JusJoJan — God Help Us

a613e45f-3e53-4cf6-a1a5-715126a6ec70“You know that he’s the master of the message and I think that the Democrats would be better off being his partner rather than his adversary,” Mike said.

Carl looked at Mike and said, “with all of the evidence mounting against him, I don’t understand how you and more than 40% of the country can support that idiot. It’s a riddle that, to me, is unsolvable.”

“What I don’t understand,” Mike said, “is how you liberal snowflakes can embrace the American underdogs who live in poverty because they’re lazy. Not to mention the illegal migrants, criminals, and terrorists who are streaming across our porous southern border while you spare no clemency for our commander-in-chief. He’s a gift from God to our country.”

“He more likely came to power because he made a deal with the devil,” Carl said. “The border crisis is something that he invented in order to stir up his base. It doesn’t exist in reality. It’s a figment of his twisted imagination and it has apparently infected your ability to think straight and to reason.”

“Well, you’re just going to have to learn to deal with having Trump as president for six more years because there is no Democrat who can defeat him in 2020,” Mike said.

Looking up toward the sky, Carl held up his hands and pleaded, “God help us.”

Written for today’s Just Jot It January prompt from Linda G. Hill (master), Ragtag Daily Prompt (partner), Word of the Day Challenge (Riddle), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (underdog), Your Daily Word Prompt (clemency), Daily Addictions (invent), and Nova’s Daily Random Word (sky).

(Note: somehow, after I wrote this, the Ragtag Daily Prompt for today changed from “partner” to “homecoming.” Oh well, I’m not rewriting this post.)

No Regrets


Right before I went to bed last night I read a post in my Reader by a blogger named Tim Willow who posts on a blog called The Rebel Fish. The post to which I am referring is a witty little yarn that asks the age-old question, “You Sold Your Soul Yet?” Of course, I was in bed, barely able to keep my eyes open, when I read it. So who knows how witty it really was?

Anyway, there was one line in Tim’s post that I thought expressed incredibly profundity. In fact, I thought his line was so profound that I’m going to steal it and post it right here, right now.

“Apart from the things I have done and haven’t done — I have no regrets.”

By the way, I did tell Tim in a comment I left on his post that I was going to steal that line from him. I’m telling you this so that you know that, despite my stealing his very profound line, it’s Tim, not me, who has sold his soul to the devil. Or so he claims, anyway. Thus, my conscience is clear. I have no regrets.