One-Liner Wednesday — Curiosity and Imagination

39261294-2CB6-40A7-B8BA-1A903454595F“That adage about ‘write what you know’ is basically the opposite of the way I function. I write about what I’m curious to find out.”

Jennifer Egan, American novelist

Okay, yes, this one-liner is actually a two-liner. But it’s no less an interesting message. A lot of truly great writers have advised wannabe writers to write about what they know. Makes sense, right?

But as Jennifer Egan suggests, if you write about something you’re curious to know, you’ll research it and will, therefore, end up writing about what you know. That, too, makes sense.

Although, I might modify Jennifer’s quote slightly. Because if I had to personally know about everything I wanted to write about, I wouldn’t have that much to write about. So instead, I’d say, “Write about what you’re curious to find out…or whatever your imagination conjures up.”

Written for today’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill. Image credit: Lysons_editions (

Write What You Know

2FDA176F-2613-4A2D-9187-3EB5AA5B0F2DWhen I started my first blog back in 2005, I asked a lot of people for their advice. “What should I write about?” I asked. The advice most people tended to give me was, “write what you know.”

And so my posts on that blog focused on what I knew: sports, my family, my pets, and my job. I enjoyed the writing part, but despite how fascinating my life was to me, few others, including my own family members, seemed to care about the ins and outs of my activities of daily living. Even I got bored reading my blog. So I quit blogging.

But I missed writing, so a few years later, I tried blogging again. That time I decided, rather than writing about what I know, I would write about how I feel. That didn’t work out so well, though, because I’m not really in touch with my feelings. So I once again quit blogging.

When I started this blog last May, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. Then I started seeing all these writing prompts. Write a story about a word. Craft a tale about a photo or an image. Create a fantasy built around a song lyric. And that’s when I discovered that I have an imagination.

And that’s why many of my posts these days tend to be short flash fiction pieces. Sure, I still post about what’s going on in the world around me, but my true blogging bliss comes when I just make shit up. When I let my mind wander through scenes, characters, and worlds that exist only inside my own head.

So thank you to all of the bloggers who create these wonderful prompts that enable me to express myself with a creativity that I never knew I ever possessed.

If you’ve never tried writing flash fiction you should give it a try. It sure beats playing solitaire.

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “tend.”