Staying Alive

On Friday I’m scheduled to be leaving the post-surgical orthopedic rehab facility as I enter the next phase of my return to normalcy. I will be transitioning from inpatient physical and occupational therapy sessions to at home sessions. My primary care givers will no longer be doctors and nurses, but my wife. She will also be my primary meal preparer and housekeeper. She will also assume a huge burden of physically and emotionally caring for me as a result of my stupidity that caused me to fracture my hip. And I couldn’t be more grateful for her presence in my life.

I’m still in a serious amount of pain at the site of the surgery (my left hip) and my left leg feels almost like dead weight, unable to follow the simple instructions my brain is sending it. My energy level, particularly after going through rigorous physical/occupational therapy sessions, is drained. I know it’s going to take a lot of time, effort, and patience before I will be back on my own two feet, literally.

So, on to the point of this post. I have been able to keep my daily FOWC with Fandango prompt going because I usually have a few weeks worth of those daily posts scheduled in advance. And I think, even while focusing on my physical recovery, I will be able to keep them going. I’ll probably be able to keep my Flashback Friday posts going, as that mostly involves reblogging a previous post. But I have other prompt posts that might not fare so well in the near term:

  • Monday’s Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge (#FFFC)
  • Tuesday’s Fandango’s Story Starter (#FSS)
  • Wednesday’s Fandango’s Provocative Question (#FPQ)
  • Sunday’s (sometimes) Fandango’s Who Won the Week (#FWWTW)

These posts will have to go on hiatus until I get my mojo back. I just don’t have the energy or motivation right now to keep them going. If any of you would be interested in temporarily (or possibly permanently) taking over any of these challenges, please let me know. Otherwise, these four aforementioned posts will be off the radar for a while.

While I’ve been trying as best I can to read and respond to your comments on my way fewer posts these past nine days, I have not done as well keeping up with your posts. I hope, as the weeks go by and my recovery proceeds, to resume reading your posts more regularly and to be able to respond to the prompts and challenges many of you post.

And again, thank you for your well wishes since my fall.

#writephoto — Transition and Renewal

Time goes by and, due to various circumstances, transitions must happen. A few years back, Helen Vahdati hosted “Song Lyric Sunday,” but illness forced her to step back from that prompt and Jim Adams took it over. After Hélène Vaillant sadly passed away, Sadje picked up her “What Do You See?” prompt. When Teresa Grabs closed down her “The Haunted Wordsmith” blog, Paula Light took over Teresa’s “Three Things Challenge” prompt for a while, until Di (Pensitivity101) picked up the baton. Another of Teresa’s prompts, “Fibbing Friday,” has been carried on by the aforementioned Di, who alternates with Frank (PCGuyIV) to keep that fun prompt going.

Now, due to illness, Sue Vincent is handing over her popular “Thursday Photo Prompt” (aka #writephoto) to KL Caley, who plans to carry on Sue’s popular prompt. Thank you, KL, and all the best to you, Sue.

Here is this week’s #writephoto prompt from KL, with a photo from Sue Vincent’s library.

At seventeen years old, Beatrice had led a very prim and proper life. Her behavior was always what was expected of a young lady of the manor. She never behaved in an outlandish way and she was always doing what was mainstream for a member of her station in life.

Now Beatrice had reached the age in her life where she was growing curious about the world outside of the tall stone walls that surrounded the manor. She had never been beyond the walls and felt that it was time to taste a flavor of living she had yet to experience. From books she’d read and stories she’d been told, she’d created her own visual image in her mind’s eye of life outside of the walls.

She was particularly curious about the peculiar oval door in the wall. All the other doors in the manor and around the stone wall were rectangular and adult sized. But not this one, and Beatrice wanted to know why.

One day she asked her older brother about it. He advised her to stifle her curiosity until she reached the age of 21 and would have her coming out extravaganza. “You’ve got a good thing going here, Beatrice,” her brother said. “Don’t jinx it by asking too many questions.”

“But just tell me why that door is small and oval, when all other doors are tall and rectangular,” Beatrice pleaded with her brother.

Her brother sighed. “Let’s just say that that particular door was designed to fit those who use it.”

Beatrice was still confused. “I don’t understand,” she said. “What do you mean?”

“You’ve led an insulated life here in the manor and some of the beings in the fairytales you’ve grown up with are not make believe. The world outside of these walls is not just populated by humans. I suggest you leave it at that, at least until you turn 21 and are introduced into society outside of the manor.”

Also written for these daily prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (prim), Your Daily Word Prompt (outlandish), The Daily Spur (mainstream), MMA Storytime (flavor), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (visual), and Ragtag Daily Prompt (jinx).

Murphy’s Law

If you’ve never heard of Emily Murphy, you’re not alone. Up until about a week ago, I hadn’t either. But Emily Murphy is singlehandedly gumming up the works when it comes to a smooth transition from the lame-duck Trump administration to the administration of Joe Biden.

Who is Emily Murphy and why should you know who she is? Read on.

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Emily Murphy is having the worst month of her life. She could lose her job at any minute, but it’s hard to feel a scrap of sympathy. She created her …

She’s on the hot seat, but Emily Murphy deserves no sympathy

Split Pea Soup

46b5b051-4f24-4e1e-b800-bc99878c2cd3“Mom, I am so upset,” Elaine said. “I just checked on Yelp and my favorite neighborhood restaurant went out of business.”

“Oh, honey,” her mother said, “no wonder you’re looking so forlorn. But you know, sweetheart, this part of town is in transition and a lot of those hipsters are buying up a lot of properties and are taking over the neighborhood, so some of the older, established businesses can’t afford the higher rents and are taking flight.”

“I know that, Mom,” Elaine said, “but that place was so adorable and it had the greatest split pea soup in the city, next to your homemade split pea soup, of course.”

“Elaine, I have a great idea,” her mother said. “I got a circular yesterday from the farmer’s market. They’re having a special on dried split peasHow about we head over there, pick some up, and I’ll whip up a kettle of my world famous split pea soup for you. Would that make you feel a little better?”

“You’re the best, Mom,” Elaine said, giving her mom a big hug.

Written for these daily prompts: Word of the Day (yelp), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (forlorn), Ragtag Daily Prompt (flight), Your Daily Word Prompt (adorable), Daily Addictions (circular), and Swimmers (peas).