Virtual Reality

“I’m really excited about getting my new virtual reality Dream World game for my VR headset,” Danny said.

“I heard that game is disappointing,” Eric said.

“Your ignorance about virtual reality games is remarkable,” Danny said. “This is version 2.0 and a lot of the petty annoyances in the previous version have been fixed.”

“So you think this so-called revised version will be significantly better?”

“Yes, I really do.” Danny said.

“Then, my friend, you should definitely enjoy the game,” Eric said, “because I think you actually do live in a VR dream world.”

Written for these daily prompts: My Vivid Blog (excited), Ragtag Daily Prompt (dream world), Word of the Day Challenge (ignorance), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (petty), and The Daily Spur (revise).

SoCS — Bored Games

“I’m bored, Daddy,” Erica said.

“I am too,” her younger brother Tommy said.

“But you kids love to play Clue,” Ben said. “It’s your favorite board game.”

“I’m bored with board games, Daddy,” Erica said. “I want to play virtual reality video games like they have for Oculus Quest.”

“I do too, Daddy,” Tommy said.

“Well,” Ben said, “Maybe we’ll see if Santa will bring you something like that for Christmas. In the meantime, let’s finish our game of Clue.”

“Mommy, I’m bored with board games,” Erica called out to her mother who was fixing dinner in the kitchen.

“I am too, Mommy,” Tommy said.

“Deal with it, Ben,” Mona shouted. “I’m busy.”

Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, where Linda has given us the words “board” and “bored.”

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt — Really Weird Questions

It’s time once again for E.M. Kingston’s The Sunday Ramble. Her prompt is based upon a certain topic about which she asks five questions. We are invited to ramble on about that topic however we wish. Today’s topic seems to be weird, random, and nonsensical, starting with this:

1. You’ve been given an oversized elephant that is blind. You cannot get rid of it. What would you do with it?

First of all, I’d hunt down and kill the person who gave me a non-returnable, blind, oversized elephant. Then I’d contact the nearest zoo and donate the beast to it.

2. If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

Please just stop all of the fucking bullshit. Thank you.

3. What would you want to be famous for in the history books for your country?

For being an ordinary Joe who spoke up for democracy in America even though those with real power were happy to see democracy fail as long as they could maintain their power.

4. Imagine you could only speak gibberish to everyone you encountered for an entire day. What would your gibberish sound like?

It would sound exactly like the gibberish that Donald Trump, his sycophants who believe The Big Lie, and who promote party over country sound like. Oh, also like the gibberish that the “personalities” on Fox News speak every day.

5. If you lived in a virtual reality world of your own creation, what would it look like?

It would look like the world that John Lennon wrote about in his song, “Imagine.”

Sorry that this is more political than I intended it to be. But that’s the frame of mind I’m in these days.

Share Your World — Touchy-Feely

Share Your WorldFor this week’s Share Your World questions, Melanie (at Sparks From a Combustible Mind) gets into some touchy-feely stuff. I’m not a real touchy-feely kind of a guy, but I’ll do my best.

What is the meaning of true love?

To me, true love is when you care for someone more than you care for yourself.

Do acts of kindness have a motive?

They shouldn’t have a hidden motive or agenda. They should simply be a selfless act of generosity.

If we live in a civilized world why do we see so many distinctions between rich and poor?

I’m not sure that living in a civilized society and living in one with economic imbalances are inextricably linked. In almost any society, there are going to be the haves and the have nots. In some cases it’s about power, in other cases, it’s about wealth. It does seem, though, that the economic system in the United States has contributed to the income inequities we are experiencing today, a situation that has been exacerbated since the orange moron became president and was led by the nose by the Republicans in Congress to sign a tax bill that benefited large corporations and the very wealthy while doing nothing for the average citizen, thus increasing the economic discrepancy between the rich and the poor. We need to vote the Republicans out of office so that we can at least take baby steps to reverse the course of income inequity.

Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world than in the real world?

I’m not sure I understand this question. I am the same in the real world as I am in the virtual world. I would like to say that I’m younger and more handsome in the real world, but alas, I am who I am.

Gratitude Question:
Are you grateful?

I am grateful for everything. I have a beautiful, wonderful wife and family. I’m in relatively good health (for an old fart) and I’m grateful for that. I’m also in a fairly comfortable financial situation in retirement, where I don’t have to worry about every penny, so I’m grateful for that. And if Donald Trump is removed from office, one way or another, I’ll be extremely grateful for that.