Z is for Zilch

FE58492C-6D4C-4ECB-BCF1-FF260933D86EI’ve got zilch, zero, zip. So it’s a damn good thing that today is the last day of the 2019 A to Z Challenge. Because I’m used up. There’s just nothing left for me to give. And I didn’t even have a theme for this 26-post alphabet challenge, like many bloggers who participated in this challenge did. I was free to post about whatever popped into my tiny little head. And even with that freedom, it was a burden.

So it’s over. For another year. If I’m still around and still blogging in April 2020, I’ll have to think long and hard about whether or not to participate again in next year’s A to Z Challenge.

Of course, should I decide to do it again next April, I can always just recycle my 2018 A to Z Challenge posts, since the odds are that many of you won’t still be blogging in a year.

It’s true. I read a couple of articles I found recently on the internet — so you know they’re accurate — when I Googled “What is the average lifespan of a new blog?” One article said that the average lifespan of a new blog is about 100 days. Another site estimated that new blogs these days typically have a four to six month lifespan.

And for those few of you who will still be here next April and who may have diligently read each and every one of my posts for this year’s challenge, you probably didn’t read, much less remember, any of my posts from last year’s challenge. Thus, by next year, they’ll all seem new to you.

In fact, do any of you who were around for the A to Z Challenge in 2018 even remember what my Z-post was last year?

Hint: it wasn’t “Z is for Zilch.”

Previous A to Z Challenge 2019 posts:

Posts in the Can

2018 A2Z BadgeI’m a little worried that I’m not blogging correctly. You see, I’ve read a number of posts from other bloggers recently who have talked about all of the posts they have in their draft folder. Or who have said something like, “I’m going to be away from home [or busy with work] for the next few days so I’ve scheduled a bunch of posts to publish in my absence.”

Do you know how many posts are in my draft folder? Zero, nada, zilch. And that makes me worry that I’m an inefficient blogger.

Starting this coming Sunday, I’m going to be participating in this thing called the “A to Z Challenge. ” You write 26 posts for the 26 days that are not Sundays (except for the first Sunday, which is April 1st) during the month of April. Your 26 posts start with the letter A and end with the letter Z. It seems that hundreds of other bloggers will be participating in this challenge, as well.

I mention this because I’ve read some posts of others who will be doing this challenge and quite a few have given a progress report on how many posts for that challenge they’ve already written; posts that are just sitting “in the can” waiting for the applicable day to arrive.

Do you know how many posts I’ve prepared in advance for that A to Z challenge? Zero, nada, zilch.

And many of these other bloggers have chosen themes for the entire month of challenge posts. I have no theme selected because I have no idea what I plan to post about each letter each day.

I like to think that the way I don’t plan ahead makes me a master of spontaneity. But some may say I’m just scatterbrained.

Or maybe I’m just inefficient.

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “inefficient.”

I Don’t Do Themes

2018 A2Z BadgeI decided to participate in this thing called the 2018 A to Z Challenge. The idea is to post every day during the month of April. Except Sundays. Except for this April, when April 1st lands on a Sunday. So we’re supposed to begin on that day, which will be the only Sunday to post during the challenge.

Subtracting Sundays, (except for Sunday, April 1st), there are 26 days in April, which also happens to be the number of letters in the English language. Booyah!

Are you still with me?

Anyway, using this premise, I will start participating in this challenge on April 1st with a post starting with the letter A. Then, on April 2nd, a post using the letter B. And so on until I finish on April 30th with the letter Z.

FD0A681F-984B-4502-88F1-9A45AECFB243But one of the kickers is that the promoters of this challenge are asking participants to come up with a theme for their 26 posts. “Themes are really fun,” they say. Well, this blogger doesn’t do themes.

My blog is titled “This, That, and The Other.” My blog’s tagline is “Random Musings on Life, Society, and Politics,” with some flash fiction thrown in for good measure. The operative word is “random.” My blog does not have a theme or a niche. I never know from one day to the next what I’m going to post about. So, when asked to select a theme, I chose “other.” As in “this, that, and the other.”

And won’t this be exciting? You will never know until you read my posts, what I will be writing about in my A to Z Challenge posts next month.

So, to the people behind this challenge, yes, themes are really fun. But but not having a theme is even funner!