Murphy’s Law

If you’ve never heard of Emily Murphy, you’re not alone. Up until about a week ago, I hadn’t either. But Emily Murphy is singlehandedly gumming up the works when it comes to a smooth transition from the lame-duck Trump administration to the administration of Joe Biden.

Who is Emily Murphy and why should you know who she is? Read on.

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Emily Murphy is having the worst month of her life. She could lose her job at any minute, but it’s hard to feel a scrap of sympathy. She created her …

She’s on the hot seat, but Emily Murphy deserves no sympathy

He Must Leave

I was hoping for a landslide victory for Joe Biden. Although it wasn’t a landslide, Biden did win both the popular vote and the Electoral College, so I was still filled with delight when the networks declared Biden to be the president-elect.

Unfortunately, with his obsession over not being labeled a loser, Trump refuses to concede defeat and the White House has directed his departments to not cooperate with the Biden transition team, thus denying them access to the daily intelligence briefings, which puts our national security at risk.

In addition, Trump has instructed his Cabinet heads to prepare their budgets for next year, which must be presented to Congress in February. As if he will still be the president at that time.

Clearly this covfefe-brained lunatic is trying, with no deft whatsoever, to subvert the will of the American people and to refuse to accept the results of the election. And the silence or support from the Republicans in Congress is deafening.

If Trump does not graciously accept the fact that Joe Biden won the election, concede defeat, and enable the peaceful transfer of power to the new administration, as every other president in the history of our nation has done, the man should immediately be removed from office, forcibly if necessary. If not, he will continue to disable and destroy the United States.

Written for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (landslide), Ragtag Daily Prompt (delight), The Daily Spur (obsession), Word of the Day Challenge (covfefe), and Your Daily Word Prompt (deft).

To Protect and Preseve

A85C1DDA-EFC3-46BB-A586-3AA3D9C92D42Gregg heard the sound of the helicopter flying overhead. He looked up and saw hundreds of pieces of paper floating down from the whirlybird. He reached out and picked one of the fluttering leaflets out of the air before it came to rest on the ground.

After reading it, he dropped the leaflet and stood there almost petrified. Whatever hope anyone had for a peaceful transfer of power was surely lost with this news. Carrying an armful of leaflets, Gregg ran back to the small rural community. He needed to make sure the townsfolk knew what was about to happen. He was sure that everyone in town shared the sentiment expressed in the leaflets.

After all, this was coal country and they had voted overwhelmingly for the president, who had promised to restore their jobs and to bring back prosperity to their ghost towns.

But his promises went unfulfilled and his once-faithful supporters felt betrayed. The coal mines never reopened and the towns around them and the men who worked them continued to suffer. They had long ago burned their MAGA hats and dropped their naïve support for the lying bastard who gave them hope but only delivered more misery.

The leaflets from the resistance movement warned the townsfolk that, despite losing the 2020 election “bigly,” the president still refused to recognize the results, calling the election rigged and claiming that the results were illegitimate because of the votes of illegal immigrants who had flooded through the porous southern border due to Democrats not funding his wall.

Instead, he called upon his MAGA-faithful in the red states to take up arms against the “liberal elitists” and to fight to the death to preserve his power.

The leaflets warned the townsfolk that the MAGA militia was heading their way and to be prepared to fight them in the battle to protect our constitution and to preserve our democracy.

This little glimpse into America’s future uses the following daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (leaflet), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (petrified), Word of the Day Challenge (hope), and Your Daily Word Prompt (sentiment).