The Monday Peeve — Moles

Through her The Monday Peeve prompt, Paula Light invites us to vent, to let off some stream, to get something off our chests. This week, my peeve is moles.

When we lived in the city, we had to deal with mice and rats and raccoons in the streets. But now that we live in the ‘burbs, I rarely run across any of those critters. However, I did notice the other day that there are some strange mounds developing in the mulch around our bushes in the front yard.

So I called a pest control company and asked to have them send someone out to investigate these strange mounds. The guy showed up today, took one look at the meandering mounds in my front yard and simply said, “Moles.”

I said, “Get rid of them.” He gave me a quote.

I said, “Gah!”

He said, “Big job, you got a pretty large colony of moles here.”

I said, “Do what you gotta do.”

My said, “I don’t want to kill animals.”

I said, “I don’t want to have to pay to have our lawn replaced.”

Now my wife is giving me the silent treatment.

Damn moles.

The Monday Peeve — Peaking Your Interest

Through her The Monday Peeve prompt, Paula Light invites us to vent, to let off some stream, to get something off our chests. This week, my peeve is with people who use the wrong word in their writings.

This is especially tough when it comes to homophones — words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have totally different meanings. Hey, I know I sometimes am guilty of it, too, perhaps typing “your” when I meant “you’re,” “there” when I should have used “their” or “they’re,” or “to,” when “two” or “too” would have been correct. But sometimes, when I see people use a totally wrong word in a sentence, it drives me nuts.

Now, let me say upfront that you might think this ruckus I’m kicking up with this peeve is a bit much and that the vitriol I’m expressing is atrocious given the relative insignificance of the offense. Be that as it may, when I saw that today’s Word of the Day prompt was the word “pique,” it reminded me of a sentence that one of my coworkers (back before I retired) put in a formal email to me. That email read:

“I knew your email would peak her attention.”

OUCH! Hey, it’s not that I’m a grammar Nazi or anything, but seriously, one does not “peak” one’s interest or attention. The correct word in that sentence should have been “pique,” and not “peak.” A “peak” is a topmost point, such as a mountain peak. “Peek” is to take a glance or a quick look. “Pique” is to upset or excite someone or to stimulate someone’s interest. It’s not rocket surgery or brain science, folks.

Okay, I’m over my pique. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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The Monday Peeve — The Media

Through her The Monday Peeve prompt, Paula Light invites us to vent on Mondays, to let off some stream, to get something off our chests. This week, my peeve is with the mainstream media. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let me tell you.You’d think that, after four years of Trump’s lying, misleading, diverting, and distracting, the mainstream media would get it. But yet the media carries on as if everything that comes from Trump, the White House, and the lackeys in his administration is the gospel truth.

Did Trump really test positive for coronavirus, or is this just another way to distract us from his taxes, his efforts to cast doubts upon the election which, if everything was fair and above board, he’d be likely to lose, and all of the other underhanded, unethical, and probably criminal things he’s done?

The media’s tendency is to continue to amplify, rather than analyze, his lies. They’re buying all of his bullshit hook, line, and sinker. They’re covering this coronavirus “thing” under the assumption that it is what they’re told by Trump and his cronies it is. But is it? Could it simply be yet another distraction designed to garner sympathy, good wishes for a speedy recovery, and to bolster his support among his base right before the election?

Trump is like a pickpocket who distracts your attention with one hand while he grabs your with the other hand. He intentionally tries to keep reporters busy fact-checking and debunking all of his lies, but the media shouldn’t fall for it. The media must evolve in order to protect and safeguard the truth. It must refuse to fall for Trump’s continuous onslaught of lies. We know we can’t trust Trump to speak the truth, but I don’t think, after four years, we can yet trust the mainstream media to cut through the bullshit and tell it like it is, either.

I’m sorry, mainstream media, but you need to do your job, which is to see him for what he is, an authoritarian leader who uses lies as a weapon against us; against the truth. Unlike any other president before him, everything he says needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Everything he does is for the ratings or to boost his fragile ego and feed his extreme narcissistic personality disorder.

So yeah, I’m pissed at the mainstream media. Really, really pissed.

The Monday Peeve — Automatic Updates

Through her The Monday Peeve prompt, Paula Light invites us to vent on Mondays, to let off some stream, to get something off our chests. I don’t alway have something to peeve about on Mondays, but today I do. And it’s about automatic updates to electronic devices. This is when the developer of the program or the app installs the latest update to our devices whether we want it or not. In this particular case, my peeve is with Apple and its latest auto update to the Apple Watch.

I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch since 2015, when my wife bought me one for my birthday. That was the original version of the Apple Watch, or what they now call Series 1. A few months ago my five year old Apple Watch bought the farm, so I bought a new Series 5 Apple Watch.

FYI, Apple just announced a few weeks ago the Series 6 Apple Watch. At around the same time as the new series was announced, Apple launched WatchOS 7, and, unbeknownst to me, I woke up one morning with a message on my iPhone telling me that the latest update to the WatchOS had been automatically installed overnight on my Apple Watch.

Okay, no biggie, I thought. I don’t use half the features of the Apple Watch, so I figured everything would be as it was before. But I was wrong.

My watch face is what the Apple Watch app calls “Simple.” It’s basically an analog watch face, but it displayed the current temperature, the day/date, the remaining battery life, and a small graphic showing activity (like steps and exercise).

But when I woke up that morning and looked at my watch, it didn’t display the day/date in the upper right corner as it had up until that morning. Here’s my previous watch face.Notice the day/date in the upper right. But when I woke up after the overnight automatic update, here’s what I saw:Do you see what’s missing?

I contacted Apple support and, while texting with tech support, I wrote, “Was the day/date indicator for the watch face deliberately removed in this update? Most watches, both analog and digital, can display day/date on the watch face.”

Here’s the response I got:In other words, just like the WordPress happiness engineer said when I complained about not being able to use the classic editor anymore, the Apple tech support rep essentially said about my watch face no longer displaying the day/date, “Too bad, so sad.”

Everybody and everything sucks these days.

The Monday Peeve — The Heat

Every Monday Paula Light gives us an opportunity to blow off a little steam with her The Monday Peeve prompt. I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity by blowing off some steam about the weather.

Okay, I know that I’m beginning to sound like a broken record with all my complaining and whining about two things: the WordPress block editor and the weather. But today I’m even more pissed of about the weather than I am about the block editor.

For the past decade-plus we lived in the city of San Francisco. My home did not have air conditioning. Just a few strategically placed ceiling fans. That’s because, living so close to the Pacific Ocean, it rarely got into the 80s in the section of the city that I lived in. Even more rarely, the high temperature would hit 90. So air conditioning was not a necessity.

But in February we moved to the East Bay, about 35 miles east of our place in San Francisco, to be closer to our son, his then pregnant wife, and our future grandchild. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

But what we didn’t count on was triple digit temperatures. Yesterday it hit 111. And at around 4:40 pm yesterday afternoon we lost power for about four hours. Loss of power meant loss of air conditioning and it didn’t take long before our house became uncomfortably hot.

So what is my peeve about today? Well, here’s today’s forecast.And the power company is talking about more rolling blackouts to accommodate the demand. On top of that, the National Weather Service has also issued a Red Flag Warning.That is a warning issued for weather events which may result in extreme fire behavior that will occur within 24 hours. Meanwhile, the air quality is already hazardous due to the existing wildfires.

So yeah, I think I’ve got good reason to be a bit peeved today.