. “I don’t understand,” she said. “What do you mean?”

“You’ve led an insulated life here in the manor and some of the beings in the fairytales you’ve grown up with are not make believe. The world outside of these walls is not just populated by humans. I suggest you leave it at that, at least until you turn 21 and are introduced into society outside of the manor.”

Also written for these daily prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (prim), Your Daily Word Prompt (outlandish), The Daily Spur (mainstream), MMA Storytime (flavor), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (visual), and Ragtag Daily Prompt (jinx).

#writephoto — Into the Deep

Craig was the adventurous one. Alan was more cautious. So naturally, Craig had to cajole his older brother, to call him a pussy and a wimp, in order to get him to walk to the edge of the ravine and to look down at the dark, swirling water far below.

“Feel like going for a swim, bro?” Craig teased. “It’s so damn hot and I bet diving into the chilly water would be really refreshing.”

“No way,” Alan said as he backed away from the edge. “You’d have to be crazy to jump in the water from this height. If you want us to go swimming to cool off, let’s hike back down the path to the water’s edge at the bottom of the ravine.

“I can’t believe my big brother is such a wus,” Craig said. “You go ahead and hike back down there, Alan, and call up to me when you get there so you can witness my feat of heroism and athleticism.”

“Craig, you’re nuts,” Alan said. “You don’t even know how deep the water is at this spot. Please, I’m begging you, come with me. Don’t do it. It’s not worth getting hurt or worse.”

“Sorry, Alan,” I’m not a wimp like you. I’m going to dive in now.” Craig took a deep breath, moved to the precipice, gave a Tarzan-like shout, and dived.


Alan couldn’t shake the tremendous guilt he felt for not being able to talk his kid bother out of his reckless act. Tears streamed down his eyes as he sat at Craig’s funeral three days later.

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Also for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (swim), and Ragtag Daily Prompt (chilly).