This Is Not Going To End Well

05329F1D-532F-41FE-8694-F0C90339DDE7Looking at the TV behind the bar, Paul said in a way too loud voice, “I can’t stand seeing or hearing that son of a bitch.”

“Paul, keep you voice down. We’re at a tavern and people are staring at you,” Karen said, “And why do you always feel the need to curse?”

“Doesn’t it piss you off, Karen, that, in order to stage a photo opportunity to feed to his moronic base back home, Trump meets with an evil dictator who starves and kills his own people?” Paul said. “Just look at that smug, sanctimonious expression on Trump’s face. That says it all.”

“You need to watch your blood pressure, honey,” Karen said.

“He’s such a fucking imbecile,” Paul said. “He looks at Kim’s handpicked entourage and then talks about how the North Korean people love Kim. It’s like when Trump has his cabinet meetings and starts them off by having each of his sycophant cabinet appointees tell them how much they love him. It’s sick.”

“This is only temporary, Paul,” Karen said. “The Democrats will get it in gear and the American people will vote him out of office in 2020.”

“Come on, Karen, don’t be so naive,” Paul said. “I know I’ve had a few beers, but I’m not three sheets to the wind quite yet. Betwee all of the disinformation being spread from bogus websites promoted by the GOP, the bias reporting by the Trump ass-kissers on Fox News, and the meddling and interference by Putin and the Russians on Trump’s behalf, don’t count of his losing the election next year.”

“Don’t lose hope, Paul,” Karen said, trying to calm her husband down. “This, too, shall pass.”

Well, even if he does lose the election, he’s not going to go quietly into the night. He’s not going to just walk away. He and his minions would, as the old cigarette ad used to say, rather fight than switch. This is not going to end well, I’m afraid.”66C74430-9C0E-4007-959B-F63B09EABABE

Written for these daily prompts: Word of the Day Challenge (curse), Your Daily Word Prompt  (sanctimonious), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (temporary), The Daily Spur (gear), Ragtag Daily Prompt (sheets), and Swimmers (end).

Weekend Writing Prompt — Oblivious

B9BC02A6-835E-4EAB-8A92-D9F2BC44DA9FDo you remember that night?

I think it was on the 10th.

Everyone in the room turned to the door

And watched her slowly sashay across the floor

Believing it was her moment to shine,

She glanced around the room

And seeing everyone looking at her,

Flashed a gratuitous smile, as phony as she is.

Totally oblivious to the glacial stares

From all the other women who were there.

(Exactly 66 words)


Written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt, where we are challenged to write a poem or piece of prose using the word “glacial” in exactly 66 words. Also for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (night), Swimmers (10th), The Daily Spur (door), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (sashay), Word of the Day Challenge (shine, phony), Your Daily Word Prompt (gratuitous), and sammiscribbles (glacial). Photo credit:

Run Away

C108B371-E106-45E2-AB9C-6D6529C8AB05Okay, yes, I was in a jealous rage when I hit him with my putter, but I only meant to hurt him, for crissake, not to kill him. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and return to those more innocent times. I’m feeling so nostalgic for those wonderful days when we were young newlyweds. We were oh so happy. But now, I see my reality and realize that I can’t escape the present. I look down and see the blood oozing from the wound on his head, a wound I put there. I am going to have to run away, to take flight. I’m going to have to disappear from this world and go someplace where I will be forever safe, where I’ll be alone, and where nobody knows my name.

Written for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (jealous), Ragtag Daily Prompt (putter), Swimmers (kill), Word of the Day Challenge (return), Your Daily Word Prompt (nostalgic), and The Daily Spur (flight).

Anniversary Trip

8FA3803F-C185-45A4-9287-C4CD46D7857AFrank walked up behind his wife, who was sitting at the kitchen table with a bunch of papers spread out on the top. “Whatcha doing, hon?” he asked.

Andrea jumped. “Jesus, you startled me,” she said. Why do you always sneak up like you’re stalking me? Don’t do that.”

“Sorry, sweetie,” Frank said. “You were so engrossed in whatever it is you’re up to.”

“I’m up to planning our twentieth anniversary trip,” Andrea said.

“That’s cool. What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about two weeks abroad,” she said.

“Abroad? You mean like in a foreign country?”

“I am, indeed,” Andrea said. “Don’t you think that sounds exciting?”

“Not to me it doesn’t,” Frank said. “Why go someplace where everyone speaks a different language.”

“Oh come on Frank. We’ve never been overseas,” Andrea said. “Don’t you want to expand your horizons? Or would you rather me brand you as a stick in the mud?”

“I think we need to change the narrative here,” Frank said. “There are plenty of places right here in the good old USofA that we haven’t been to yet. You know what Trump says, right? ‘America First.’”

“Oh please, Frank, don’t start quoting that asshole Donald Trump to me.” Andrea stood up, swept all of the papers onto the floor, and said, “You can go celebrate our twentieth anniversary in America with your buddy Donald Trump. I’m going abroad.” Then she rushed out of the kitchen.

Frank went running after her. “Andrea, sweetie, what’s your hurry?”

Written for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (stalk), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (abroad), Word of the Day Challenge (foreign), Swimmers (brand), Your Daily Word Prompt (narrative), and The Daily Spur (hurry).

Tip Your Server

“Too esoteric? What do you mean by that?” Rachel asked her roommate.

“I think your presentation doesn’t quite convey the underlying message you were trying to get across,” Janice said.

Rachel gave Janice a quizzical look. “How did I not get my message across? I showed all of the patterns that led to my conclusions. What more could I have done?”

“Yes, you covered the topic well, though you’re not considering your audience,” Janice said. “You’ll be presenting to a room full of millennials and the language you’re using in your presentation is too technical. I think you need to dumb it down a little.”

“But you and I are millennials. Are you suggesting that people our age are too stupid to understand what I’m talking about?”

“Oh Rachel, not at all,” Janice said. “But you’re an economist and your presentation is not likely to be understood by people who are not in the field. I think you need to turn it into something that people who don’t specialize in economics can relate to.”

“So you’re suggesting that I turn my highly researched, well-documented presentation into a virtual stand up comedy routine?” Rachel said. “This is for a classroom lecture, not a comedy club.”

Janice laughed. “Well, just make sure you remind the audience to tip their servers.”

Written for these daily prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (esoteric), Swimmers (convey), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (quizzical), Ragtag Daily Prompt (patterns), Swimmers (though), The Daily Spur (turn), and Word of the Day Challenge (virtual).