Sunday Photo Fiction — Time To Get Rolling

517CF0E8-3F7A-4D25-B465-2D6A8F7767D4Bruce wasn’t feeling sorry for himself as he took one last look up the steps that led to his home. And yet, he was feeling a bit melancholy as he sat in his wheelchair. Bruce took out the camera he always kept with him and snapped a few pictures. He wanted something to remember the place by.

He took a deep breath and fought to hold back the tears. It wasn’t easy for Bruce to leave his childhood home. After all, he was born there and it had been the only home he’d ever lived in. His parents left him the place in their will and, until the accident, he saw no need to leave.

Six months earlier, a drunk driver hit him while he was crossing the street and that was when everything changed. Navigating those narrow steps multiple times each day was out of the question. He had no choice but to sell and find a single storey home that was wheelchair accessible. Still, it could have been worse.

Time to move on, or as Bruce liked to say, to get rolling. He was alive and had a life to live, even if on wheels instead of legs.

(200 words)

Written for Susan Spaulding’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt. (And yes, I know it’s Monday already.) Photo credit: John Brand.

Too Thin and Too Rich

B82B390A-4CE8-4430-BC59-BC6C2227547E“Oh my dear,” Beatrice explained to her granddaughter, “you can never be too thin or too rich.”

Anna looked at the old lady with a mix of curiosity and pity. “But Grandma,” she said. “You’re in a wheelchair now because you fell last year and broke your hip. Didn’t the doctor say that that was because you were too thin?”

“No dear,” Beatrice said. “I broke my hip because I have osteoporosis, which means my old bones had grown too thin.”

“Dad said that you lost a lot of money a few years back when you got scammed by that younger man who got you to give him most of your savings in some bogus pyramid scheme,” Anna said. “He said that you were targeted because you were so wealthy.”

“That wasn’t my fault, my dear,” Beatrice said. “How was I to have known that that conman only wanted me for my money?”

“And now you’re living with us because you can’t walk and you’re broke,”Anna said.

Beatrice looked at her granddaughter, sighed, and said, “So I guess maybe there is such a thing as being too thin and too rich after all.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “thin.”